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Jul 27, 2023
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Android 5.1 and up

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How to install Idle Planet Miner MOD APK v1.27.6 (Free Shopping) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Idle Planet Miner MOD APK v1.27.6 (Free Shopping) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Idle Planet Miner MOD APK v1.27.6 (Free Shopping) Game for Android


Great idle game and pace for long term play. Two notes: 1) The ringing sound is too loud. Having your phone on the lowest volume in a quiet room is not enough. I like the sound but we need to switch the volume. 2) Fuel cells are WAY too hard to get in tournaments. You have to be *very* high in the rankings to get even *one*. This doesn’t make sense with how much boost is only available through fuel cells. The threshold can be lowered or fewer people can be bracketed.
A pretty nice little idle game. A good number of game mechanics to keep the game interesting and many options to improve efficiency and profits. The resource stars are a good event reward, the prestige system is unique and interesting, and the research system is fair and balanced. The game also doesn’t force ads, which is always nice. The only thing I don’t really like is the manager system limiting the number of managers you can have active at once, it feels a bit p2w but overall a good game
Fun little idle miner, good skill progression if a little steep in resource cost, nifty “sell your galaxy” restart mechanic with unbuyable currency build-up, and no forced ads (forced ads are evil and games with them should be marked or disabled). But these guys are a bit proud to play, everything in the store is expensive and the DarkMatter upgrade is usually not worth it (in the short term). $10 to remove ads to increase $ is almost worth it, because the “ark” pays off great after some accumulation.
Really like the concept and art. The tech trees and idle, upgraded game are pretty nice. It’s a bit slow now, but could it just be that I picked the wrong upgrades and then got an unfavorable market? but so far it looks like a good game.
I play another TechTree game and this one shares what I like most about the other one: Ads are at your discretion and not invasive. That alone is a big win for my enjoyment of the game and helps me feel more willing to drop some money to support them, which I do from time to time. This game is simple and exactly what I was looking for. I enjoy these types of slow build idle games and find them ideal for relaxing and falling asleep. I will definitely continue this game.
A fun little idle game and better than the last one I played on my phone. The research tree is straightforward and the interface system is simple and easy to understand.
A great game for many reasons. They don’t have ads every 30 seconds, in fact the only ads you watch is if you choose to, and when you do, you get a reward, but also an ad point, which when you get enough you can spend on another reward. It’s also a very fun game. 10 out of 5 stars.
It’s been a very enjoyable game so far. I like the design and concept. The best part is that you don’t have to pay for the deposit, just be a little patient and honestly it’s really not bad at all. I like to look at ads for a bonus. This is a prime example of a game well done and well balanced with ads. I highly recommend this game if you like idle games!
I really enjoy this game. The beginning is a bit slow, but it’s fun to discover new planets and craft new materials. This is by no means a quick game. An idle part of the game is required to play the game freely. Set the things you want to make and come back later. If you expect fast progress then you won’t like this game or you will have to pay money.
I’ve been playing for about 3, maybe 4 hours now and it’s a pretty good game. It’s not one of those mobile games you see on tiktok, I feel like one of the best things I like about this game is the pace. It’s not too rushed, but it’s also not like you get to a point and stop playing because you can’t upgrade anymore. All in all it was a really nice experience! Good job 👍❤️
After reinstalling (BTW, my progress was lost) I explored the tech tree and found it to be basically “more and faster and more efficient”. Give me a miracle to strive for! Like a Dyson sphere (colonization of stars) or a mysterious wormhole that can lead to wonder or danger.
There is a lot of depth. The idea is great, but it’s a little too much for me to make it an empty experience. Balancing 3 different sources of obstacles for each mining income and then multiple paths to monetize the products for different rewards. Which one is better? I’m not sure. Trying to play it even partially optimally gives me analysis paralysis. It is built like an idle game but controlled like an engine builder. I wanted to enjoy it more.
I’m going with 5 stars. It’s a great time killer and the concept is simple. There is some strategy involved if you want to play this way, but it’s not necessary if you just like idle games without adding… great game

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