LifeAfter: Night falls MOD APK (Unlimited Money)


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Mar 3, 2023
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How to install LifeAfter: Night falls MOD APK v1.0.168 (Unlimited Money) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded LifeAfter: Night falls MOD APK v1.0.168 (Unlimited Money) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] LifeAfter: Night falls MOD APK v1.0.168 (Unlimited Money) Game for Android


Where is unbind or bind? We could unbind in sea of zombie, but it doesn’t seem to have an icon for nightfall. I click on the second icon, which is the picture of Hokan. It logs me out, but I want to unbind and change my email. Thank you if u help me…

Overall, it seems to be a good game. This is a great mobile game. I wish there was a PC version. Fp shooting on both my phone and tablet is too difficult. It’s hard to give up, so I’m still hooked. Update: Still playing almost every day. Every day I learn new things. It’s nice to make new friends and find a camp with like-minded people.

The graphics are amazing in both realistic mode and high. It would be great if the game had an aim down sight mode or auto aim. It can be frustrating to press the right attack button when you want to change the angle of your camera, but it is not an option. The food meter is way too fast for me. The HUD is too busy and takes up too much screen space. It would be a good idea to reduce it or disable it. Keep it up! I look forward to more updates.

It’s a great game. There is so much to do. I love it. Great graphics and gameplay. Camp patrol is one of my favorite events. I wish it was available for longer than two hours per day.

Where is unbind or bind? We could unbind in sea of zombie, but it doesn’t seem to have an icon for nightfall. I click on the second icon, which is the picture of Hokan. It logs me out, but I want to unbind and change my email. Thank you if u help me…

It’s amazing! The graphics, NPCs and the fact that there is a “newbie’ book to help you get started are all amazing! However, I have a suggestion. Could we not travel back to our camp/home each time we return from other places? It would be wonderful to have the map reopened when we travel to another place (e.g. from fall forest to sandcastle or hope 101). Apart from that, the game is great haha

This is the best android game I’ve ever played. Keep up the amazing gameplay, graphics, and real ratability. Even better now

Good, but it needs more missions. I used to love the Survival Book but once I finished it, I was so lost.

Excellent game. There are many different aspects that will keep you entertained. It’s more than just fighting PVE and PVP. You can craft, cook and gather. It’s a variety of games

Thank you very much for making this an unforgettable experience. It’s not too difficult and it’s not too easy. While I enjoy apocalyptic survival, I was bored by the other top games for smartphones that require you to grow and craft things in order to make the game work. It was difficult to get any direction. It seems like you have the game just right. You can make things that are unique and enjoyable by doing little things.

It’s a great game. It’s addictive and fun. It has some minor problems that can be annoying. The audio glitches/repeats a lot. (For me, at least) I had to restart the game after one of the events with Aleynko. It wouldn’t allow me to continue because it was glitching. However! The game is enjoyable and well worth the effort.

This game is at first almost perfect. There are many things to do and lots of objectives. But later missions have you in PvP areas with nothing but a machete or useless shotgun. More experienced players are running around with assault rifles, top-level gear and picking off noobs. It has affected the game to the point that I don’t play it anymore. Balance is needed…

This is an open-world survival game that has many details. You can choose to become a fighter, gatherer or crafter. You will receive new quests every day and you must work with others to complete them. There are two limitations to the game: you need gold bars to send an item to your camp, expand your manor, or buy them from quests. Sometimes traveling animations take too long. These aren’t too bad.

It’s a great game, and I enjoy it immensely. There’s so much to do. The only problem with rare items is the maximum you can buy. This prevented me from sending items to my camp, which was necessary to earn ingame currency. Although I.e infected, I don’t think it fair to make someone playing wait for a day before they can send items after spending so much time collecting. Perhaps they could use the same method for other items, such as paying taxes on shipped items or using a fixed amount of ingame cash to purchase additional items.

It’s amazing! I have never seen or experienced anything like it on my mobile. It’s huge. I wish there were more towns and villages to explore. Right now, I can just run around the entire land without finding anything. This game has incredible attention to detail. I also like that it is completely open-world. You can climb any building and traverse over hills if you find a way up. Although crafting can be time-consuming, it is a lot of fun.


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