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Get ready for a gritty Idle Mafia simulation game experience!
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Century Games Pte. Ltd.
December 2, 2021
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[Free Download] Idle Mafia – Tycoon Manager v4.5.0 (Full) Mod APK for Android 

The game is boring and repetitive. However, the in-game mini games aid. It’s good for an enjoyable distraction for the mind. However, the customer service is a nightmare. It was fined 19.99 3 times despite when I did not make an 19.99 purchase. They reversed one charge prior to I realized it was in my bank account. They asked me to send screenshots of any emails that showed purchases, and they then informed me that I needed to Google Play. Another time it was crashing and there was no assistance.

It takes too long to finish the tasks. The incomplete business is nearly impossible to complete when previous tasks aren’t earning enough or grow sufficient speed. It is impossible to upgrade avatars except if you pay a large amount. Even the game board is difficult to finish due to insufficient and slow earnings. You may want to search for new games once the mafia club subscription expires at the end of the month. Sad, but not unexpected, every developer is in a rush to make money.

I’ve spent about a hundreds of dollars playing this game. It’s addictive it’s enjoyable, but it’s difficult finding shards of shards in order to collect capos, but it keeps you waiting for more. I wish to give it five stars, however there are a few glitches and small issues which prevent my from giving five stars. Fix the Head Hunters event. I frequently freeze, I frequently crash. There are more ways to step up capos, I’ve been at an a capo with 3 stars for more than a month and cannot advance, regardless of how much I pay. Include another rank progression

I have played lots of Idle games, and this is my top choice. My only gripe is that I rarely have time to complete some events due to a busy work schedule. The extra events and mini games are always fun when you reach higher levels and things are more difficult to finish. It requires a good signal or WiFi connection, or I’m having trouble accessing and staying at times. I definitely still love it.

A game with multiple advertisements is one thing, however the latest update caused games to go down six times over the last 20 minutes. And then, tonight, the game crashed during the crucial moment in the weekend contest. The same thing has happened for over the past few weeks. The game requires greater options in customer services. I am done. Do not download this game.

Game crashes each when you play the ads.. It’s been 2 months since I last reported it. I’ve complained, but no action has been taken. Unfortunately, I’m at the limit of patience. I’ve complained about it for weeks… The Game ID was not working and everything else required was completed. There is nothing to be done. Many people are saying exactly the same the same thing.

I’m trying to play the game on weekends. Each time I’ve tried playing the video to increase my earnings by 2x, it takes me out of the game. So I’m getting only less coins I could have. Seems fair. To the extent that I can, I am enjoying this game, however the game stops playing when I try to earn boosts. This didn’t happen prior to the 2 most recent updates.

This game was downloaded after I saw an advertisement for it and played it and I thought that they may have added new features which makes the game more worth the cost, however it’s exactly the same gameplay.. It’s not loading or crashing when trying to view advertisements for things, it’s odd that it only happens when you’re trying for the reward from an advertisement. It’s not like I’m going to reach out to your team, and you won’t even receive assistance when you contact them..

If you are willing to spend a small amount of cash, and wisely you can grow and more powerful. It isn’t easy to get higher capos as upgrades take too long and if you are able to participate in the games, you will reap great rewards. It is definitely a game that requires patience, and in the end, a fun game. It’s a great way to kill time.

It was a enjoyable game, and I actually planned to get more gems so that you could gain higher levels of capos, however recently, it was impossible to exit the game while you were collecting cigars or bonuses events. It’s really frustration. The booting process happens on the Android system and only. On IOS device (my kids are playing the game, too) They weren’t booted up however it remains stuck. It is necessary to restart the game in order to play. Could the developer investigate this issue and fix the issue? Thanks.

A lot of times, the ads cause the game to crash, making me wait for the game is restarted and synced with the internet. This is a complete wasted time. I’m beginning to suspect that the developers deliberately doesn’t have the ability to solve the problem with video crashes due to the fact that they offer an option to pay for a subscription option that doesn’t show advertisements. This will allow them to drive customers to make payments instead of watching advertisements. This is false advertising, borderline fraud.

[Free Download] Idle Mafia – Tycoon Manager v4.5.0 (Full) Mod APK for Android

What's new

- New: Christmas theme!
- New: Mafia Fighting Championship. Beat the best to be the best! Available from 7 Dec (tentative)
- New Capo: Tomoe "Naginata" Yamakawa. Available from 6 Dec (tentative)
- Optimizations for: Friends feature
- Several bug fixes



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