F1 Mobile Racing 2023 MOD APK 5.2.41 (Unlimited Money)


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Aug 21, 2023
5.0 and up

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How to install F1 Mobile Racing 2023 MOD APK 5.2.41 (Unlimited Money) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded F1 Mobile Racing 2023 MOD APK 5.2.41 (Unlimited Money) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] F1 Mobile Racing 2023 MOD APK 5.2.41 (Unlimited Money) Game for Android


The game is pretty fun, but the UI needs some work. It is unstable and can often lag. The layer palette in livery customization is a buggy mess, even with a stylus. His behavior seems to change every time you enter the game. All it wants to do is duplicate the layers in one session, and then it won’t let you do anything but cycle through the layers in the next. Other than those issues, a pretty solid effort.
FIX YOUR GAME FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! Probably the worst thing about this game is that whenever I try to play any mode I get to the loading screen with the circuit and the car then the race starts but at the loading screen my screen freezes but the race continues in the background making it unplayable so for no reason losing league points, losing coins to not DNF career mode for no reason, and overall it just becomes a terrible experience.
I love the game but… 2 annoying things about it. First, “engine wear” in career mode, the engine wears out very easily even if you don’t come into contact with any other cars. Please fix engine life because this F1 game is top notch. The second is the coin system, coins are so hard to get, to the point where you have to spend your own “real life” money to enjoy the game. I suggest the developers add a fear where you can convert tokens to coins. It will be more pleasant.
I wish I could disable the auto return to track assist. Instead of spinning out once, I’m now constantly spinning in 1st because I’m getting back on track myself. When you teleport back onto the track while driving hard, you will immediately spin off the track again. Make this assist switchable. Sometimes the car won’t start when starting from the grid. The rev light comes on, the clutch engages, but when I release the clutch, it won’t drive until I step on the gas a few times.
I like the game but it has too many bugs. The only thing that made me come here and give 2 stars is that after I signed an Expert 1 contract in career mode, the screen just went black. I have restarted the game two or three times and every other mode works fine, but after trying to open career mode the screen is still black and nothing loads, you just hear the music in the background. Repairs needed…
Amazing game. I support the amount of different enhancements you can rely on and the graphics, which is a pretty big gaming divide. As well as different driving modes to choose from while adjusting the difficulty for more challenging competition and a realistic experience, to balance the more playful approach.
This is the best F1 game. I just hate the constant connection issues. An update was released today, I updated the game because I couldn’t play it otherwise. Now my career window won’t open. It’s a black screen. I tried to wait it out but to no avail. When I try duels, it’s very problematic and unpredictable. I have a reliable Wi-Fi connection. The game could cause a connectivity issue in the middle of a fight. I lost the race and all the rewards that would follow.
It’s a great game, but it lacks real fun. Most of the time you can only play 1 round of “duel” on a random track selected from a list of only about 6 options. Events drain your tokens until you can’t do them anymore and careers require more tokens/coins or 24 hours between races for 3 laps to fix your car. Bring back the free choice of track and number of laps.
Great game with really good graphics for a mobile game but sometimes it’s very glitchy, so many times I got errors because my rank goes down without even playing the game. Also, sometimes the matchmaking phase won’t even continue or allow us to cancel the matchmaking, F1 please fix this. Also some suggestions, I) you can add offline mode to practice different tracks, ii) add another multiplayer mode where more than 2 players can play. He will look forward to your answers. Btw great game guys keep it up!
Unplayable with bugs. Career mode does not work with bug fixes. Locks the screen. This shouldn’t happen in the game. I really like this game, but I can’t enjoy it when the game keeps crashing. Edit: Changed from 1 to 5 stars. Great job on debugging. The game is much better now.
After the new update, starting duels on the starting grid have intense lag, making driving very difficult. The AI ​​in career mode will outrun you on the straight regardless of your car’s performance. After the previous 2022 update, game FX and music will revert to default every time you finish watching ads. The settings themselves will not change, but you will need to toggle them back and forth to return to the previous audio volume. This issue persists even after this 2023 update. Other than that, still a fun game.
Love this game. He had it for years. The only thing I really wish they would add… is a single race mode where you can choose the track you want. Newer songs and songs I just got access to take so long to master. Luckily I mastered the main ones on RR3 and some before they removed single play.


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