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Sep 15, 2023
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Android 8.0 and up

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How to install Grammarly Keyboard MOD APK v2.40.38316 (Premium Unlocked) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Grammarly Keyboard MOD APK v2.40.38316 (Premium Unlocked) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Grammarly Keyboard MOD APK v2.40.38316 (Premium Unlocked) App for Android


The app is much better for Android than iOS, but it’s still leagues away from built-in keyboards. Grammarly makes weird word choices when it should just let the built-in keyboard do its thing. For example, during this review I started using the Grammarly keyboard – every word was capitalized. And it used the UK spelling of capitalization when I swiped for the US spelling. It’s just not ready for prime time yet. I think it should follow the integrated keyboard and then suggest changes.
I like this app. I have been using this app for the last time since 2019 and have had no major complaints. My mind moves faster than my fat fingers, so I tend to make typos without knowing it until Grammarly shows a green line under my mistakes. It has saved me a lot of embarrassment over the years. There’s nothing that makes you look stupid in a text message debate with strangers than trying to win with misspelled words. The free option is great, but the premium one is 5 stars
Awesome app. It gives the writer the flexibility that can make all the difference. One note: Please add an ignore option for suggestions about issues that aren’t bad in themselves. For example / when Grammarly suggests, “with regard to” might be too wordy, consider “about” or “pertaining to”, I should be able to reject the suggestion and when I do, it shouldn’t appear again.
It’s useful as it should be for grammatical errors and when punctuation is needed, but add more keyboard options. I was downloading it hoping to be able to use one of my photos for the keyboard, but I can’t. Great app, you should definitely use it if you want less typos, maybe more keyboard options. I love the personal dictionary. Other keyboard apps don’t have such things. I love it.
This app is very helpful with suggestions. I thought I had to get my grammar right, but I realized that I often miss commas or need to restructure my sentences. Using this app helps me feel more confident in my communication. It comes pre-installed with my Samsung S22. I warmly recommend. Highly valued.
I love the app, and while I can ignore it, I’d rather not need it, the app keeps correcting my present tense to past tense (I am to I was, It is to it was, he can to he could to tie it, love it to love it) and capitalization in the middle of sentences when it shouldn’t be (Her, They, It’s, My, While) which makes it a little hard to tell if it’s on my part real bug or not.
Great app, works really well on my device apart from the occasional glitch but that might just be my device, great for writing long paragraphs without worrying about typos and also gives me suggestions on what to change which is so helpful when I’m trying to sound smart and not like an idiot who can’t write.
I’ve been using Grammarly for ages to check grammar and spelling because I’ve always struggled with English. I don’t bother with the keyboard that much, but I haven’t used it enough for it to learn my style, so I use the #1 keyboard for typing and then switch to grammar for proofreading. 👍 😊 Except it won’t work for this review! 🤔
It’s really useful and great, especially when you’re writing faster and have little time to check your work. This application would help you to select incorrect sentences and also provide correct information about your ideas.
It was amazing. This app is awesome and never skips a beat. Its features are out of this world. It’s a perfect match for me. I write the words and it sings the melody of perfection. Thanks!
Grammarly helped me improve my grammar and punctuation. Every week I send hundreds of emails to executives at my company. I’ve been told in the past that my emails can come off as angry or overly assertive, even if that wasn’t the intention. Now Grammarly tells me how an email reads before I send it. Since I don’t like to rely on programs, I take the time to read suggestions before I use them to improve my writing and need correction
I love how easy and fluid this app is to use, it lets you use extensions so you can go ahead and make it your main keyboard and your keyboard will make sure your grammar and spelling are correct and if not suggestions that you can go ahead and click directly at your convenience if you want.


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