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Sep 14, 2023
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Android 5.0 and up

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How to install Flight Sim 2018 MOD APK v3.2.3 (Unlocked Money) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Flight Sim 2018 MOD APK v3.2.3 (Unlocked Money) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Flight Sim 2018 MOD APK v3.2.3 (Unlocked Money) Game for Android


The controls are very childish. I want more control buttons like autopilot and engine on/off. Add a playback mode with forward, pause and rewind options after completing each flight. 😭😭 Airports are very small for landing. Add one AN-124 RUSLAN aircraft. And there is a bug in the chassis that cannot be fully retracted. One more thing is that when we look up there is a glitch in the view of the inner cockpit and there were open spaces in the cockpit from the side. Please accept my kind request and update. Thanks. 🙏🙏
Fun and enjoyable. One of the main problems is that the banner ads cover the number of your money at the top of the screen. Another flaw is that the jets still sound like propeller planes and have no sound of their own. Also a few typos here and there and experienced a big one that detected me as successfully as landing despite the fact that I wasn’t on the runway but overall a good game
A few glitches or bugs like the landing gear not retracting or not being solid at all when I landed came along the way 😂 but that rarely happens. I don’t understand why people complain about so many ads, they only pop up after the flight is complete. Power up the lights on the wings though. They really don’t light the area well. Also, not all texts can be changed like tail and body.
A nice game with a lot of potential, possibly the best flight simulator on mobile. However, I believe it lacks the details to make it more interesting. I like the seat belt button and the undercarriages but seeing a bus going through a plane 😂 at the airport is bad. It would also be nice to link up with the tower and have the plane refueled at the airport.
A very fun and realistic game. Smooth controls and amazing graphics. I would have rated it 5 stars if it wasn’t for the fact that after a recent update the game gets stuck on the splash screen (more like the welcome screen) and that’s it. I couldn’t play right after the update. I don’t know if this is a bug or if you are working on it, but I would like to point it out. Once solved, you will have a solid 5 stars and a positive review
Just kidding! So realistic! But I think it will be more fantastic with visible passengers moving in and out of the plane. The runways should again be more realistic and longer. Finally, make the propeller engines sound accordingly. Please make all this happen. It’s time to show all the buttons like engine start, flap spoilers and so on. We are surprised that you haven’t updated or upgraded to these features like starter motor switches, light switch, trucks and more until now.
I have to say I love the game! but I would also like some features like lighting the planes at night and for Boeing 747 cockpits and others with less detail to look at it more, other cockpits are already perfect, I would also like you to like the features so you can FULLY customize the plane completely as you can use different plane styles, not just boring old lines on the plane, also the ability to color the text, make it bigger and place it where you want.
The game has ads at the top and bottom of the screen. Sometimes you can’t see how much money you have and how much XP you have. Controls are easy, could use more things like flaps/slats and better pitch/speed adjustments. Graphics are ok. It would be great to add DC-10/KC-10 here. You’ll always see a C-17 or C-130, but never the biggest plane, the KC-10. Oh, and the landing gear on some planes didn’t visually retract completely. The game needs work, but it’s still fun and time consuming.
This game is really fun. I would have liked it better if it told me what I see as the green thing that sometimes flies by and makes scary music. and if there was a sense of multiplayer. it would be AWESOME if there was an optional multiplayer open world you could play in (mostly because I want to fly into people). Thanks for the game!
I like this. But I have a problem with the transfers. Sometimes it doesn’t work properly, so can you fix it? And also you can make it more realistic, it will be perfect if you make the cockpit more realistic and in airports they are all the same so try to differentiate them. Thank you for making this app. By the way, I’m really excited about the multiplayer
So this game is pretty cool and not from what I’ve played so far the other planes aren’t as outrageous to get as some of the other gaming games out there. Kind of repetitive in primarily just taking off and landing is all you can do in between straight line flight. but that being said there is a multiplayer option that you can do with up to 6 planes trying to beat each other to the airport and not crash. I would definitely recommend if you like sims if you’re pretty much an airplane pilot
Excellent Best flight game. Incorporated loss of real world stimuli. I just want to ask the developers to add more planes and destinations. A few more realistic in flight controls and take-off and landing scenarios, as well as for a longer and slightly more realistic landing distance. Sorry to be greedy, but I have expectations just because it’s great. 5 stars reserved for further changes.
the game is really interesting! graphics, nice! so realistic! but you should make it more interesting by letting passengers in and out of the plane. then the door opens and closes. Updates and big cities and longer airstrips. Great! You did well to enlarge the cities. What about visible passengers entering and exiting the plane? And longer runways. Then run the engine buttons. Flaps and so on. You’re the best! Propeller engines do not have a realistic sound.
I am very satisfied with this app. I have had other flight sim games and none as detailed and realistic. I have flown many different types of aircraft and I can say that this game is like the real thing. Cockpits are accurate in detail. The gauges are spot on. And the maneuverability of the aircraft is exceptional. I have downloaded every game this developer has released such as truck sim and ship sim and I am always very happy with what they release. Good work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Very informative, I like it. but the chassis are crazy sometimes and it doesn’t work even if the chassis button is clicked and the chassis is off, I hope you could fix this problem. And I want to suggest something for the game, even though I I’m not in a position to ask, but I wish you could make the locations and maps more accurate to the real world here. For example, if I go to Manila, it must look like Manila, and if I go to the US, it must look like the US. You!
This is a very nice game. But here’s something I need in the new update, first I need to get the uncontrollable interior with all the buttons to work with. Second, I need a free mode where you can freely travel the world. Third, free walking, friend requests, free walking on the plane, please do it all in n


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