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Aug 26, 2023
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Android 7.0 and up

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How to install Gangs Town Story MOD APK v0.26 (Money) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Gangs Town Story MOD APK v0.26 (Money) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Gangs Town Story MOD APK v0.26 (Money) Game for Android


Hi developers, honestly i enjoyed playing this game because it’s kind of like GTA San Andreas but the game lacks a lot of story based gangs (I think you are working on it) and also it doesn’t have air and water vehicle which is a bit sad and i think the invisible barrier says coming soon (I’m excited about it) and finally also change the running and jumping simulation of the character because a bit weird and pls add swimming in the game overall I like the game so I rate 4
Add more weapons like more AR’s smgs LMGS RPGS and pistols as well as more melee weapons. Also health packs will heal all your health fully not just a little bit and add bulletproof vests also add voices to npc. Another change is that instead of 4 wanted badges there should be 5 wanted level badges and each wanted level has something different in wanted level 1 there are cops with batons. Wanted level 2 there come cops with guns. At the required level
the game is good but there are some unlocked locations and some districts don’t unlock please fix the game is good so i give it five stars
Good graphics and can you improve the car handling? It is very stiff and cannot turn to the right. And it would be amazing if the map was huge. And you can do it for free, when you die, you don’t have to watch an ad to continue. Update: Great map! I haven’t played your game recently and I found that your house design is like GTA V! It’s amazing how you did it and the graphics look fresh for a mobile game. And can you make the character swim? 👍
Please update camera view inside outside while driving, update real graphics like real life,Landcroser luxury cars,Civic Car,add Gerag as parking,mission,day,night,add real graphics like ,raining,sunday,snowfall days update like Maidout2 , Race max pro, update like PC Games GTA 4,5,6 like
the game is pretty fun but there is a bug that when you walk and then try to switch weapons or pause the game, when you resume walking control your characters get stuck and you just run in the direction of the camera overall i enjoyed it i was waiting for the next update and hoped that this glitch would be fixed
After a lot of hard work and a long time, I found this game which is amazing, fantastic and the best game anywhere with low mb (than New Orleans). I should recommend some point 1. You should enlarge the map and add some hilly areas and the option to buy a new home in that area. 2. You should add more missions like bank robbery and more and the option to loot shops. More cars some type of suv. 3. You should remove your gang wars game theme and redefine and change it to theme like gta 5
Pretty good gameplay and story so far. My only fault with the game is the automatic dialog skipping. It goes very fast for me. I wish you could switch between manual and auto shift or at least voice control.
Seriously, 2021 and no driver support? Come on, tap controls for a game like this, with your fingers in the way of the screen. I really don’t understand how people enjoy playing like this. I would love to review the game, but honestly I didn’t get past the opening. why play it when i can play gta 3 and S.a with control support.
The game is super realistic!! Mission but the problem is high graphics ultra graphics lagging please fix high graphics and ultra graphics lagging and i am not in water please fix these bugs in next update and don’t add bugs in next update.
This game is really fantastic, but the reason I gave four stars is because they don’t really have motorbikes that you can’t swim on. you should put vehicles that drive on water. And also helicopter and tanks, it’s hard to buy tanks so you can at least build a military base where we can steal tanks and helicopters. Overall the game is great👌👍 it just needs a few tweaks to convince me to give it five stars

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