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The sequel to the hit zombie action game Into the Dead (70+ million downloads)!
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Sep 18, 2022
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How to install Into the Dead 2 Mod Apk v1.61.4 (Vip/Unlimited Money) + Data APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Into the Dead 2 Mod Apk v1.61.4 (Vip/Unlimited Money) + Data APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Into the Dead 2 Mod Apk v1.61.4 (Vip/Unlimited Money) + Data Game for Android


Very excellent game. 
Better than the prior one. 
It features fascinating plot with new locales and numerous new firearms. 
Loving it so far! 
Edit: When playing the current event, anytime start level 5, it initially loads and when starting the level, the game abruptly crashes, everytime. 
This is incredibly aggravating, please solve this


Great game and graphics, but needs to be able to move your buttons where you need them and when you get stuck behind something, you can’t go left or right and then you get killed, plus the ammo creates are sometimes in buildings or vehicles that you can’t get to, when you try to get them, you get stuck then killed, if those were fixed, I’d buy it if it was on XBOX….


THE MOST ANNOYING THING about this game is that every class of weapon includes those one or two weapons that boast particular trait or ability that is never stated anywhere in the weapon’s description. 
Imagine how irritating it would be to spend many hours farming and grinding to unlock the weapon you consider to be the greatest in it’s class just to find out that you wasted all that time.


Amazing experience(only when you change the visuals to medium though) (only when you set the graphics to medium though). 
Music, bgm and things is on point. 
Controls are on spot. 
Story is extremely awesome…(it should have been more lengthy though!). 
Quite creepy too…


Interesting tale, interesting runs, tons of weapon and great features. 
Wish it will be an open world game, but still incredibly entertaining to play.


In app purchases are too pricey but the simplicity of what has to be done and the aesthetics are extremely fantastic.


Played this game so long ago that can’t even remember. 
Downloaded this game again to experience the same nostalgia. 
Offer to say this game has the nicest visuals any mobile game can have. 
5⭐s nicely earned.


You don’t need to pay money on this game to have fun or advance. 
Great atmosphere, simple fascinating plot, rare discovery for smartphone game.


If you are looking for best zombie game this one is for you the stories are brillaiant and the graphics are also convincing, really love this game…… \sI’m likely gonna be fan of can pick your friends to run along with or help each other out when they need it added to the game and upgrade the store faster on some of the weapons


Love it lot of zombie games out the but their all the same for the most part this is what was searching for something unusual and this it


Very fun and stress relief. 
Please include fresh material like atleast one or two new zombies in game. 
We want gamers to meet another nasty zombies in game.


Always fun. 
But I’m having an odd bug where the sound occasionally would shut off and it won’t play unless totally quit the app out and then reload it


New issue last night downloaded the new update the phone completion of the update went to play the game was not able to play due to needing permission on my device activate my device says permission is not required and would not give me debility to to give permission uninstalled and reinstalled and still have the same problem please help cuz like this game \sthis game is awesome but Why is the game not saved on my (gmail)Google Play? 
passed through multiple step but after clearing my cash google play it resumed the game from the beginning!!!! 
pls say to me if you can assist regarding this issue


This is one of the most EPIC games have ever played. 
There are no advertising coming up at random moment, the animation is great, and it offers friends and weapons that everyone needs. 
Also the game has really fantastic plot as well.


Pretty nice for mobile game however I’d say the previous game is better in terms of graphics but this game does weaponry and the general game better


Great game, new version is amazing. 
liked every version of this game but this one takes the cake, fantastic, excellent side quests, weaponry. 
Only thing can say bad about it is the tiny gun sucks with the over heating


enjoy the game because there’s more story points and new stuff that may happen when your playing keep up the good job and add some more lore points please


Game has some serious promise. 
am liking it so far. 
My only issue with it so far is the horrible latency. 
Multiple times lately have been murdered owing to this problem. 
modified the settings to low graphics and am operating on steady wifi connection. 
Still it happens and it is frustrating. 
If that is fixable then awesome. 
Otherwise really nicely put up and terrific game that you can play for free. 
Great job developers!


Best zombie games on mobile, no kidding. 
Wonderful plot, great gameplay, exciting occurrences, absolutely perfect. 
The only difficulty I’m finding is that this game is little bit ‘pay win’. 
You seldom receive free weapon components, but at high levels you’ll require at least level 10+ on your weapon. 
It’s possible to beat the game with level 3-5 weapons, but it’s quite difficult. 
Overall, nonetheless, pretty excellent game.


The 1st game was really part of my childhood but this game is fantastic, not to mention the advertising are optional! 
You utilize adverts to open additional crates or to gain more prizes. 
The only things that frustrates me is that there’s restriction on how much you can play, but everything else is fantastic, the plot the everything is awesome 
It would be rather interesting if in the next game you can have base, and travel about in top-down view, where you can forage for food and create in there, and care for your survivors


Loved the original, and the same applies to this. 
The controls are easy, it supports both keyboard and controller as well as touch screen navigation, which makes this game better in my view. 
The daily objectives are nice, they’re easy methods to earn powerful weaponry. 
The story’s intriguing and each mission has numerous extra tasks to provide more stars(more stars=more treasure boxes) and the advancement isn’t terribly sluggish. 
The only bad thing that can think of is the energy limit. 
Great overall.


recently returned to ITD one after forgetting about it’s existence for couple years. 
And feel like could’ve played that classic for years without growing weary of it, but switched to this as soon as found out there was sequel. 
Personally there wasn’t anything fundamentally wrong witht the original game, however see how certain people may become weary of the unending repetition. 
Every feature, nuance, and mechanism where the original arguably lacked, its sequel more than made up for it.


