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Gangstar Vegas is a role-playing game to become the leader of a gang in Las Vegas, while playing along gangsters and mafia cartels, in a free open game world with gang wars.
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Jun 10, 2022
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How to install Gangstar Vegas MOD APK v5.7.0m (VIP/Unlimited Money) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Gangstar Vegas MOD APK v5.7.0m (VIP/Unlimited Money) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Gangstar Vegas MOD APK v5.7.0m (VIP/Unlimited Money) Game for Android

It’s an amazing game. I’m able to do everything with this one. The graphics have been a joy to me. It’s very enjoyable to play. It’s got the finest car aircraft, boat or and motorcycle collection. The game is an incredible collection of booms and guns. The map is however small. Gameloft will expand the map by when the update comes out. However, I don’t things like the landmarks.

I’ve played a lot of offline games. However, most games are similar to sniper game. This is among the top offline game. Casinos are a great place to play and win cash. The goals of this game is amazing. The only issue is that the graphics are poor and the game is costly. It’s also way too big. However, this game is fantastic. Thank you

This game is awesome, however it is plagued by bugs that make it a bit difficult to play. A few of them are: 1. Game is closed when you click on the Gameloft Logo (Workaround involves forcing to shut down the game and clear cache. click the task icon on Gameloft logo, then click Gangstar 4). 2. The Player icon is removed from the minimap when you interact with things like the Map, Pause menu Shop, anything at casinos, or any other menu related items. It would be much appreciated.

It’s a great game, however it could use some work.. The controls are good, but not great.. Like getting into and out of vehicles.. To allow you to alter the size of buttons and their spacing would be helpful. Sometimes, the controls are glitchy, which can be irritating when you’re trying to accomplish something in a hurry.. The advertisements aren’t too bad, but it’s a bit ridiculous when you’re playing and you get to the main menu, and each button presses will result in an advertisement.. But overall, it’s a great game..

Overall, a good game overall. The first negative: Vehicle races appear to be rigged; pass the bot racers at 80mph and then the next second I’m damaged by them. The ads are also aplenty. This isn’t a big problem. I believe in the creators being compensated and if I spend money, it would stop ads for a short time. Haven’t had enough time to do an in-depth review. I might edit this in the future. Positives it’s fun to play. Open world, do what I want type of game. Helps you blow off steam. The missions are brief and entertaining too.

The problem is that the size of updates is always huge. It could also be more effective when you include animations, such as Gangstar: New Orleans. Also, we are missing the classic Skilled background music, or you could include any other good music to it. The colors of the game are dark, therefore please make Vegas brighter and more vivid. Everything else, however, is always flawless and amazing. Have a great day!

Las Vegas needs some more vibrant lights with a multiplayer mode, physics and. If possible could you alter the landing gear, and add an option to switch on and attach landing gear? Also, please release it for PC with the latest graphics technology and more (just as Gangstar New York or GTA V). Everything else is fine. Thanks.

I am awestruck by this game due to the sheer amount of information is contained in this game It’s amazing how easy it is to do this. However, I do have game ideas to receive downloads. It was my thought to think about the possibility of cars that are randomly generated to be locked, which will take some extra time to access the game. You could also add that every time the car is locked, the player can break it or open it. Thank you for taking the time to go through this.

The game is fantastic. The graphics are excellent for a mobile, open world game. I would recommend it! The story is interesting and the map size is decent for a game on mobile. I can’t think of any superior (Mobile) GTA type open world game! I’m not a fan of the guns and other equipment required for VIP. I believe buying items with money is your only option to be VIP. But, I suppose they have to earn some money in order to earn it. 🙂

I really enjoyed this game due to its design and its contemporary style. I was totally hooked to it. It’s just that I’m disappointed that it only has a few missions. After taking out Frank and chasing the aliens out and ending the race against the devil there’s no more mission.

This is the best game I’ve played on my mobile. Thank you for providing us with an amazing game. I would like to ask you to add more missions to the story and to try adding an auto speed meter to the screen. Also, give us the chance to see more additions during selling vehicles at the chopshop. Another thing I’d like to own a House within Gangstar Vegas, please add the option of purchasing a houses in the area. We love you from Bangladesh!

The game is great however I have a few ideas to make it superior (1) at night , I can see everything in the dark , so you can make the light bigger Ang. I’d like something like that when I push a button to turn on the. light of my car or motorcycle. Also, can you make new locations and what you include in the game the ability to talk to people and have realistic open doors. You could also include doors to other buildings.that is my suggestion, and you’ll be grateful to me in the future.

In reality, I have five stars, but I gave a rating of 4 stars because you removed the old FM radio songs from ” Dub Factory 92.2 ” and added new ones that are do not look very appealing. Therefore, everyone is writes the identical review.We the players want you to play the old FM songs instead of new . We aren’t enjoying those new songs, which are boring. One additional issue is that the entire game is in darkness the same time, you just have to increase the color ratio or make it lighter.

This game is really good and enjoyable, however i’d like the developers to include these features in the upcoming update 1.plaese include a home because it’s very unappealing that we have super cars , but no house 2.please include more suv’s that have speed as the game only has two vehicles in the game. 3.please include a garage on the map where we could modify our cars . 4.plaese include more camera views when we drive the cars. Here are my suggestions from my perspective. would like to see developers include this feature in future updates. 

What's new

Mind-Control Van: Unlock this insidious set of wheels to manipulate the unsuspecting populace! You can purchase one in-game, or unlock it through in-game activities.
New Battle Pass: This devilishly themed pass lets you claim the slick new Baphomet outfit, Hell’s Chariot vehicle, and much more, including the Mind-Control Van!
Added Mission for Devil’s Portal: Delve inside for the final chapter in the Devil’s domain.



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