Endless Colonies: Idle Space Explorer Mod Apk v3.30.02 (Diamond)


The year is 2038. Darkness has covered the entire galaxy. Forest fires, earthquakes and epidemics threaten humanity. While we're not out of the storm yet, we realize that the worst is yet to come! An asteroid! Astronomers report that an asteroid approaching Earth will soon destroy humanity. Our time is limited. Humanity is in fear. We need heroes and companies that can save us from extinction!
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Jun 8, 2022
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How to install Endless Colonies: Idle Space Explorer Mod Apk v3.30.02 (Diamond) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Endless Colonies: Idle Space Explorer Mod Apk v3.30.02 (Diamond) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Endless Colonies: Idle Space Explorer Mod Apk v3.30.02 (Diamond) Game for Android

I’m now at 50. I am very happy that I have reached this point. The animations are excellent and the goals are achievable. The idea of restarting the “base” is the norm in these games, and is not an issue. It is possible to let us start from scratch, but with upgrade goals, which are higher as well as rewards cards. Or simply let us play the game the way it was to earn more cards and attempt to complete it quicker. This could give players more content as you design new resources and locations to use. Thank you for playing It’s great fun!

Decent game, quite fun. But, forced ads can be frustrating. More so in the case of watching an uninvolved ad only to you are forced to watch one after. I am aware of the need for advertisements, but you need to think about not using the forced ads if the user already uses the free ones.

It’s fun, but I’m not certain how long I’ll stay with it. Each time you progress, it makes you start the entire process over. It’s not typical for games allow you for “prestige” and gain a multiplier depending on your advancement. This game forces you to. It’s a bit frustrating and then it becomes repetitive very quickly. It’s unfortunate. A lot of advertisements are also forced.

Fun game that has a unique way to playing. There are 50 levels to play and I beat all of them a few days ago. It’s enjoyable. Each level is different and has different tasks and farms. You can view an advertisement to earn double earnings and once the level is completed, you can get triple rewards and view an ad to unlock the robot’s automatic capabilities and also receive random rewards through airdrops. This is pretty cool and takes you a long way. I’m hoping for more level in the near future. Keep up the great work and the updates.

I really like it. It’s adorable and easy to learn and no forced advertisements. The rewards for ads are great however, you can enjoy the game without them. It’s a really enjoyable little idler. Contrary to what some claim, you’re not reset at each level. That’s part of the prestige aspect. Your earnings increase when that occurs.

The game is extremely addicting and the graphics are good.I would definitely recommend this game to anyone who is looking to enjoy a long-lasting game. The only thing that has caught my out of the loop is that it resets every time you play however, it’s also a great idea because it provides you with an opportunity to learn from mistakes made in the past. Bravo to the idols! Mars colony is an excellent game!

It’s fine however… What is the reason why the progress reset at every stage? I’m unable to understand why. I’m admittedly early in my career, but I do not wish to play a game in which I am constantly thrown into the level 1 wheat field or such. This makes my previous work look like to be a waste of time.

There are several animations that are not working as well as the multiplier for income does not seem to be affecting anything at all. It also has many freezes when you change levels. It’s a decent game.

It’s just a bit of idle fun, There’s always something to be doing. Ads can be very helpful in expanding supplies and money. A fresh version of idle games, with the element of leveling up. 10/10 recommends for lovers of idlers, as well as those looking to spend time enjoying themselves.

I really like the game, however the only drawback is that each time you finish the task it resets, and you must start the colony all over again… I thought it would have a complete experience when you upgrade your equipment.. Therefore, for this I’d give it a 4. After reading this review, which had me waiting on to get me, I’m going to delete this game..

It’s an enjoyable to play in a trance. I’ve played for a few weeks, and I’m getting better and better at the levels. The gameplay is basically identical for every level and if you’re enjoying the game, it will keep you entertained like the game that is not played for fun should.

I am a huge fan of this game! I like the fact that it has levels and goals rather than “build this, upgrade that, so you can have more money to build and upgrade more.” The objectives make this game far more engaging than similar games.

Excellent idle game, simple to play, and I like the prestige of level reset. One thing I’d like is to know the amount each station is earning. Also, when rover is collecting money I’d like to know the amount it collects during the upgrade.

Much better than the majority of idle games. It’s not necessary to purchase specific equipment to automate it and upgrades cards are easy to find. It’s well-constructed and enjoyable.

I’m looking forward to the next level set. I’m currently at 50 until an update is that is available. I’d like that could take me further with you, rather than needing to start from scratch each time. It’s an enjoyable idle game.

Every time I get locked out of watching an extra 10 seconds due to the fact that I researched game restarts. I maintain my levels, however my map gets removed completely. I don’t yet know whether this happens the norm with this type of game.

Very enjoyable, but I completed the 50 levels in two weeks. I’m looking forward to the next level to be released hopefully in the near future. could be more enjoyable when they were released sooner than the game is finished. Cool that you can continue playing after the final level has been completed.

A great little management simulation that is extremely difficult to leave. There are no advertisements when you begin upgrading, or even if you’re looking to view them. They are a great way to improve processes, earn additional resources, etc. However, you don’t have to. You can purchase managers to can manage certain tasks for you, however, you don’t need to. You must be careful to consider what you are doing with your money, since there are a variety of methods to make use of these resources. It’s a fantastic tiny sim that sets a new standard for other developers.

It’s not bad, but it’s slow in the final level. I’m at 85 BE and I need to be able to attain 75CE which means you need to play the games and attempt to increase your score by watching advertisements. The research suggests that there isn’t very collectible on the last level as you will be getting naive games like collecting the x amount of fuel or lose luggage that isn’t visible to all the passengers in the airport. In addition it’s a fantastic game. Ad balance is ideal for a quick change

It seems like a decent small game. It’s been playing for a bit currently and the progress is excellent. Advertisements for half-hour x 2 seem like something I’m going to go for it since 30 minutes isn’t enough. Two desks for boarding (running around 60 people/minute) causes a bottleneck. I’m able to only increase my security and check in at around 30 minutes. This means that one plane is empty of customers , however the constant flow of security passengers goes to one aircraft only…

I’ve completed the majority games, but it’s not possible to reach Australia ranking 5. I’ve got everything maxed out with all boosts as well as the majority of research is completed. I am getting around 80 BE and I need to earn CE to be ranked higher. This isn’t going to occur. I even bought a study package to determine if doing additional research would be helpful. No. It’s a little disappointing to have invested money in the game that’s not possible to finish. However, the game is good enjoyment.

It’s a great game, but it’s not logical to must wait longer to receive bonuses than it takes to earn the cash at a regular rate. Example: I’m making 1BB/second, but the bonus that I need to look at an advertisement for 30 seconds gives me 1.25BB. Time or money was wasted.

I was enjoying this game until I reached an airport on the 3rd. I am currently playing with four stars however, to be able to obtain the fifth star, I need to be able to get 5.3 or something like that. Additionally, some upgrades are very expensive, and you aren’t able to upgrade the luggage carts beyond 52 which means they have to return to the plane 4 times. If you can alter the capacity of the cart it can hold, I’ll raise my rating to at the very least four stars.

A great game to spend the time. It’s a little repetitive, but not boring. Only ads if you choose to view them, and you don’t need to make I purchases in the app. Overall, a great game.

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