Hungry Shark Evolution MOD APK (Gems/Coins)


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Aug 16, 2023
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Android 5.0 and up

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How to install Hungry Shark Evolution MOD APK v10.2.2 (Gems/Coins) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Hungry Shark Evolution MOD APK v10.2.2 (Gems/Coins) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Hungry Shark Evolution MOD APK v10.2.2 (Gems/Coins) Game for Android


I love this game, but it’s slowly becoming difficult. I have a few suggestions that many people would appreciate. 1. Don’t make the sharks bigger than the previous one, it gets boring playing for a bigger shark all the time. And even if we have a big shark we can still be attacked by smaller sharks which makes no sense 2. Add more dimensions, bosses and maps 3. Add more maps Hungry shark world has 4 maps while this game only has one? And we can go to other worlds for a few minutes, it’s not fun at all
I love this game, I’ve been playing it since I was 6 years old, very nostalgic, so I have 2 problems, the first is, I think it’s too simplistic, I mean it had a lot of great things, like when you went to the special shark sector, there was really great intro and this area was very awesome but after the kraken was added it became simple I WOULD LOVE to bring back some of the features from the older version please. Also add sharks and not other things like whale shark, killer whale, normal blue whale, etc.
The controls are terrible! The shark will go in the opposite direction than I wanted! The movement button is too small for my fat fingers, please make it bigger and better. Edit: After a few minutes of messing around I managed to solve the problem, it was a simple fix…My fingers are still suffering 😥
Few complications. Ubisoft, you don’t need so many ads. I get ads EVERYWHERE and it’s annoying even though the company is already making a ton of money on the PC and console versions of other games. Otherwise no problem.
Note: For Luminite, one of the tasks is to kill 5 subs with Rays of Extinction, but when I kill a sub with Rays of Extinction, it doesn’t count and it’s really annoying. Also for other sharks (Targeting Alan) some quests are too hard or the shark dies too quickly before 5 minutes. The new Luminites animation is annoying. I want the old animation back.
The best and most time consuming game I have ever played. Sharks are top tier (we’re talking bigger sharks). The game is very good… I like the 60fps option. I wish it was available offline instead of requiring an internet connection. 5 out of 5…
FANTASTIC GAME but there is one problem: I have a hammerhead shark and it’s really hard to get to the end of the map, the prices are really high and that’s another problem. Everything is expensive.
I can’t open my second (shaiwaii) portal and max my tiger sharks still can’t open it. Please do something. I enjoy the game, I also played it a long time ago but I lost the process (my fault, I forgot to save it) but I go back and this problem occurs. I don’t know how to get the second portal.
The game is great…but I have a serious problem that a lot of games have these days that MUST be fixed. It’s not a bug or anything, but the game has too many extras. Unlike other games, there aren’t many forced additions, but still, you need to track 15 additions to fully upgrade the shark. I find this ridiculous and very frustrating. I see people rating 1 star for this reason. But the game deserves 5 stars and I would if it wasn’t such a problem. Have a nice day…
I’ve been playing this game since I was 10 years old and there’s a reason I keep re-downloading and deleting it, on the one hand it’s a great game and on the other hand I’d highly recommend it if you ever run out of things to do and I personally don’t mind a home menu redesign
Still a very good game from my childhood, only complaint is that adding is very long 30 seconds for ads and you have to wait another 4 seconds to stop adding, it’s too much but other than that it’s very enjoyable
I like this game there are only a few ads buy it if you can handle it it’s awesome because sometimes you get gold rush means everything (fish, crabs, people etc) is gold and if you eat it you have money.
Best game yet. If you get google play pass you get unlimited free purchases so I have everything maxed out but it’s broken.
Great game. I started playing this game at first launch. He loved it ever since. Just one suggestion. Please polish the abyssauras rex shark. Evolved sharks beat 3 consecutive sharks, but only two. Also, unlike weaker sharks like the kraken and sharkjira, it has no way to kill stronger sharks without gold rush.


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