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Could you find out the hidden objects in pictures? Could you find differences between two pictures? Do you like jigsaw puzzle?
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May 30, 2022
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How to install Find It MOD APK v2.1.9 (Unlimited Money) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Find It MOD APK v2.1.9 (Unlimited Money) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Find It MOD APK v2.1.9 (Unlimited Money) Game for Android

It’s the closest thing to the old Highlights magazine’s hidden object game, and I loved the old games. It’s a bit glitchy and you shouldn’t play it in the background even when you’re not using it. I’m not fond of the graphics. I’m happy enough to play it regardless of those problems.

It’s one of my favorites games to play but the one issue is that there aren’t any updates for it, and it’s extremely difficult to achieve the levels of the journey because it’s random. I’ve completed the majority of the game, and the levels are now just me trying to finish all 0.00001 percent chance levels in the journey lol

There were a few glitches during the game that prevented me from being able to tap the item. The key at Level 2 as well as the letters in level 4 of “My Sassy Boyfriend are two illustrations.

I love the pictures and the game runs well, however the ads are a major problem it is impossible to navigate through a photo without an advertisement and there are multiple ads between each level! I understand the necessity for ads, but not as many ads,I’m I am uninstalling the game It’s a nightmare!

It’s fun to play with for a while. After that, it becomes annoying. advertisements on every level. You can choose to skip ads , but this is minimum 15 seconds. After a while, there’s no incentive to play since it’s always a an unidentified gift you’ll not be able to find all over the place. The tips aren’t 100% effective. Some clicks aren’t sensitive or are glitchy. You can press 100 times and the level doesn’t function, so you was required to start the level to try the exact location and it was successful.

Some of the adventure have been cut at the end, so I’m not able complete and earn all three stars. For instance.. The adventure trip warm bonfire It’s cut off at the bottom, and I’m unable to find the tree branch that is on the other side.

The game offers some great puzzles as well as some fantastic puzzles. The find it and locate differences puzzles are typical, however these story challenges are awe-inspiring!

This game makes me think of how Highlight magazine, which was always in the kitchen whenever I visited the dentist, doctor optometrist, and dentist, more than sixty years in the past. Highlight included this kind of page with a hidden object. It helped me wait to go to exam rooms go faster and relieved my stress. Nowadays, I play hidden-item games to ensure that my mental ability as sharp as it can be. Highlight Magazine game taught me the importance of patience and to observe everything with attention. It reminds me that I can still gain from the game.

The game was fun however, suddenly it’s going through the motions of crashing. I’m spending a lot of money in order to turn the wheel, and the moment it crashes, I lose my money. It’s absurd that there can’t simply be a game that has no problems and with fewer advertisements

Certain items are so tiny that I’m not able to tell the difference between them. Some have such a dark hue in the photo it’s hard to discern what they are, and I’m not able to make the image any larger. When it’s in Zoom I’m not able to make it accept the image when I tap the item.

I enjoy the game, but it’s over. I don’t have any further stories, adventures or adventures. What happens when you start getting new characters? I’m bored, and at the end of the game. When will new quests and characters be made available?

It’s fun and isn’t too difficult to play with yet. I like that there’s no timer to play with my children, which is always a lot longer. A good game overall, but the ads are irritating! !

I would have awarded 5 stars if not that I had the same issue in the screen’s size and getting items in the way. I enjoy this game, but I became unhappy not being able finish the game. I hope you will come up with a solution that I can play on. I’ll need to remove the game. Sorry to say, it’s not the only one having this issue..

A great game that has many kinds of challenges. Love the different challenges and the layers. However. I am not able to endure the advertisements. Most of the time you’ll be able to skim or fast-forward through the majority. This game is different. We must sit through the entire advertisement, and be patient on a landing page for an invitation to continue and a few seconds after that, I’ll be able to click the X to stop the advertisement. It’s a lot to play for. Well, it’s okay.

(I like the idea of developers) There are too many ads. I love hidden pictures where the objects hidden are included in the photo rather than just a bunch of random objects scattered across an image. These puzzles are easy to solve It’s 10 secs of fun and 30 seconds of ads..repeat. The difficulty may increase and more difficult, but I’m not willing to endure the stress of the advertisements to discover. When I play a game I must be engaged. It must grab my attention and stay on my mind for. Ads every 10 seconds isn’t feasible. All the ads will be there forever.

I only played two levels before I removed the program. I enjoy finding hidden object games but I don’t enjoy ads. To gain useful items from the game, you must go through a complete 30 second advertisement. You don’t get these rewards, and if you’d like to get more you need to look up an ad. If you don’t want to earn them, you must go through an advertisement. It is also mandatory to go through a full ad after each stage. I know that advertising is profits for the business however, eesh. I wasn’t a fan of the rip-off Simpson art style, however.

It’s five seconds of play time, followed by a long advertisement. Level 2: 10 seconds of play, followed by a 30-second advertisement. Level 3: 10 seconds of play followed by a 30 second advertisement ….. It’s awful! The ad will always be identical making it even worse. I’ve pledged to never download apps that bombard me with ads. But, if you don’t want to, avoid this game.

There’s a problem with the game as it will not allow me to progress in the story. Nothing I’ve been able to be able to accomplish, which is very disappointing because it’s a great game, but it’s becoming boring since I’m unable to progress. I’ll be uninstalling it should this not be fixed very quickly.

I love it and the branding and images are well-designed. However, I really don’t like the pop-ups that appear every couple of seconds; it’s mostly text-based pop-ups and opt-in pop-up ads. I can understand what they’re trying to accomplish but it’s too big and flashy, it’s distracting and does it really have to appear every couple of seconds? It’s nearly constant! Is it necessary to have it on in the center of the screen? It’s very frustrating. If the developers could fix this the app, it would be worthy of five stars (and I’ll amend the review accordingly to show the fact that it is). This is the worst it gets IMO It breaks the app

This game is very addicting, simple to play, so it’s enjoyable, and a wonderful “unwind” game Can skip advertisements, which makes it more fun.

It’s reliable and I was hoping for it to be a good buy because reviews suggested that there were not many advertisements… However, my experience was opposite. I normally attempt to take my time and be understanding when it comes to games that are free and do not require ads, however this one was a bit annoying… The application crash after the second attempt to launch it.. It was open for the third time, and it let me go around, and it appeared like I was headed to the next round but with a small time delay… But there was no sign of another advertisement and the app was not opened for more than 2 minutes. It also seems to ask for access to call making.

I love the game, but it’s a bit complicated. I’ll use an answer when I’m unable to locate something, and it’ll say “on the girls shoe” or “under the table” and it’s impossible to discern those items! It’s as if I don’t have all the information! It’s possible to visualize the item similar to it’s a “key” on the shelf and this is where the clue states that it’s located however it doesn’t let me click on it! It’s annoying. But there’s been an update. I’ve checked!


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