Flight Pilot Simulator 3D MOD APK (Money/Coin)


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Apr 10, 2023
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Android 5.1 and up

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How to install Flight Pilot Simulator 3D MOD APK v2.10.19 (Money/Coin) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Flight Pilot Simulator 3D MOD APK v2.10.19 (Money/Coin) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Flight Pilot Simulator 3D MOD APK v2.10.19 (Money/Coin) Game for Android


The folks who created this might not understand the workings of planes, but not all planes are janky or insurmountable, however you will have to pay a lot of game cash for things that aren’t too important, which means that eventually you’ll need to spend real money too as planes become stuck on the ground when landing in free-flight mode. This can be irritating, however you could enjoy the game

The game has always been extremely enjoyable to play. It is still enjoyable, but after I’ve completed all levels, I decided to put it away. It’s a lot of fun however my only suggestion is to include more levelsbecause over time it can become very dull. Apart from that excellent game that has solid graphics, simple controls and clear goals. Good job!

There’s a glitch in the game that prevents me from being able to fly when I am picking up passengers at the airport while using “free flight” mode. It’s extremely frustrating as it takes away the enjoyment from the game.

It’s one of the best free flight simulator that I’ve played, but it does have several flaws. After a while it will display an empty background and end immediately. In the future, it should have bigger and wider airports. The airport should also have the cockpit view. It should show that the passengers taking off or departing from an aircraft. The pilot should be visible so that he could descend from the plane, and then move through the airport and city on his feet. I am looking forward to your next improvement.

This is the best plane game, however it has two bugs 1. If we axerlate the plane, it continues to circle around the airport 2. If we land on an airport, the plane will exarlate and won’t be able to move.

It’s fun and engaging enough, and even able to play offline this is a major positive. But, the absence of online gaming, the low amount of special achievements and the unfinished levels that need that will be updated on an unknown date (going for more than 3 years?) is enough to bring a potential 5-star game to a slender 3… however, it’s because I love flying around in the game every now and then. A bit shaky however, it

Although I am enjoying the majority of the game but I am not a fan of it difficult to navigate the “mission area” difficult when flying larger aircrafts for passengers. Smaller aircraft are more agile and thus turning more simple. The larger ones don’t turn as much and are more realistic and requires more space to comfortably turn. What’s the point of these coins? They are not used purchase in games.

Okay flight simulator, it’s not the best, but certainly not terrible. The physics can be a little odd, but they’re fine. The graphics are decent. However, it’s abandoned by its creators. I first played the game in the year 2015 and not any of the features have changed. The same airports, the same planes. the graphics have been updated a bit but not much. If the authors are following this, please and add more items.

I thoroughly enjoy having fun playing the game! The graphics are great, and the gameplay is amazing! However, there are two frustrating problems! : 1. Sometimes, the app isn’t working as it (kicks my out) when I try to open it (but not during a game). 2. When I take off from the no-cost passenger “Arbus” airplane. My plane bounces from side side until the wing lands on the ground before exploding. This isn’t the way it does it! This is my phone’s model: Samsung Galaxy A30 (Android). If you can fix these bugs and fix them, I’ll be happy to include a star in my rating.

The overall experience is enjoyable for those who just like to explore and discover some interesting things. However , it could be slightly shaky in the crashes. It could be improved so that there is actually some damage to terrain, in addition, a portion of the plane actually breaking apart into pieces instead of only flaps. I believe there should be an option to turn off the lights, to shut off your engine when you’re standing on the ground, as well as perhaps a sandbox mode in which you can control the weather (rain and snow, wind and snow, and so on. ).

It’s a fantastic game with intricate aircrafts, but I would like to see more realistic crashes and fuel time and you must take off to replenish your fuel. Additionally, it gives discount on flights if you don’t have enough game money, and once you have plenty of money, it ceases offering discounts. In addition, it is a fantastic game. I’d highly recommend it to all.

I’ve played the game for a couple of hours currently and it’s one of the most enjoyable mobile flight simulators I’ve ever played. It has a wide range of aircraft ranging from airliners to bush planes, and even fighter jets. There was also a huge range of missions as well as the option of free flight (which is an option you could choose to take). Three complaints: Premium planes are extremely expensive (up to 70 dollars) The controls at banks aren’t the best and in an the agile plane it’s difficult to control the plane, and you’re unable to alter controls’ the sensitivity.

The app is excellent across all areas .That’s the reason I gave it five stars for each category. It’s easy to operate and the simulation is great for a version that is free. I’ve purchased a few which I have to stop using because they are extremely slow in their controls and bad all-around. I would like to see this upgraded to a more advanced version that has more features, and, of course, I’ll be willing to purchase the latest version. Thank you for providing a well balanced android app, as I it isn’t affordable for me to purchase apple products.


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