Johnny Trigger MOD APK (Unlocked, Money)


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Aug 23, 2023
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Android 7.0 and up

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How to install Johnny Trigger MOD APK v1.12.30 (Unlocked, Money) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Johnny Trigger MOD APK v1.12.30 (Unlocked, Money) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Johnny Trigger MOD APK v1.12.30 (Unlocked, Money) Game for Android


This is my first review ever. Developers, you have done a great job. It’s a fun game. Easy to control. Great graphics. Ads can be a drawback, but can be skipped from time to time (Android 12 + advantage). The reason for the 4 star rating is due to game glitches at higher levels – the money earned in the level does not add up correctly, some enemies escape without being hit, especially the ones on the inner edge of the house and the hero slides under it, etc. The magazine capacity can be adjusted for some weapons.
This game is unique so far. All you do is tap the button at the exact moment to get HEADSHOT shots, at least that’s what I want. It’s worth watching 🙈
Amazing game graphics and gameplay was always a favorite for me but as I grew up I moved on from it but going back to it was amazing and twice as good but the only problem with it is that when you play 3 or more games it gives ads everytime which last about 15-20 seconds which is euins but overall i would recommend it
it’s good that there are no ads and the boss comes really fast and lets you choose three weapons of your choice which are weapons
Really good and not that much which makes this game 5 stars. Also, if there was a 10 star rating I’d give it because it’s really fun and not to mention it’s an offline game so I can play anywhere. Overall it’s really good and not boring at all. 😃
It does as advertised. Not only that, but it has many other features that can keep you hooked, such as many weapons and outfits. The game now has a story as well, and for a long time has been a staple that you can unlock and upgrade. My problem is the constant stream of ads. I understand, you need money. But please not at every level. There’s no ad option, but even if it’s a one off I’m not going to give you £3.00 for it. In any case. Realistically it should be £1-£1.50
Its repetitive, sure but simple interface, great soundtrack and clean surface make this game more fun than it should be. Tons of cosmetics with the ability to track additions to get them. If this doesn’t bother you, simply continue with your free game. Overall it’s a fair game and I bought a few cheap sales to support the devs.
Really good. So many levels and huge amount of clothes, weapons and levels. It’s very addicting and you can reach level 150 in about 30 minutes!! However, there are ads. Ads usually come every 2-3 levels and you have to watch the ads to get clothes. Like almost any other mobile game, there are ads at every opportunity. But that’s normal, so it’s okay
This game is great, so far so much fun.!! Easy to learn, just tap and shoot, but difficult to master. At first I gave 5 stars but the ads after every level and every failure are too much..!! And I might actually uninstall it just because of that… too many ads. Have a few ads every 3 to 5 levels or so, not a constant barrage like it is now. It interferes with my concentration and runs the flow of the game..!!
Awesome from the start, but as you progress it becomes repetitive and easy. I think there should be different modes for different game mechanics and add more weapon and costume choices (you should be able to buy the costume you want instead of watching an ad for one). Finally, you could add abilities like super slow-mo and many more. Overall, it’s simple, easy and fun, but it could be better.
It was originally thought to be a clickbait game, but the game is exactly as advertised. It’s a good way to pass the time and it can definitely be addictive. It would be great if there was an option to make it more challenging. I paid for the ad-free version years ago and the app remembered it when I downloaded it again now. It can be played offline, but you’ll have to watch ads to really get some cool stuff. Overall I would say 4.5⭐️


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