Firefox Focus APK + MOD (Many Feature)


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Sep 12, 2023
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Android 5.0 and up

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How to install Firefox Focus v118.0b9 APK + MOD (Many Feature) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Firefox Focus v118.0b9 APK + MOD (Many Feature) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Firefox Focus v118.0b9 APK + MOD (Many Feature) App for Android


Hi, after using the browser for a few months I’m pretty happy with the performance, but it kept showing ads occasionally. So it would be great if it had access to privacy extensions like uBlock Origin and Privacy Badger. This would enhance privacy and also solve the problem mentioned above. We’re happy to be of assistance to the Firefox team!
Works as advertised. It’s the only browser I’ve found that’s password protected, and it also has a privacy feature (it turns off the browser when you switch between open apps), which is great. My problem is that sometimes it resets and kills all my cards. I don’t know if this is intentional or maybe the work of another app on my phone, but I find it annoying.
A great browser for quick searches, although it could use a few QOL features, such as the ability to open new tabs without clicking links or searching for words in the current tab, and the ability to move the menu bar to the bottom of the screen. like in normal Firefox. Yes, I could use that browser instead, but sometimes I just open Focus thinking it’s going to be a quick search and end up spending tens of minutes reading stuff. Those are really my only issues, the app is otherwise perfect.
Edit: today’s update fixed it, thanks. Original: As of this morning nothing will open on my Samsung. Just a blank screen. I rebooted, cleared cache, changed network settings, nothing. All other internet apps are working fine and this app was working fine last night. I can’t figure out where to report the bug so I’m putting it here. Please help.
Firefox Focus is not a news app, so why are the questions repeating? 1st browser I’ve seen that allows me to completely block autoplay which is a real bonus for seizure prevention. As a browser it works decently. But I really don’t like that I can’t save the browsing history without deciding to save it or not. There are not enough options in the settings. I would also like a list of favorites and download some sites. Didn’t see any ads. Stepping stone 🙂
Love this app as always! People sometimes complain about the single card, but that’s the point. This is for doing simple searches and clearing history as quickly as possible, and is for using a different browser for cards you need longer.
The app is very good and works well. However, one thing that prevents it from being more enjoyable is the availability of dark mode. I don’t know if my device is bad but I put the dark mod in the options but it didn’t really work
My default browser. Blocks adding, deletes cookies on exit, loses amnesia on restart; what’s not to love? The only thing is if you have 15 tabs open for a few days it will automatically restart. If you know it might happen, you can plan accordingly. The only wish on my list would be bookmarks.
It does what it’s supposed to do without any extra bloat attached to it. It’s a BIG thing these days. The only thing I miss or find annoying is opening and navigating between multiple tabs. That’s the only part Firefox should copy from Chrome.
Absolutely barebones browser, works as advertised. The only criticism is that some websites don’t work on it, so sometimes you switch to Chrome.
Awesome lightweight version of lf FireFox. Super fast and convenient. In today’s world, you can’t be too careful about spreading the truth online. This application together with another IP / server allows you to conveniently continue to detect traitors in the United States of America. Thank you for this free app, you are helping to save this county.
A good browser, it has one major inconvenience. If you place the app in the system tray and do other things, it will prompt you to open it or delete it and open it. Why not have “open” and “clear and close” 9.9 out of 10 times if I back out of the browser I’m fine otherwise if I want to go back into my session I click open. In both cases I get a notification and have to press clear and open and then close it. Yes, I can go to the system tray and close it, but no one will.
Simple, fast, stops ads, supposedly clears history on exit, privacy focused. A great instant browser that I use all the time for fast and easy safe browsing. I can’t do a few things with it (eg save / print pages), but I use a different browser for that. It has the ability to delete cards individually, it needs the ability to open a new blank card. The snapshot is now quite large (200+ Mb), including over 30 Mb of unexplained data.
Fast browser, really fast. Unfortunately, on more than half the sites I go to, I’ve had to switch to another method (?), one that handles scripts and such. UPDATE: I reinstalled Firefox Focus in mid-April 2023 to recreate the problem that caused me to uninstall it. I wanted to send it to Mozilla support. I’ve been using it a lot since mid-April and it’s been running flawlessly. So I will continue to use it. It’s a really fast browser. I also added a fifth star.
so far so good. privacy is most important. I’ve been attacked and beaten and drugged with mud all my life and I’m tired. I hope it’s more secure and doesn’t leave me vulnerable to hackers and bad people. so good so far. it works fast. simple. thanks to all of you. I will rate again later. great browser so far.
All the ads are ruining the site. So browsers are great if you’re using them primarily as a one-off “I don’t need this site to get more information from me than I can get from it.” But I’m going to need you (Mozilla) to try to figure out how to make your autoplay blocker work to its full potential. I know it’s not the easiest, the site changes often and all, but if it’s possible I’d greatly appreciate it, or at least “here’s why we can’t do it”. Also blocking Java script allows most websites to use it.
Even if you don’t care about privacy features, Focus will help you avoid leaving hundreds of unused cards open. Very useful for reading news sites. etc.


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