Horizon Chase World Tour MOD APK (Unlocked)


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Aug 2, 2023
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How to install Horizon Chase World Tour MOD APK v2.6.5 (Unlocked) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Horizon Chase World Tour MOD APK v2.6.5 (Unlocked) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Horizon Chase World Tour MOD APK v2.6.5 (Unlocked) Game for Android


The game is easy but challenging. F1 race in first person mode is super good, exciting. But missing coop local bluetooth like pc and ps4 split screen. The game may cause you headache, dizziness, vomiting, so do not play, it is not suitable for eye strain. one bad thing is that in most races you can’t pass all the vehicles in the first lap. It is programmed for overtaking on the last lap. Low poly graphic art style, design, music is beautiful. Driver supported. The car looks cute. The levels are beautiful.
One of the worst driving experiences in amy racing games. The odd angle makes it difficult to see ahead. Enemies intentionally bump into you and when they’re right in front of you, they start to break. Half way through the game it will ask you to buy this game to continue playing
Simplicity is what makes the game great, you go to other games l they just run 1 race and then you waste time shopping, crates and it’s frustrating, this game is just straight to the point and satisfying l.
Once upon a time this game was played. It brings back a lot of memories. Soundtracks, gameplay, arcade style and everything is just amazing!
I have played many racing games on mobile. But this makes me buckle up. Music is my jam and also nostalgia during my childhood playing chase on 16bit sega megarive.
Such a nice game and it’s one of the best racing games I’ve played. The acceleration position is too close to the edge of the screen, which is not appropriate. Just be aware that you have to pay mid-game to progress.
Such a wonderful game reminds me of old time US cruising. I liked it so much that I bought a bundle for $2.99. It’s games like this that game developers stick to just pure fun and nostalgia, and that’s what keeps gamers like me coming back and trying new games in the mid thirties, thank you for this game. 😁
Great game, really brings back memories of the good old days. However, there are facts that are worth noting. Some events are too hard to win and it’s annoying at times. This is a super fast game and the turns are very fast. It’s very easy to crash and when you hit a car you quickly slow down and lose positions. I think it’s because the tracks are too twisty. Reduce the number of curves. Also add a view from the inside camera for all other cars. But overall great game!!!
The gameplay is amazing, the graphics are great and the controls are not too bad. It would be nice if the controls were customizable as well as resizable; however, I honestly LOVE where the inspiration came from and it brings a lot of nostalgia value. I’m very familiar with the pseudo 3D racing games of the past and Top Gear was my favorite of them all, so if you’re looking for a very HEAVILY inspired game of this magnitude, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND.
Good game but good lord is it hard. This is basically Top Gear for the SNES. It’s all about dodging other cars as you pass them. It’s not bad, except that some events are so hard that you have to be perfect to do them. You hit one car or a traffic sign and you slow down a ton and you may never recover. But I like that it’s a simple, no-nonsense game. Pay once to unlock the full game and that’s it. No microtransactions.
Very good and amazing game for students and plz make full version free on play store even it is a great game for teenagers thnx
A very VERY good game. 10/10. The graphics were phenomenal, even if they weren’t triple-A game graphics. Control was smooth. The game is super good for spending free time while listening to a podcast or listening to music. This game proves that you don’t need the best graphics to make a good game and I even bought the full version because the game is just too good to pass up! Definitely recommend.
An incredibly well done retro arcade racer. The games visuals capture the period they strive to replicate perfectly, while adapting to a much more modern graphical approach. The soundtrack is also very reminiscent of the games it succeeded. The game is simple enough to serve as a simple time waster while offering enough content to keep you occupied for hours if needed.
great driver support works. i just wish the dlc was a bit cheaper (the Edina one). but I’m glad there is a world tour available at a reasonable price. I have HCT on switch and steam and this runs and feels the same
‘Horizon Chase’ lives up to its billing. -PRO: Where to start? This game has great graphics, simple but engaging physics, great soundtrack and a huge variety of cars + tracks. I appreciate that there is zero advertising. You get the first 30 races for free, as a demo, and if you like the game, you pay a few bucks to unlock the rest. Another thing I love are the achievement trophies in Google Play Games. Many game developers are too lazy to include them, but not Aquiris. – AGAINST: None.
Definitely one of my favorite racing games for mobile! I only download offline games because of my location and most offline racing apps just aren’t that good. This one is almost perfect! It’s fun, addictive and has great graphics. It definitely reminds me of old school arcade games. There’s also no BS involved, no ads, and no pressure to make in-app purchases. I would definitely buy the full game if I wasn’t out of work!
The game is great and honestly addictive, like pole position but better. It would be five stars, but there are some issues. The first problem is that I have to change the control scheme before every race because every time I start a new race it automatically sets to the bluetooth controller. This wouldn’t really be a problem as I’d rather use my 8bitdo n30 for a controller to play this game, but for whatever reason the game only supports a few controllers and this isn’t one of them.


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