Flat Equalizer MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)


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Sep 15, 2023
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Android 5.0 and up

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How to install Flat Equalizer MOD APK v4.8.8 (Premium Unlocked) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Flat Equalizer MOD APK v4.8.8 (Premium Unlocked) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Flat Equalizer MOD APK v4.8.8 (Premium Unlocked) App for Android


I have not experienced any negative results when using the app for basic audio applications. I’ve only used it when bluetooting my music through the FM transmitter in my car, but the sensitivity for each frequency seems really spot on. There are no blindingly bright flashy visuals in the background which is awesome, one thing they could do is add a troubleshooting guide that teaches users how to properly turn on the EQ to fit whatever song they’re playing.
I’ve found it really hard to find an EQ that actually works, and this works perfectly, with or without headphones. I like the interface, very clean! I just couldn’t get the “reverb” option to work, but I don’t use it that way wtv. I think this would be a nice option where I could “normalize” the EQ, so I can adjust the profile and with this “normalize button” none of the bands go above the midline Really good job overall!
It’s really nice, especially for what’s available in the store, but I think 2 things should be added. First, a type of warning when the frequency is boosted above a certain level, more specifically the bass frequencies. Second, I would like another band in the 18k to 20k range. Other than that, the app was great and I pretty much use it every day. It’s also really nice that the ability to plug it into the global mix has been added. It makes things much easier.
Game changer for samsung. I’ve always hated how you can only have one custom EQ setting on Android and the lowest you can tune is 64hZ. With this app I can make various custom eq settings, save the settings and then have it automatically applied to the set devices. For someone who listens to music on their car stereo, headphones, earphones and bluetooth speaker, it’s so nice to be able to tap one button and have all my settings pulled up.
EXACTLY what I was looking for! Very user-friendly, with a simple format that allows you to customize the features you want without a bunch of useless/unnecessary features to complicate use. Literally only one ad when you first open the app (and you can skip it immediately) 👌🏾😎Definitely recommend!💯👍🏾
My new One Plus Nord 3 had Doly Atmos by default but only allowed limited sound profiles. The sound was too treble heavy for me and lacked bass. This was the best app I found on the play store that solved my problem. I tuned the sound to my taste. Bass is there now. It also automatically connects to almost all audio apps on your phone. Purchased ad-free version. It’s worth it.
Works very well with S21U5G and S22U5G. I have been using it for 2 years now and it has never let me down. I warn ⚠️ to be careful not to burn out your standard car speakers as the bass boost is not weak. YouTube and music, movie apps or just the standard operation of your mobile device, it works. I found the ability to save your favorite sound profiles for specific applications to be perfect. In addition, it has 15 preset different EQ sounds that you can choose from or create your own and save.
An EQ app that actually works as it should. Good range of EQ bands and presets. Additional boosts that don’t distort the sound too much, plus fine-tuning each boost. Ability to save various customized settings as profiles that can be used for specific output devices. Worth spending for lifetime professional features!
Love this app, it really has a wide range of tune enhancements. There are practically no ads other than one that occasionally pops up when you open the app, just close it immediately. No need to watch 30-60 second ads. I would recommend it to anyone.
Great for the hearing impaired too, btw! I’ve turned almost everyone I know in my life on to this app at one point or another (no joke at all) and I honestly haven’t had any complaints from anyone since… it’s a great app! Once you get used to it and play around with the features a bit here and there, you’ll find exactly what’s perfect for you. *P.S. My friend’s grandfather lost a lot of hearing in Vietnam and he loves this app because it helps him a lot!*
Great app but there is a new bug where if I want to make a subtle change it sets as the default saved speaker profile if I adjust the volume. It was not used for this and worked perfectly.
From time to time the equalization will settle and sometimes it will stop working. Other than that, the app is exactly what I was looking for. The sound is neither distorted by volume nor compressed!!! This is amazing and I love it.
Unexpectedly great. Try it with a pair of rog Centra ii ear tips, which are notoriously lacking in bass, and this app paired with ear tips that seal well. The presets are pretty good, but if you know how to set them manually, you can tune the headphones to perfection.
It works perfectly. Easy to set up and fine tune. Profiles for different configurations. No big battery drain. Easy on/off if you need to save battery. A must have equalizer!
An excellent and intuitive, easy-to-use equalizer with more detailed features for those who want to dive further. Very happy! (I am a TV and film sound engineer of over 20 years)
Equalizer FX, Bass Booster & Volume Booster for your Android phone. An equalizer, bass boost, volume boost and virtualizer for your phone that conforms to Google’s Material Design. You can control Equalizer FX, Bass Boost, Sound Boost and Virtualizer independently, meaning you don’t need to turn on EQ to activate Bass Boost. For best results, pair this app with your best headphones. If you don’t have headphones or want to use a speaker, you can still enjoy good music


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