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May 30, 2023
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How to install Guardian Tales MOD APK v2.69.0 (Unlimited Gems) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Guardian Tales MOD APK v2.69.0 (Unlimited Gems) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Guardian Tales MOD APK v2.69.0 (Unlimited Gems) Game for Android


The game could be very a laugh. Sometimes the tiers get a little harder but universal it is proper. But I got stuck at chapter 14-2 due to the fact everytime I attempt to input that degree the game gets stuck at loading display and I can’t play the stage. Kindly restoration this problem. ( The hassle is probably at stage 14-2 when you consider that I can do everything else of the game)

It’s amusing thus far,however I just started out gambling your game. I’m enjoying the vintage school Nostalgia of the traditional games however with a New twist. Fairly simple,but at instances a piece difficult with a few stuff. Controls are quite correct to handle and I’m loving the track. Problem I’m seeing so far is that the bundles are kinda highly-priced. But will see, once I get some extra sport time. Overall to date, it’s amusing ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ‘.

The best difficulty I even have is when you get to global 10 it receives simply tough to development, as you want to level wreck your heros. I feal that there’s a mild pay wall to development past 10-2 but besides that the tale is great, and some tears could be shed. It gets worse in world 11, it’s viable now to development in 11, however you will waste alot of gemstones, in case you don’t have the proper group.

Easily one of the high-quality video games in the complete App Store if not The best. It’s a great blend of Action RPG mixed with Zelda like puzzles and a ton of various recreation modes and improvements With a few respectable and regularly funny tale telling as nicely with the characters. The stability between the characters on this game is simply remarkable despite the fact that there are some overpowered ones. The only drawback is that it is now not an open world per say but it’s no longer a Game that desires to be and Is probable better for it.

The recreation turned into splendid in numerous methods after I first performed. Variety of characters, parodies in the tale and masses of out of game references. Easy manipulate functions, mini video games and organization events. Recently new tale mode stages have stopped for months at a time. I’d want to keep the story and play new ranges however I sense it may not be till an entire year later ๐Ÿ˜’

Surprisingly, this game is truly pretty fun. The real ranges are pretty small, but the wide variety of side missions that you can free up makes up for it. The best motive I did not give five stars is that they packed a lot into the man or woman constructing that it may be very complicated, in particular due to the fact that they by no means explain the way to do any of it. Overall, it is a fun recreation to kill time but ought to certainly use a bit greater work on being participant pleasant.

F2P pleasant is a real understatement, however it’s going to take an extended even as to get up to speed with veteran gamers. Every unmarried level is particular with various quests, and in fact appears like a a laugh sport rather than a chore. It’s no longer too hard but the undertaking is there. You can acquire uncommon characters meeting them as you play (through facet quests) or through gacha. Grinding could be not unusual and is the only factor that gets uninteresting and stops you after a while. Update: Removed a celeb due to eleven-6.

This sport is one of my favorites. The war device is super and the puzzles in lots of levels are the various quality of any game. The storyline is top notch as well. They additionally launch new heroes each couple weeks, which is right. However, I assume the leveling and arena structures are not the great. I love the references to other games and media scattered at some stage in the sport as properly.

One of the better cell video games I’ve played! ((Edit: Just got here again to the game after 1-2 years, I forgot how a laugh it is!)). Some of the positives consist of: 1-The gameplay continues to be thrilling and amusing with special occasions and side quests to go on. 2-The quantity of gems that you could get every day without spending real cash help to make the game experience greater truthful/balanced. Three-I simply started out to get greater into the group times/dungeons, but were actually taking part in it thus far.

Update: Finally located the closing celebrity piece for 9-2. In terms of tale I’d say this recreation has you hooked. If your fascinated make sure to degree up and restriction break your characters ever risk you get. In phrases of seeking to get everything one hundred%…You could remorse existence for a chunk however it’s the maximum pleasing feeling when you get an 100% chapter whole. Also I advocate doing lots greater aspect quests as they might on occasion unlock someone to help make a degree plenty less complicated. Overall 5 stars for me :).

Fun recreation with simple controls. My kind of sport! The artwork fashion is cute & the story keeps me going. Best element is that exploration gets you rewards and I’m a completionist form of gamer ๐Ÿ˜Š Update: I’m astounded at how free to play friendly this sport is! Been gambling for a month (on international 11) and have not had to spend a penny (which in flip makes me wanna spend money voluntarily to support this incredible crew)!

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