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Aug 4, 2023
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How to install Karate Fighter MOD APK v3.1.8 (Unlocked) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Karate Fighter MOD APK v3.1.8 (Unlocked) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Karate Fighter MOD APK v3.1.8 (Unlocked) Game for Android


Good for a while. It’s a good effort in a fighting game and I hope you keep it up. There were a few points I wanted to specifically highlight: – This game lacks polish. There are no shadows or options to turn them on. – Some animations have the opponent fall to the side, but then suddenly snap. It would be better if the animation stayed in a straight line. – Available roster is only two guys. – There is no story to support that we are just two guys.
I don’t know if I love or hate this game. I LOVE the lack of ads. I LOVE the driver support. However, this game seems to be trying to be Virtua Fighter or Tekken while also being a combat sports simulation game and it can’t be both, but here we are. There have been some loading errors, but overall it seems to be running smoothly. Character movement is ridiculously slow, while punches and kicks flow quickly. The jumping mechanics are like jumping on the moon. Very buoyant.
Nothing breaks, it has decent quality. There are no pop up ads so at least that’s good, but I only gave it a 4🌟 because I expected to move around the player and expected 2 or 3 rounds. I also want you to change something, when a player fights against my loss, you should replace him with the remaining teammate to give the team more opportunities to win. eg Five teammates and 2 enemies remain, if 1 die, the other takes over and tries to win the game.
The gameplay is fun, the controls are easy, and the graphics are actually pretty solid for a free mobile game. The only problem I had with it is there are too many ads and also sometimes the game closes when they appear. But other than that it’s cool and enjoyable.
You just downloaded and took a chance and play it the graphics are great for a mobile game for mobile phones just below it perfect graphics for a mobile game the controls are smooth you have verizon combos to use which means it’s a lot of alternative and very hot combos and after the match it gives you the option to play as both characters with you and your teammate to trigger a combo of 20 to 60 hits which is really cool just tap as fast as you can on both sides of the screen.
Good game but needs to improve, fighting stance techniques, NO ads are seen which is very good. Use the name options you want to write. Appreciation in percentages, sound effects. However, it is a user-friendly interface. When you switch fighters, the same contestant will appear in the same combat gear. More fighters should be introduced, especially when a competitor is defeated in the ring.
It’s a very good game, fantastic graphics and fantastic characters. Good moves and nice ko. I just want to highlight some things like- 1. Why is black master named as yellow master? 2. If we change character, why do we have to start from white belt? 3. Packages are too expensive. 4. There should be more hp capacity. 5. Things like tournaments, arcade and vs mode should be usable from white belt. 6. Players should have more chances to earn coins. REST Everything is fine Thank you..
The gameplay is almost perfect, the controls are nice, the graphics are great and the combo move is so perfect. But the thing that I don’t like is that when I want to change the character, a black screen appears for a second and it’s annoying for me, that’s all. I hope your game will be popular one day 🙂
I’m giving this game a 4 out of 5 because it’s a great game but it’s just that I was quickly tempted to rate a game that was pretty annoying and when I changed my character it would strip me of all progress and that sucks. so if you can fix it that would be nice but otherwise it’s a good game (:
The game ran smoothly up to the level of the yellow belt master fight. It got stuck, players couldn’t move at all. I can’t continue the game. Please correct the errors. Thank you.
Tag team karate game is very awesome. You fight your opponent, defeat them and clear several levels. It has pleasant gameplay and smooth control. Easy to install and play.
I have played a few fights so far, I mostly like the controls and its sensitivity, the game graphics are good, the physics are good, it has several moves and combos, most fighting games lack such important factors, but this game is worth 4 stars!!
These games are amazing! I can’t stop playing, the only problem in my opinion is that they could adjust for fighters, clothes, etc.
If you want this game to be good. you should make a better title like Saikyo no Ken or World of Arts. the name is scary but the game is good. I suggest you rename the game much better. But there is one thing I hate about this game. logo. your logo is outdated and not appealing to the audience. you should create a logo that fits the style. maybe if you want a logo. ask me, i’ll give you suggestions on what logo goes best with it, but it comes with a price you know.


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