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Feb 15, 2023
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How to install F1 Mobile Racing 2023 MOD APK v4.5.12 (Money) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded F1 Mobile Racing 2023 MOD APK v4.5.12 (Money) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] F1 Mobile Racing 2023 MOD APK v4.5.12 (Money) Game for Android


since the server migration is completed, I’ve been experiencing lots of issues regarding the game. I must quit the game after I’ve completed the race since the game would is stuck on the loading screens, and most times, when I’m in the middle of a race, the Error window would pop up out of the blue and it’s frustrating, and I’m unable to access the community Grand Prix mode..etc. Overall, this is a great game. I really enjoy it and am just hoping that you guys take a look at this. If it’s all resolved, I’ll give 5 stars.

The update has made the game more difficult. Previously, it was a five-star game however, it’s now an average of three. I’ve been playing with the update for around 20 minutes and have had my controls modified without me even touching the steering wheel. The only difference is the duals, but the career has been great. It’s just a pity and as someone who is familiar with and loves F1 I truly want this to be top of the line.

It’s so much better when compared with other race games. However, I only give it four stars because there are frequent bugs in the user interface and at times, it will crash when I open my notifications drawer (like when I need switch between Wi-Fi and mobile data). Overall, it’s a lot of fun to play. Update: Following the latest Update 26 of the game, it has a myriad of bugs. One that really annoys me is that the game isn’t being able to connect with Play Games to keep my progress. Codemasters, please take care to address these issues ASAP.

A nice game, but more than bumper cars, vehicles quit track, take a longer track and return further away, but they do not leave the track and hit you, and you’re the one being punished for not keeping the track. I’m done with racing, but not the people who don’t think they are fair. I tried again after the update, and it was has made the game worse, as I don’t have any control over specific tracks and tracks, shame. Since 2023, I’m unable to gain access to game . Did update and it got worse. I contacted mobile racing for two weeks later and still unable to play. SO IT GOOD BYE FROM ME.

Sorry I had to cut the amount because it’s becoming old and the ads aren’t able to be able to determine what they’re supposed to be, particularly with the video for 20% repairs within the area of contracts. It was repeated several instances the 30-second advert to fix the problem but nothing happened.

It’s a great game, if I’m honest. There were a few glitches that you’ll encounter during the game, for example one. when you play with a grid-based game it is possible to be left behind , even though you are supposed to speed up. 2. the boxes you receive after winning a game often open immediately, even though it takes time, depending on which one you won. 3. You take off into sky and then drip down as a grid-start game begins. This will cause you to go to P12 while everyone advances.

The car was decent until the latest update. I can’t get daily reward, or career mode, you must spend money to fix the car, instead of having watching a daily video. Duel mode controls don’t work for every race, which means I’m losing points. Update that was delayed for over an entire week, and has a plethora of bugs! Help us sort this out!

Fantastic game. Graphics are excellent and the controls are also excellent. To me, the one thing that would make the game more enjoyable is a complete Grand Prix mode. This includes pit stops and all. It’s still a fantastic game. I would highly suggest

Graphics wise it’s good however when it comes to small aspects of the game, it more like the team that was working behind quit or was not making an effort and this can be the most elementary element you can incorporate into the racing genre. When you restart after returning to settings there needs to be a small timer offering me three seconds or something like that to ensure I’m prepared to return to the race. That can be the absolute most fundamental of things that you can do.

I am playing this game after nearly two years. This game is improving tremendous amount! This is very impressive. Keep up the great work! A little bit of feedback. It’s almost like an instant jump-start when you start the game from scratch and a steep ramp to learn to keep up. Additionally, I’m trying to understand the reason why it’s sometimes an accelerating start, and other instances it’s a grig manually started clutch … I’m a fan of starting the clutch … I just installed. It’s time to and figure this out, I suppose.

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