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Sep 17, 2023
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Android 5.1 and up

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How to install Hide Online Mod Apk v4.9.7 (Equipment) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Hide Online Mod Apk v4.9.7 (Equipment) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Hide Online Mod Apk v4.9.7 (Equipment) Game for Android


v I’m super addicted to this game!! I love the concept and I love playing it too!! But it badly needs an update…I started playing this game 5 years ago and never got tired of it, but in the entire 5 years of playing the only changes they made was adding a room and changing one (the hangar). Maybe you could add some skins, weapons, etc. The ringtones during the game are not that bad, but they are annoying at one point… Overall, this game is probably my favorite and definitely deserves a 5☆
I really love it at first, but now it’s really not enjoyable because there are so many scammers. I hope you can update and remove them. I hope the update will also include adding players you played with so you can play again. And you can chat or text them. Regarding watching ads to get rewarded, sometimes you won’t get rewarded because watching ads is a waste of time.🥲
it’s a very cool game concept, but the thing is, when I tried to play with my friends, they couldn’t seem to find the created room even with the same region/server set. I have seen the same review on some tiktok users where they are also facing the same problem. please fix it and provide solution as soon as possible.
The game is excellent but I don’t like the fact that we can’t earn coins unless we pay. We have to resort to watching ads, which is tiring. I also don’t know why but the sound effects keep breaking every 1 or 2 games and I don’t know why. Also, I made my own game and my 2 friends can’t seem to join. The others are fine but for some reason they can’t connect. The name and password are correct and we are all connected to the same wifi.
Absolutely BRILLIANT and amazing! I really enjoy playing this game because it will never be boring, SMOOTH controls and everything is great! Keep up the good work and look forward to new updates and maps
It’s a very nice game it’s funny when you watch the hunter go away and you can’t see me my favorite prop is the drink bottle because it’s fast and small and you can fool someone with the speed of the bottle I love it so much and there’s nothing wrong with the game I like it I rate it 10/10 I love it ❤️
I love this game so much it became easier when you find good spots or listen where all the sounds are coming from, this is the only game I play because it’s so much fun😃
Overall, it’s a really fun game. I find it annoying that you have ads to watch for upgrades because the ads are so long. You should get rewards based on your point and the point should reset after the round ends when the ot shows the mvp. There should also be some letter code in case your friends want to join. In addition, you should be able to invite a friend to the lobby. I would say that the overall game needs to be adjusted. For example shooting, running and jumping.
This game is good for what it is. However, he is not bold enough to stand out. The style is soft and the movement is static. This makes the game too dry sometimes! Add some nicer movement, more interesting maps that don’t feel corporate without emotion, just add more artistic flare to the game! Overall good though 👌 especially with friends
It’s a great game, the taunt and ability to turn hunters into animals is really cool and makes for really fun and active gameplay. The thing is, at least for me, I get kicked out of the game anyway for “cheating” when I didn’t do anything. I didn’t have any other apps open to help me aim or shoot better, just options in the settings to enable auto aim and auto fire. It’s really frustrating because they would kick me for no reason and I can’t get back into the game.
This is a super fun game! I love playing with friends and online! It’s hilarious, fun, exciting and challenging! However, I only gave four stars for a few reasons: firstly, there are a lot of hackers when playing online (with strangers)! Also after each round you get coins to open a box, but sometimes they don’t give you any, which doesn’t make sense!😂 Other than that, it’s practically perfect!


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