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May 7, 2023
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Android 6.0 and up

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How to install Frolomuse MP3 Player APK v7.2.10-R (Premium) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Frolomuse MP3 Player APK v7.2.10-R (Premium) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Frolomuse MP3 Player APK v7.2.10-R (Premium) App for Android


I am a huge fan of this music player. It has great ergonomics It feels and looks exactly like I want it to, however there’s a huge issue when using wireless headphones. Pause doesn’t work correctly and after you remove the headphones, they attempt not to suppress the sound. Frolomouse responds to stop the music, but it automatically begins again? What happens is you take off your headphones, and music suddenly begins to play over your stereo. This is a nightmare and you must be aware of this every time you leave.

I’ve used this music player for quite a time, but there’s a problem, and it’s the only problem I’ve seen. When I add songs to a playlist, it doesn’t include them in playlists I’ve been using for a long period of time. The song won’t be added to my playlist. Whatever I do.

After a lot of research after many searches, this is among the top players. It’s completely free, with a lot of features, and without advertisements. Particularly, I love that you can move songs left and right across the screen. Edit: Remove 1 star. You can’t add an album to a playlist. You need to choose songs one by one.

I changed the title of a song, but it did not change in the all music section. This song was located in the storage folder, so I went to the storage folder within the music application and noticed that the name of the song had changed but it was not listed within the “All Music” tab.

The folder isn’t in alphabetical order. It was previously an option to modify the Album Art before the newer version however, that option isn’t available. I believe it will become available in the upcoming update. It’s a beautiful interface and an enjoyable experience listening to music.

The most gorgeous music apps we have seen so far. It offers everything: a simple design, however, it has a lot of options like the ability to EQ, resume playback when you have a headphones, and recent additions of songs. Congratulations for the simple options, you can’t improve it.

Loved the UI. It is possible to edit the information about the song, however it is not possible to edit, please correct it. The widget option could be more effective, I we hope that you develop a widget that includes Image in the next update.

One of the most effective, but a problem I’m having is that when I pause and disconnect Bluetooth headphones, the music plays every 10 seconds. It does this immediately.

The best music app for free I’ve used. Previous ones were too heavy in ads and crashed often This one is flawless to date!

I’ve used a variety of music apps, but I was pleasantly surprised by this one. It’s unique and enjoyable. I hope we’ll get updates to this app to improve our music experience, such as a new features or making it excellent or the best

I am a huge fan of this application due to its simplicity and aesthetic design. My suggestion is that there are a variety of kinds of sounds on my playlist, including recording for voice, could you create an option in the menu settings to allow us to sort it out by kind of file? This would aid me tremendously to not hearing those voice recorders on the list. Many thanks!

The best music application that is free of advertisements, especially when using an Honor phone. Honor 70 specifically doesn’t have an exclusive music app, but frolomusic is very user-friendly and comes with a lot of options to browse and enjoy your music collection.

Excellent app. However, the Android auto prompts me to look for alternative apps. It was impossible to add songs to the Playlist on Android 10, which was a major disappointment. The developer said there that there was no fix for this issue at the moment.

I would really like playing this music player, if only the album’s standard artwork were similar to it is on the “View album cover” and display the same color as the album artwork. Overall, a great music player!

The Music Player is great, the design and overall design of the app are stunning! The only thing I would have liked to see was if they could transfer songs between multiple playlists at once instead of having separate times.

The app has been functioning quite great since downloading it. It is able to pick all the music I am able to play on my mobile, unlike other apps which have a certain of limit or fail to recognize the song’s names when I try to find them. It’s really great. I would like to see them upgrade it to allow the user to search for upper or lower case versions of words when looking for music.

It is in need of some tweaks in the UI. It is apparent that the Equalizer controls are difficult to utilize. The target area should be each slider larger, and include a few additional sliders to give it a more precise. In addition, there is a need to change the “current song queue” pane should use a downward Arrow as opposed to an x to make it collapse and center the icon. Consider altering the title of the pane to something more simple. Other options could make it more comparable to rival software. Inteface looks fantastic overall and its performance is outstanding.

Simple and minimal with everything you require in an app for music players. It’s simply amazing. I’ve deleted all my other music players after installing it.

Simple Music App. The app is light weight and suitable for phones that are low-end. I’m going to socially thank The floromuse Team for such a great app.

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