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Sep 24, 2023
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Android 5.0 and up

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How to install Easy Notes MOD APK v1.1.81.0925 (VIP Unlocked) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Easy Notes MOD APK v1.1.81.0925 (VIP Unlocked) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Easy Notes MOD APK v1.1.81.0925 (VIP Unlocked) App for Android


This app is great! It has helped me a lot in organizing my life. I have categories from grocery lists to movies I’ve seen or want to see. Fantastic! I Edit 9/2023: I decided not to renew. 1. I already pay for other apps. I can’t afford $20 for an app when there are other apps that have similar features and are free or 1.99 to remove ads. 2. Your photos below are deceptive. The actual application does not look like this.
There are problems with bullet points, that is, every time I add text between the bullets, the enumeration restarts, I also have another observation and that is that it is not possible to add sub-bullets. Despite all that, it’s a great app, it has all the potential to be more solid in terms of functionality, hopefully it will improve and the app won’t be forgotten.
update: the checklist feature has been fixed!!! (original review: I bought a lifetime subscription because I liked it, but recently the checklist feature was changed so you can’t drag and drop items on the list. if there is a way to turn this feature back on, I can’t find it. you have to now every item either overwrite or cut/paste and it’s very annoying and time consuming.)
The best note taking app I’ve ever used! However, the checklist feature was recently updated and I was able to specify which rows should have a checkbox (absolutely loved it!). Understandably, a user complained that the update removed the ability to drag and drop, which is true, and it has been fixed. Can I suggest the developers to roll back the convenient update they put in and simply add the ability to drag the checklist rows up and down or give an option which checklist function to use in the app settings 🙏
I bought the paid version. I love that I can insert images, make words bold, underline, color, highlight and font size. I can do so much! I would like a few more colors in the word highlighting, but I can live with it as it is if you can’t. 😁😁😁
Grid view and list view are too bulky. The only cloud backup option is google cloud. Too many ads. It offers a one-time paid premium version, but it is very expensive.
The app is good for taking notes. And my request is to add more font types. Like a handwriting font etc. And add the feature you want to manually mark over the note like a drawing pencil if possible. Overall the app is awesome and user friendly and runs well on my system.
This is a really cool app, I would say Magical. Depending on what you capture in its pages……. You may find it happening in life around you while you have the opportunity to stay safe, not lose your job, as you capture your thoughts by freeing it , which might seem like a world of possibilities. It has slipped my mind a lot and I find it incredible how slowly I am learning. I give 5 stars to all the brightest in the galaxy. You are all beautiful and doing well 👌
I wish they had it for desktop too (I don’t have a laptop) so I can edit things at work and see it reflected in the app on my phone when I’m at home!! Like G00gle Notes and any other elephant notes app.
Update: Wow, the Easy Notes team listened and gave me back the features that made this the best phone-based Notes app I’ve ever used, and now there’s no need to look for a new Notes app. Change back to 5 starts. Old comment: Be notified about this app. You can start using this app and love the way it works. You purchase a subscription. Easy Note then completely removes the time-saving features you’ve used and loved, making it very annoying to use in the future…
I don’t type well on my phone and make a lot of mistakes, so I wanted an app where I could type everything out, edit it, and then copy and paste it into text or a post. This app does that. It is perfect for my needs and as I use it I have found other benefits as well. If you don’t have Premium (which is insanely cheap), there are some ads, but they’re not intrusive. I’ve never had an ad interrupt what I’m doing. They also adhere to the time restrictions that have been put in place.


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