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Jun 26, 2023
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How to install Epic Battle Simulator 2 MOD APK v1.6.60 (Unlocked Money) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Epic Battle Simulator 2 MOD APK v1.6.60 (Unlocked Money) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Epic Battle Simulator 2 MOD APK v1.6.60 (Unlocked Money) Game for Android


the game is so exquisite i only give this 4 big name is bacause theres that no longer an awful lot troops and in multiplayer the players have high degree units,can you upload a cavalry that has a spear that may throw ,and can you sheilds to the spears it would really like to the warfare of theromplye and thats it Good sport.

Since my man or woman restrict is limited , I’m best going to cognizance on SANDBOX. (Multiplayer is busted btw.) Sandbox is without a doubt superb , controls are finicky however it is a cellphone sport in any case. The troop restrict is a bit worrying , i would revel in if there was an choice to boost it for excessive quit telephones. New gadgets haven’t been brought in quite a long term and the unit improve device is damaged. I desire maps had extra numerous in surroundings and shape. Otherwise, it’s miles superb and allows for roleplay opportunities.

I do not supply 5 stars smooth, but I love this game! Even although unit improvements fee loads, they value enough to allow a task, but now not so much its stupid. And, improvements are well worth it. The caimpain REALLY makes you believe you studied, and I love the undertaking, and I also love how you may do sandbox with out a requirements, and I constantly have a blast gambling this sport.

This game is amusing, however I would like too see a multiplied capacity, atleast two hundred troops on each aspect(for custom). And I would love to look a few greater controls, like troops maintaining their formations, in preference to collecting up, thats one aspect i absolutely would like to look on this game. Maybe one small thing to add, is hiding role, and in reality pushing on. Like UEBS has. Those are just some ideas that I assume will enhance the gaming revel in.

I like the game, but the leveling system receives me frustrated because after I play levels, the enemies are maxed out. I also don’t just like the truth that it limits your troops (specially in custom) and I don’t like that I should clean the complete board. Maybe, if you could clear one aspect and add a few extra troops and dispose of the restricting of troops, I will truely experience this sport even more!

Good pictures and alternatives of warriors. Changes in surroundings would be cool, like homes, trees, water and so on. A bit more range in warriors would also be interesting, because it’s difficult to inform the variations in competencies between a number of them. Also the cavalry having to run past the enemy to do a run up is pretty silly. Just a few advice, honestly appropriate sport although!

Game is top notch, the photographs are quite cool looking (no longer that I really care that a great deal with video games) it’s superb clean to figure out (if you have not seen TABS) and it’s far quite humorous, if you can upload in a feature to take manipulate of a unit, that would positioned my score within the 5 stars, apart from that the game is a definitely good substitute if you can not get/play TABS. Preserve making high-quality games! 😀

The recreation is a incredible sequel to Epic struggle simulator. So I handiest have a few proceedings. There are 3 major matters certainly. One is that ads are a bit too frequently performed. Two, there might be an less complicated manner to get gem stones. And three, the elephant now and again system faults sending the pinnacle into the air and a ray of silver is proven onto the floor. Though it is a wonderful sport.


I’m taking one superstar away. So the pictures is first-rate for a mobile game, there are many devices to choose from, a few detailed maps, and yea it really is all. But the purpose I took the famous person away is due to the Multiplayer Online System. I actually got four-five loses just due to the fact my enemies has excessive level devices that crushes my military in only a faucet. Please remember solving the matching device, make it honest for the rookies, and those that has best low or degree one devices. Anyways the game is right.

Great! Best three flaws: it might be pleasant in an effort to play campaigns primarily based round one-of-a-kind time intervals in which you overcome fortificationsand resources to protect eg Napoleonic wars or the notable crusades, and it might be cool if you may control your devices extra in combat, giving orders instead of simply permitting them to do their own thing, additionally, having generals and commanders who provide some thing to their units like competencies or methods would be terrific. These are just pointers although, there are no issues

The classic approach comprised with various unique varieties of troops that can be deployed makes for an addicting and amusing sport. However, the best component that would make this game better is that if throughout struggle, the person can choose one of the troops and manipulate that precise troop. This might be a piece difficult in view that there are many specific characters but, it would be an tremendous new delivered aspect to the sport that could make it even more fun than it already is.

While that is one of the better sandbox kind video games, there nevertheless isn’t that tons you could do, however a some thing that the author good keep in mind is including a unit maker which might make the sandbox and marketing campaign a lot greater exclusive on the subject of method. Or being able to manage gadgets, but the could be loads extra difficult to consist of. But it over all a amusing recreation

This sport is quite properly done and a laugh yet there are nevertheless a few MAJOR bugs and loopholes that need to be fixed. A worm that occurs frequently is that your characters spin around and stop moving ahead or backwards. Sometimes it results all entities and once in a while there may be uneffected entities. There also are hackerss which can be capable of get admission to all troops and big name the war before the opposing participant has the same opinion and beforw time is up. Also, matchmaking is a problem as it has but to be balanced.

This sport is super, and I’m surprised it’s free, but, there are too many advertisements, I understand you can skip them, however they pop up after each two matches, I haven’t any trouble with commercials on this sport, however the advert frequency have to be reduced to each 3, maybe 4 matches as to avoid inconvenience while playing the game, other than that, preserve up the best work.

I even have had this game for a while and am not bored of it. It is the first-class mobile sport I even have attempted and is the precise balance of operating for coins and being able to shop for them. Tons of unit sorts and special stages. The most effective factor I might alternate is adding more to the maps. Other than that, awesome sport!

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