LightX Photo Editor & Photo Effects PRO (Unlocked)


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Dec 27, 2022
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Android 6.0 and up

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How to install LightX Photo Editor & Photo Effects PRO v2.1.9-348 (Unlocked) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded LightX Photo Editor & Photo Effects PRO v2.1.9-348 (Unlocked) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] LightX Photo Editor & Photo Effects PRO v2.1.9-348 (Unlocked)App for Android


This is the only image editing software (except for the xrecorder) I’ve used because it’s the quality is amazing. The only problem is the blending issue. The sound was nice/you heard it. The best part is that you are able to alter effects while mixing. The downside can be… I can’t blend endlessly due to the premium version of Blender is not available. Please make it work the way it was prior to October 4th. Thank for your help. Overall, this app is very good.

This is the sole photo editing program (except for the xrecorder) that I use because it’s the quality is amazing. The only issue is the blending issue. It was great/you beeped. The great thing is that you can alter effects while mixing. The bad part can be… I can’t blend indefinitely because of it is premium. Please restore it to the way it was prior to October 4th. Thank for your help. Overall, the app is very good.

I’ve used this app for several years, and nearly every day however recently something has changed, and I’m unable to find a way to create the same kind of images as before. There aren’t any instructions that explain the new changes. I’ve sent an email to the Dev but am unable to better explain the images. I’ve taken a star off.

Incredible app in general. It has a great user interface and exceeds the average. But, if you’re not payingfor it, you could as well try Snapchat. The export settings available to free users reduces the quality of photos astronomically. Literally Snapchat resolution

Highly sophisticated. Many features. It could be used the place of Adobe Photoshop. It was edited after four months of usage.. Fantastic app. A little bit challenging when you are using it for the for the first time. If you get used to it, it is going to be well. It is easy to master any cool technique. Enjoy your creativity. Evan’s free version will take care of nearly all of your requirements. Highly recommended.

LightX provides more options to modify the color and light than basic photo editing applications. By using LightX I can create an image with tons of color, unlike any other app and yet manage it with the help of extra features like the ability to balance color. I have used about four photo editing software to help me get the best results in terms of creativity …. however nothing goes through my fingers without going through LightX !

Fantastic app! It is among my top and most frequently used applications when it comes to editing photos. I like how the app is simple to use and the way that it is neat and tidy. The app has tutorials that show how to add certain actions to your photographs. The instructions in the video are amazingand have helped me a amount. They were simple to follow and fun. Bravo to the creator I would definitely recommend this app.

The app is working well up to now, it’s doing what I want it to accomplish, however it’s a little confusing and the instructions aren’t particularly thorough, so the one option I’d recommend is describing how to make use of the tool’s features in greater specific detail in the tutorial or to have a user guide for the app. Additionally, I don’t think I’m able to give the app with 4 1/2 stars on my device , but because I’m not able to rate it so I’m not going to rate it in the review (sorry there weren’t any half stars, so I’m giving an average of a half moon to be a substitute.

I was not sure about buying it initially, as I’ve been disappointed previously with similar applications, but so far, it’s been simple to use, fast editing and enjoyable exploring the numerous features that are packed into this app! I’m really happy to have bought a lifetime subscription! This is definitely the best option and among the most rewarding purchases you’ll ever make.

Wow! What a change. The last app took me 8 hours to finish a couple of minutes of work done. It gave my smartphone app flu. After that, I thought my job was completed. No. My work is not completed. It was necessary to remove water marks from all six images based on the one I designed. Uploaded. It was downloaded to all devices and then removed all water marks from my art and again! and from every device as well. Even the emulators. However, this app is a good one to keep. Don’t think this had any adds,ButTheLastAppMayHaveTemporarilyBlindedMe WithAppFluResidue.


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