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Feb 15, 2024
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Android 10 and up

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How to install Google Chrome APK v121.0.6167.178 (Final) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Google Chrome APK v121.0.6167.178 (Final) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Google Chrome APK v121.0.6167.178 (Final) App for Android


Personally, I’ll say that the Chrome browser is amazing, its interface, the site settings along with a host of other features make it a fantastic browser for everyone. I’m happy with the overall flow of the app however I do prefer how tabs were presented in the previous version (i.e when you view tabs, you can get a small preview of every tab) However, with the latest update, it replaced with a list that isn’t as appealing as the old layout. I’d like Chrome to restore the tabs layout of old.

It’s user-friendly, but extremely annoying. I’m happy with the security, However, with Chrome, it makes me feel like I’m targeted. It’s like using an open bathroom with the door wide open. There are a lot of options that can be extremely beneficial, but it could be improved one or two levels. Give me some breathing room and, if I require assistance with some thing, maybe less pages, a small videos is much better and time-saving. Also, seeing advertisements on the game I’m playing? Wow! Creepy! Untangle the collar.

The best of the top, regardless of the platform or device you’re using it with It’s always reliable and user-friendly. If you’re experiencing problems in using it, that’s likely due to the fact that you’re not aware of how to keep it up-to-date and maintain it properly. Make sure you clean your browsing history as well as cookies, caches sites settings, temp files, etc. In addition, keeping the number of tabs at the minimum to ensure maximum performance, you can ensure that your app running smoothly and sure that your information is in safe in the hands of a trusted professional!

It’s an excellent and reliable browser, however the only issue I have with it is when I’m downloading an image or other similar to that, it will sometimes stop the download. Another issue that comes with downloading feature is that it’s impossible to return to the refence website of the source in case the download stops or fails. Do you have a solution to this issue ? Otherwise, it’s an amazing and fast browser app

I’ve always used Google Chrome as my default browser. I loved tabs that had previews of the pages..but the browser has been eliminated that preview view and replaced it with a list of pages..with none of the previews for the page. It’s awful to continue scrolling through the list..not finding the tabs open… I am in love with it

Safe search and verification of age is an overkill. I’m not able verify my age until now, but if they require photos of IDs like drivers licenses passport, passport, etc. This is a good option for disabled individuals who aren’t capable of driving, or for those who are unable to afford a passports to travel. This should be clarified before you install the app. If I’m not right or wrong, I’d like to know. Thanks.

Chrome seemed to be heading towards the right direction until the latest update. The tab groups have been removed and this is among the features I believe was a big help in making to make it make a statement. In addition, some security options like being able to erase cookies and so on. when you quit the computer have been eliminated. I’d like features to be removed as user-optional features going away. This is my problem with Google as they have excellent products but they continue to kill off or hampered every feature I use.

After I had updated my website a day ago, each web page displayed different. Anywhere I was. Sometimes, the pages wouldn’t load at all. After I went to my phone’s settings and uninstalled all updates, it was then that everything began to load properly. Even dark mode came back! I’m not sure what went wrong in the last update. However, it’s now returning as a solid web browser.

Chrome browser is an extremely popular and reliable browser that is extensively supported across all platforms. It is fast and is a trusted choice. It could however benefit by the address bar on the bottom, which would make it easier to access on bigger screens in addition, it’d be fantastic to have Chrome had mobile-friendly extensions.

The update on today (4/10/23) has altered the feature which I find irritating. I usually use multiple bookmarks simultaneously. If you click “Back” within a bookmarked tab, it will go as far as you could go, it finally closes the page (which me prefers) and switch to the next bookmarked tab. Once you’ve reached the final page of a tab, and you gesture to control “Back,” it just closes the entire browser. Why not an “Select All” button option to open all bookmarks of an entire folder? It’s a simple to add.

It was necessary to lower the ratings and lower rating . It could be that I’m putting responsibility in the incorrect place.After reading 11 reviews, I am able to add one.In my face, the Google keyboard. Changed size from a comfortable size to attempting to utilize magnifying glass.I believe it was not changed with my assistance, so you can restore the size back to my normal Gboard with no help.I do not understand the reviews due to the different interpretations such as ‘close’. I’m sure of the meaning now(trial and trial and error) .Thank for your help.

A simple web browser.. Nothing unique or useful using tools or other tools.. No special options to assist users with their experience.. It would be more pleasant to have settings that allow you to create very secure connections to block any third party interactions or block the bottom screen buttons that take you back to the home screen other things like that.. The only good thing this app provides is safe and secure connection to sites, and it will detect what isn’t secure prior to downloading.

Another scenario is similar to my YouTube review. We love to debate about chrome and google However, I would like to remind everyone of the times before the advent of Google Search and Chrome, we had limited search capabilities, and i don’t mean to offend microsoft ….as they’ve been taught through Google’s example, Microsoft Explorer that for a lengthy time was the only alternative, and in comparison, had not a COMPARISON.Explorer was private, and chrome infinitely adaptable and was also offered in a basic source code style that was available to all to utilize

Google Chrome is a reliable browser. If the phones were not so sour (don’t ever buy one in the event that you can) I’d have no complaints about Google. I’ve tried a variety of browsers, and I always return to Chrome. It’s the most user-friendly and gives the most accurate results.

The best choice for user-friendliness however, it could earn the second rating if they had a setting that would force left-to-right scrolling to work everywhere …. ( There are several websites that will not scroll in a sideways direction and require you to switch the device into landscape mode in order to view the right-hand side ) P.S. For the review developers The third “Tell Us More” question does not have a way to answer the question… ( there are no buttons )

A little better now, I’m thankful for your help. I’m still having problems with Gmail not syncing/stucking into Outbox. In Drive there’s dbl, triple and quadruple of everything. some files show as corrupt, you can search for an app in the play store and it will show Google photos, or there is no details(?) Only accessible on a PC.. (encrypted?) Facebook cannot play the saved video (that I’m unable to substitute) .. Samsung Gallery is fixed.. My SD card is either saying that it was not stored correctly or indicates there’s no space.. I’m just looking for a new phone

I was shocked to read the majority of negative reviews, as I’ve been using Chrome and it’s my most preferred browser. It appears that the reviews that aren’t favorable could be caused by the inability of managing the settings of Chrome or poor quality of the device. I’m not complaining about this and truly enjoy this incognito feature. Best of luck to everyone else and keep up the great work Google.

A simple to use, the browser has extensions pages that you can add to the homepage of chrome that will open after you click on the Chrome home page after opening. Includes maths and typing, as well as all the other things an individual could find interesting. I’ve been using this for many times. It’s simple and practical


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