Frostborn MOD APK (Unlocked/Free Craft)


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Aug 10, 2023
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Android 5.0 and up

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How to install Frostborn MOD APK v1.27.65.59149 (Unlocked/Free Craft) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Frostborn MOD APK v1.27.65.59149 (Unlocked/Free Craft) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Frostborn MOD APK v1.27.65.59149 (Unlocked/Free Craft) Game for Android


Overall not bad. It has its flaws, they all do. This one has glitches that cost me good gear. when I asked if they could fix it and return the equipment to me, I heard nothing back. I checked all these things, had a good connection and plenty of space. My character wasn’t moving and I wasn’t under a spell or anything. I did this 2 times in a row with a character I fought before. But everything is good. It happened, and that’s it.
I would give it 5 stars but they have no trading system and it’s really weird if players want to trade they have to put it in a chest in the green zone it’s just a bad system. It would be nice if the actuacks could meet people to trade with, because once you get the items they will base you in different green zones.
The game is AWESOME, it’s like a combination of dark souls and LDOE! The only problem is that I can’t get my loot back when I die in the portal prison it should be there like a statue that when you open the loot you had before you died is there I hope KEFIR sees it 10/ 10 game btw. (EDIT) How long does it take for the servers to work after a server restart?
Great game and great support from the company. I lost my figure* and they helped me get it back within 3 days of losing it. They helped me to get back my character that I lost (I was connected with google play before) They were very helpful
Great game! I still enjoy it after 2 years! It doesn’t pay to win, but to do a lot less work. If you want to be high overnight, be prepared to pay. Or just enjoy the game and slowly become the same level as the paying players. I ended up paying maybe $20 for 2 years and hours of fun. It’s worth it!
Get rid of pop-up purchases when completing an event. He made the crypt dungeon with a spear and the starting outfit painstakingly stealth killed all the enemies. I get to the final boss and bait him for 10 minutes to kill him between animations and finally kill him with 20 HP left because he was creating a rolling fireball. Once I kill it, I ONLY get the popup purchase ONCE. I couldn’t move out of the way and the fireball killed me as I lost everything and wasted 30 minutes. It ruined my pleasure.
I love frostborn, 10/10 Except it’s very p2w. Listen people, I still see ads for last day on earth, which is still barely a game compared to Frostborn. Why not shove the ads into the LDOE’s frosty place? Frostborn is actually great and in my opinion a lot better as a complete game, it just needs a bigger player base…. Which could be achieved with ads, but the ad money is more of a waste for a game that had its time, made its money and they were never taken anywhere.
Amazing game. I played grim soul and last day on earth and it combined both. Even though it has some lag issues, personally it’s a very epic game. Looking forward to more new and awesome updates, keep improving.
This game is one of the best survival games when it comes to pvp and pve, the only problem is the unfair advantages of the p2w player, the solution is Mybe Releasing and Location which is similar to Oden (for shards / mounts / Pet Rewards ) Which gives F2p players and new players have the opportunity to catch up with p2w players (long-term progress)
The game is good. Getting started takes time. It would be much better if a brief description of inventory items and skills available for upgraded classes was provided. It would also be appreciated if it was allowed to delete a character and create a new one.
It’s a fun game but I would appreciate it if the hunger and water bars dropped faster + please add more traps, for example you could catch a monster and put it in a cage and if someone raids your base the monster will be released. I love the multiplayer feature but for some reason there are no clans for me


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