The battle between humankind and the undead isn’t over. Seven chapters are waiting for you to discover; each chapter is comprised of numerous different stages and hundreds of tasks. You’ll need to complete each one from simple to tough, continually upgrading your defenses and weapons. The missions will get more intense and the undead also get stronger and varied. The game does however have numerous fighting strategies, meaning you’ll never get bored.


The most crucial thing you need to do the game Into the Dead 2 is the search for a way to survive. There are so many zombies and it is sometimes impossible to defeat them all in one go. There are a variety of choices to pick from, whether it’s shooting at undead, trying to find a car and then destroying everyone who are on the road or risking your life in order to race across the tranquil zombies. If you are able to save your life, beat the entire pack, or make it through the time required, you’ll be able to progress to the next stage.

Great corridor shooter as you’d expect to find in an arcade. It’s arcade-style price on every item! But I’m enjoying it without having to pay. I’m trying to make it to chapter 3 for diamonds in rush deluxe therefore I’m playing it for a while before taking it off. Therefore, I’m not willing to buy it because, while the game is enjoyable to play and has a lot of positive aspects, I’d prefer to play similar games on xbox or could just purchase the game and collect gold from chests and zombies and not have to pay for ads.

A great game, but the microtransactions may be a bit excessive. It’s also designed in a manner that is going to get increasingly difficult, eventually becoming impossible to finish without working or simply paying to move forward.

The game is fantastic and so is the story! I thoroughly enjoyed the game however, i only gave it four stars due to the fact that the game becomes extremely difficult for players who are free to play later in the game. The zombies grow stronger very quickly and it is impossible to kill them unless you pay to purchase more powerful weapons. Overall, it’s a fantastic game, however it’s a pay-to-win.

General Information

For those who don’t know, the franchise Into the Dead is an endless running game featuring the concept of a world following the disaster of the zombies was extremely popular prior to. With more than 100,000 downloads Google Play proves the appeal of the brand to gamers’ minds. What’s is the best part? Part 2 of the game is now available and it’s absolutely free.

When you play Into the Dead 2, it’s not a character who is anonymous like the original. The player will be an experienced truck driver named James who is determined to get back to his family following news that the Zombie epidemic is breaking out across the globe. However, on the way to home James’s truck had an accident, which caused James to run the entire way back home. After a long drive filled with blood-sucking zombies, James must make every effort to return home in time to see his sister and father who is dying.

Participating in the game from the perspective of a first person you can run for hours and through the countless walking corpses. It also comes with various weapons, from melee weapons to guns to make you more resilient. The brand’s most popular feature has been restored. You are not able to move freely exploring the universe, however you remain within the limits that is set to you by the device. Your primary task is to keep your character in check and move left and right in order to stay clear of zombies , and shoot just.

Into the Dead 2 also allows players to upgrade their equipment or gain access to new weapons if they fulfill certain conditions. It is available with a no-cost-to-play option and is just upgraded to the most recent edition of the online store. If you’re interested in the game, visit this website for downloads and play it for yourself. Into the Dead 2.


The more difficult the final phases, the more violent and difficult it is to defeat the undead. They are not able to be defeated using your basic weapons. Therefore, what you must do is to purchase more powerful weaponry or upgrade older weapons to increase your attack power and also upgrade your armor to improve defense.

The arsenal of weapons from Into the Dead 2 are extremely different. They are more costly, and the greater the damage they can cause. There are guns which allow you to shoot with precision from a distance. Others are designed for mass shootings while others fire slow, yet the damage from each shot is incredibly devastating. We also offer melee weapons like claws, axes … and other items, such as bombs, mines… for you to help you fight more flexibly.

This is among the most popular mobile games that will launch in 2022. It’s got a fantastic storyline and plays really well on all devices. It’s got great dieilog, and I like the fact that it has different missions available in case you don’t want engage in the narrative mode. However, there are plenty of in-app purchases you must pay for in order to upgrade your game or bring your dog along. But it is a Great Game! !

Not sure bad game running zombie simulator. The story is decent enough to make lots of adds you can earn points for stamina. In occasions, you must watch the ammo and record the time of each shot. The zombies are a horde, making it a nightmare.

Great experience, Great story. Nerve-wracking and keeps you alert. At all times. Also, the equipment you’ll need to buy is amazing. Try purchasing your first companion and then level it up to 5. You won’t regret it. Not to mention you can get a shot at primum weapons when you complete daily tasks and side missions. The overall experience is amazing

It’s fun, but all the fun is hidden behind expensive microstranachions. If you manage to beat that barrier and you want an interesting challenge to utilize lesser power weapons in the later missions, it can be achieved to a degree. If you plan to spend money to play this game, get the puma as soon as you can. His ability to summon more zombies to kill can help you achieve those initial missions to obtain more parts earlier rather than later. Best of luck to all survivors.

MOD Features

Unlimited Money Two currencies are adjusted to 999m. You are able to freely purchase tools and upgrades.


Your adventure playing Into the Dead 2 will not be restricted by the diversity of battle areas. It could be a vacant land as well as an abandoned military site or farm, a forest or an oil field and so on. The terrains are recreated in a realistic manner and include effects like explosions, smoke as well as ruins, trees or even corpses … to enhance the most of your experience.


The game’s missions are always updated, so it is important to keep an eye on them to finish the tasks. When you complete missions, you can get great rewards, such as virtual currency, brand new weapons and even armor. Certain missions give you access to intelligent hunting dogs. Earn coins to unlock new rounds and upgrade your weapon. When you play online you can also stream more advertisements to earn more rewards.

What's new

- Various bug fixes and performance improvements.



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