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Jan 19, 2023
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Android 5.1 and up

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How to install Hillside Drive MOD APK v0.8.9-75 (Money) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Hillside Drive MOD APK v0.8.9-75 (Money) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Hillside Drive MOD APK v0.8.9-75 (Money) Game for Android


A couple of things that I would like to mention. Amazing little “line rider-style” game. In-app purchases are of terrible value. All ads disappear once you make a purchase. You can now unlock boxes without having to watch ads. If that were to be the case, it would be great to see PLAYTIME unlock boxes. There are some bugs. My vehicle’s physics changes the more I run on a track. It’s quite strange. It becomes super bouncy.

I played for around 72 hours. The game has ads. The game allows you to buy cosmetics and cars, but the prices can be quite high.

Although the game is excellent, there are some bugs that could be improved. I looked through other comments, and while I didn’t see anyone with my problem, others may have problems that need to be addressed so they can continue playing. Every time I open the box, I get the exact same thing from the same vox. This wasn’t the case when I first started, but I now have the ability to get the exact same upgrade for the same car even if other cars don’t have it.

It’s fun, but you can be punished if you have multiple cars or you upgrade your car too often. Because it is too fast now, my tuk-tuk flips constantly on long hills. I don’t get the center gravity perk. There are too many ads. They are too many and I am willing to pay for them to be removed.

It runs very smoothly. Stunning views. The art style is amazing. I think the only thing that I would change is the game’s progression. It should be a little more linear. I am only one key away of both the golden key cars, and all other keys to vehicles except common ones. It would be great if the achievements could be made without the need for certain upgrades, such as the chain wheels that are very powerful and can be upgraded to increase the car’s weight displacement.

It’s a great game, but there are some issues. The graphics and physics are solid. I also like the art style. There are a few issues with unlocking new cars. I have unlocked one car in the time that I have been playing, and the tractor. Waiting for the boxes to open is a tedious process. Then you might not be able to get a car. It would be great if there was a way to purchase cars using in-game currency. It is very rare that pieces are lost in the car after breaking an obstacle.

Although it’s a fun and enjoyable game, you don’t get enough keys to unlock new cars. I have been playing the game for quite some time now, and I still only have the fourth car. I find the logs on the forest maps annoying as they allow me to have my van and high-level car stopped at half the time. A bug was also discovered that the bridge explodes when you pause the game close to the bridge. It was used to defeat the 50m jump challenge.

Amazing game! It’s super easy to play, and there are many upgrades that can be used to improve replayability. There are very few forced ads, which is a big plus. Instead of requiring ads to unlock more boxes faster, there are no forced ads. Forced ads are something I hate. I have had to uninstall many games because of them. Although graphics design can be stifling, the physics works well for free games. Highly recommended

This game has been fun for 2 days. There are some negative aspects, but these aren’t as severe as other games of the same genre. Although the physics can be a bit tricky, it is not a major problem. Although the 2 tracks are disappointing, there is still a lot to do in this game. The leveling up is simple, the drop of key pieces (to unlock cars) is quite high, and the graphics are excellent. It is a good starting point for a new game.

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