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Aug 4, 2023
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Android 5.1 and up

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How to install Idle Forest Lumber Inc MOD APK v1.7.7 (Money) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Idle Forest Lumber Inc MOD APK v1.7.7 (Money) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Idle Forest Lumber Inc MOD APK v1.7.7 (Money) Game for Android


I really like the art style of the game. It’s really cute and fits the theme beautifully. As of now in my early game, ads are optional. The stats system is useful so I know which buildings have the worst efficiency so I can upgrade them. Sound effects are not annoying. Finally, I like that there’s a POV button in the settings so you can walk around the wood factory you’ve been building. Overall a pretty good relaxing time killer.
Okay, I’ll admit I like wood, but I hate building houses and the village part, so I’m uninstalling. I think it’s a great and different concept, but I feel like it takes forever to progress without watching a lot of ads and I just go back to playing old PC games because no ads and no ridiculous prizes or money. In some ways, a great game just isn’t what I’m looking for in a game.
So the game doesn’t look like the ads, but it’s still fun and entertaining for a long time. I purchased ad-free because I don’t have a problem with developer support, but the IAP prices are too expensive for what you get. The ad-free progression is satisfying enough and the events are fun too. However, it is very disappointing that upgrading your factory will not change any visual aspect of it. It ends up being fun for a few weeks, especially with the events, but after that it gets boring quickly.
The game is very simple, but the monetization is ruthless. You can advance at any speed you want, but you are constantly bombarded with packs to advance faster. Timed events grant upgrades that are much easier to get by paying…. and top rank rewards (avatar pics lol) F2P users never get. Ads are also shoved down your throat, which is a common practice, but it’s basically mandatory unless you buy bundles. All their games are knock-offs of popular games.
I started playing this week. it’s quite an addictive game. I ended up buying to remove the ads because they were quite long. it’s not necessarily “pay to play” but the process takes a long time if you don’t spend diamonds. I lost all my progress after the event update, but I’m working with “Ricky Martin” to at least get some of my stuff back so I can get back to where I was in the game.
Only one real complaint about this game. When you upgrade saws. You will lose all the extra money. I don’t believe this should be an in-game feature. How am I going to buy a plant with money to spare and be broke once I do. Otherwise it’s not bad. You CAN play and you don’t have to watch any ads, so that’s nice. Most ads aren’t even that long if you watch them. Fun for an idle style game every now and then. I’m on my last saw with about 3 days of casual play.
The game has some potential to be 5 stars but the way the game is structured you have to watch a lot of ads to get anywhere. I pretty much lost interest in the game. Yes, yes, I know there have to be ads to support the developers, but why not lower the price of diamonds. If you have to pay $2.00 for 50 diamonds, it’s just a cash grab at this point. If you have 1000 diamonds for $2.00 I would do it. I’ll keep the game for 2 weeks to see what the developer does. If not, I will uninstall.
This is an idle \ timer application. Given its style \ genre, it’s fine. Not too buggy. The ads are a bit much, hence the lower star rating. There is very little strategy in this game. It’s timers, wait, ads, tap occasionally, ads, wait. 🙂 The ad that made me install this game is not like the game. No road construction, puzzles, etc. Writing this review in hopes that they will make such a game or change the ad to better reflect the actual game. Again, if you like the genre, it’s not bad. 🙂
I enjoyed this game quite a bit until I stopped getting ad options. Your FAQ says that if you watch too many ads, there will be no more ads for you temporarily. Why are you penalizing your players for playing the game the way you designed it? I want to earn money for your hard work, but not everyone can afford to pay $25 to have no ads. It’s physically impossible to upgrade managers without ads, because each crate requires you to look at an ad to open it, and the rewards on saws at higher levels are worthless.


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