Hungry Shark Evolution MOD APK (Gems/Coins)


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Feb 15, 2023
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Android 4.4 and up

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How to install Hungry Shark Evolution MOD APK v9.8.0-10117 (Gems/Coins) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Hungry Shark Evolution MOD APK v9.8.0-10117 (Gems/Coins) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Hungry Shark Evolution MOD APK v9.8.0-10117 (Gems/Coins) Game for Android


Well, it’s alright. Pretty much the same as i remember, but I have a complaint. You now have to watch ads to upgrade your bite, speed, and boost instead of the arguably better coin system. Also there was once a daily reward you had to find but it is just completely gone now. However, the sign that pointed to it is still present for some reason. Also the shark invader thing is odd, they have usernames and outfits, however they don’t appear to be actual players. Despite all that, it is still fun.

👑Legendary👑 All right Ubisoft, I’ve been loyal to you for 10 years since this game came out. I played it every day. I’ve got every shark. Do you know what you need? A new map? And I mean just a clear map that’s ocean. I’m at that point now where everything all the rocks is just getting him away. I love world. I have world too. I love that because you can choose multiple maps islands and that’s what we need. Also, some more special sharks appreciated and some more futuristic like tech sharks

I love the game and everything about it but there is one thing I would like to ask, it’s if you could make a setting to move the shark ability button to the left because I use the right side of the screen to move the shark around. Would really appreciate to have this added!

Its the 10th anniversary of one of the best mobile games of all time, no complaints since after the new update, the devs manage to fix all of the reccuring glitches such as some sharks clipping through walls, the cage glitch where it spasms in a ragdoll fashion and finally I was wrong about the slow progression, I finally understand the progression system on this game, even if this game bombards me with ads, still a great mobile game, one of my keyfactors surrounding my childhood….

The game is awesome but the only thing keeping me from giving it a five star is that there are a lot and I mean a lot of glitches and the most annoying glitch is that whenever I want to play with Aaron it just stops working after 8 minutes and there are many more so please try to fix most of them in the next update otherwise the game is perfect and please make the map bigger and denser and add more portals I would recommend that you make the map deeper which will make this game even better

Such a cool game, easy to play from the begining with unlimited fun. I’ve been playing this game for a very long time and i never seem to get bored of it. Awesome graphics with realistic creatures!!!! Would recommend anyone to play this game, one of the best games on the playstore!!!!

This is a very fine game, though I will say one thing: please add more maps. We’ve been staring at the same 3 maps for the last 3 or 4 years and it’s kind of boring to see it. If you add more maps, Ubisoft, the game would be more enjoyable.

I really like this game. But when I want to upgrade my sharks, I can’t give any coins because it only accepts when I wacth adds. And when I watch ads, it kicks out me from the game. Please fix this, I don’t want to watch ads and get kicked out of the game!

I played this game for ages lol. Addicted to it. But can you please put more maps or like enlarge the map. It would be great as when playing with the bigger sharks the map seems to small. Please add more maps!!!!!! Since unlocking the last shark, I get bored because I literally know the whole map by heart.

Loved this game as a kid and still play it to this day. Only problem I have is when an ad plays or I accidentally tab out of the game, the audio goes mute and I have to restart the game. Could just be my device though.

While the game it self is amazing – hats off salute to support team. They were prompt, utmost helpful and definitely a blessing! Helped me retrieve 4 years old progress. Excellent job guys 👍 and infinity thanks !! Congrats on 10th anniversary – it’s been 10 “Jawesome” and “Chompsome” Years

Fun, nice change from the dragon and/or world games (same franchise I assume) have to work for upgrades and growth; make it MUCH more worth it than if it was too easy to receive those upgrades. All in all, pretty fantastic game, it WOULD be fun to have a more interactive map(s) location (s) for variety but I can just play the other two games- same diff!!!


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