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Feb 23, 2023
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[Free Download] Evernote Premium v10.48 APK (Unlocked) App for Android


As of the most recent update, a long time lover has misplaced notes! I’m strictly an android consumer, no windows troubles. I’m positive they are trying to fix it with the money they get from upgraded subscriptions. However it’s tough to improve whilst cash is tight or the user revel in is subpar. It looks like developers are changing seats in the background, deleting files or simply all round too busy to preserve up with the changes occurring with different structures. Rollback to ten.47!

I’ve tried using this as my fundamental notice taking app so often. But this is a traditional case of “too many features”. There needs to be an “Evernote Lite” or a easy mode or something. Most of the times you simply want to take quick notes on the pass, after which once in a while spend a little time organizing them or using extra superior capabilities. This is simply not for me.

It turned into a awesome app, however it is been duplicating my notes. I do not use the app all that much, and paying $50 a YEAR is asking manner an excessive amount of. I’ve used Evernote for thirteen years, so that would be $650 for something I use some instances a yr! Lately, the consistent notices to upgrade are becoming irritating with their frequency. Forget it! Even at their 1/2 charge sale, it is not worth paying each yr. I’m leaving Evernote. Too bad they don’t have a one time fee for folks that do not use it an awful lot.

It’s a quite decent word taking app. There are a pair things I don’t like about it, though. I’ve had a pair times wherein I’ve deleted the text of a word on coincidence, and the undo button would not certainly do some thing for me in bringing it lower back. It’s a bit bit heavy in phrases of commercials. Trying to get you to enroll in top rate, but you can get the simple functionality of a be aware taking app without buying top rate. Looking works okay. Sometime typing and highlighting are handled weird.

It’s a totally useful app for me. But recently I located the automobile rotate is stressful after I try to take down notes. It’s always changing to the landscape mode even I had locked my phone auto rotate characteristic. Hope the developer can clear up this malicious program, or at the least allow the person to have freedom to trade this setting.

I’ve been using Evernote for over 7 years and have encouraged it to colleagues and pals who’re presently the usage of it because it’s been tremendous. However, for the past few days I’ve been loosing notes I take down offline. Sadly Evernote don’t keep notes offline anymore. When you’re from my a part of the arena you’ll understand internet services is expensive so it’s highly-priced to leave your cell facts grew to become on 24/7 . If the offline saving characteristic is not back within the next replace I’m switching apps.

Used to absolutely adore it, however the app appears rather poorly organized now simply to lure you to pay to modify the house web page or sync extra than 2 devices, or do many different random mundane matters for $50/year.. Or even in case you do there are apparently still commercials, wild. I’d don’t forget subscribing for a reasonable price (shall we say $10-20/year perhaps and eliminating all ads) simply to escape from the huge tech giants if it have been encrypted/personal.. But atm it is just an inferior OneNote that pesters you for money.

Professional Account User: Evernote clearly helps me stay prepared. I ought to keep up with about 30 exclusive inboxes at paintings with lots of duties together with prolonged email chains and numerous attachments that need to be tracked and saved. I also have numerous calendars that are continuously being up to date, challenge lists galore, and Evernote organizes the whole thing with the click of a button and syncs it to all my gadgets within seconds. It has saved me months of person archiving and importing!

Used to be fantastic, however buggy and spammy now. I particularly use Evernote for purchasing lists and different checklists- for the past numerous months I’ve had troubles with items randomly disappearing off my lists as quickly as I add them. They also push the paid model an awful lot harder now, which is obnoxious- every time you open the app is immoderate. In-app advertisements are first-class however the complete-screen ads you have to verify before it’ll let you close are stressful.

Evernote turned into the clean transition from OneNote. Evernote search Filters are A1 as compared to OneNote. Widgets do not have sufficient functionality Yet to be beneficial in my programs, I’lI appearance to later rollouts for that. I like how Task and Note (keyed gadgets) are handled inside the application or how the database shape is setup. Which pairs properly in presenting robust Task/Note management capability. Fluid performance throughout systems and sync troubles are non-existent.

I’ve used this app for a totally long term. Over 10yrs. My previous phones had the upgraded model. I went a few years without having the app and just lately DL the unfastened model. I’ve seen a variety of bad ratings that had me questioning “why waste my time”. But I even have to mention, In my opinion, it’s nonetheless a great as it ever became. I don’t have any issues with it what so ever and could genuinely propose to others. It just goes to expose you which you can’t take every rating to coronary heart. Try it for yourself first. ✌️

The pace improved and no crushes for now. Tasks seems bad due to the purple or crimson bad visuals although no shade is evil. Provide shade customization alternatives inside the settings. Good visuals results in glad reviews and higher use of the app. Otherwise, Best Note Taking and Useful Productivity App. Great for capturing ideas and getting organized. For now, I am playing Evernote. I look ahead to extra enhancements.

UPDATE: Really appreciate the developer solving the screen rotate problem (without me having to reach out lol) Very useful app, could suggest. PREVIOUS REVIEW: [3 stars] It is quite great, however I can not use it at the same time as mendacity down because it mechanically rotates the display to panorama, even if I actually have my phone locked to portrait mode

I’ve used Evernote for nearly 10 years now. It’s had it is united states of americaand downs. Currently, I think it is on an upswing. It has a variety of superb features and *in the main* works easily and quickly. Further pace, balance, and smoothness updates are needed to get that 5th big name.

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