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Mar 7, 2023
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How to install Fallout Shelter MOD APK v1.15.5 (Money/Data) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Fallout Shelter MOD APK v1.15.5 (Money/Data) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Fallout Shelter MOD APK v1.15.5 (Money/Data) Game for Android


Honestly one of the high-quality games of its type. The mechanics are simple, but layered for complexity, the art is brilliant, and the draw to keep increasing is fantastic. I’m almost to the lowest, it is taken a long time, and I by no means felt like I HAD to spend cash. I even have carried out so because in addition they offer masses of event deals that give notable value, but they are simply convenient benefits, the game gives a hundred% content material for free.

Fun but a touch buggy presently. I played this recreation when it got here out and I’ve back to it some times over the years as the gameplay expanded. Recently I reinstalled and were playing it, but I’ve encountered a peculiar graphical trojan horse wherein the digital camera will take on a peculiar attitude. I’ll need to restart the sport occasionally multiple times to get it to reset nicely so I’m now not searching at my vault with a skewed attitude perspective. (The dev internet site is giving an invalid safety certificate.)

Really addictive, requires a number of persistence, appropriate for a person who works or has a very good distraction whilst they wait. Can start vault obligations and come returned to the app after paintings. Love the customization available inside the app! One fundamental problem I keep experiencing with the app is it has a addiction of staying open, no matter what. Other than this, it is an addictive game no question.

I simply waited to give a overview due to the fact I desired to get the total experience. I adore it. It’s not too easy and it is now not too hard. It has heaps of perks to boost your development and gives in recreation ads that don’t bombard but are non-obligatory. The number one issue I love is that I can depart the game and come back and choose up where I left off. I can not give an explanation for how unbelievably angry and unhappy I get at my sims game for absolutely laying waste to my characters even as I deal with my real existence.

Exceptional variant on the classic recreation! Love it. Edit: It become a five megastar score… Until the advertisements arrived. I’ve spent some ££ in this sport micro transactions out of the respect to the dev paintings and the reality that it turned into one in every of very few games without the ad sales model. Time to move on. Edit 2: got here returned after 12 months or two and the technique to the advertisements is nicely optimised. Well done! Back to five stars!

This is the first-class app recreation I’ve ever played. It’s offers you sufficient variety to hold it interesting; construct a vault, breed new humans, call them & deliver them hairstyles, send them exploring/ on missions. I like how they don’t shove purchasing the app to your face continuously and advertisements are not compelled on you, however you have got the choice to watch them for added items. The handiest component horrific about it is how fast it is over. Not lots to do after 100 dwellers other than do missions/stage, and max is two hundred dwellers.

Game crashes whilst loading into vault. *Edit* were given it running. The troubleshooting failed to help, failed to want to go down the course of reinstalling. Instead I cleaned out the cache, started out the game then pressure closed it and restarted the game. Love the sport, simply desire there has been a touch greater to do within the vault

Really a laugh game, mainly for Fallout fanatics. This game has a heavy focus on vault control but there are raids that occur to your vault and also you get some fight revel in in there. Not only that however you may additionally ship human beings out on missions and you clean room after room with them to get masses of prizes. It’s a ton of fun! I stopped gambling lately though because it in no way hundreds me into my vault.

My 1st assessment I gave it five stars, and a 12 months later it nonetheless five stars. It’s basically a loose recreation, but I’ve spent $ just to expose the devs some appreciation. There’s method to creating a efficient Vault, finding out the FS reddit web page enables. Some tips for the Devs – are we able to get a improve it’s makes it similar to the PC version? More depth into missions, stats, characters, etc. Or a open map to explore 🙂 I could certainly purchase a DLC that introduced this & prolonged the sport play. Ty!

Love this recreation, however may want to use more activities. I actually have 2 hundred dwellers, and don’t have lots to do. One issue could be casting off the dweller restriction, and making greater room to build matters. Overall, Great sport fantastically propose. Also you can make it multiplayer. You may want to have friends and be capable of proportion assets and go to their vault. You also let us attack other vaults,but if people don’t to be attacked they could turn it back to singleplayer. Really desire you notice this, it might make the game higher.


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