Dumpster Premium APK (Premium Unlocked)


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Sep 21, 2023
16 MB
Android 4.4 and up

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How to install Dumpster Premium APK v3.18.411.b45a (Premium Unlocked) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Dumpster Premium APK v3.18.411.b45a (Premium Unlocked) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Dumpster Premium APK v3.18.411.b45a (Premium Unlocked) App for Android


The best photo and video recovery app I have ever seen can’t express my happiness I was sad that I accidentally lost some important photos, I delete them and this app helps me too much
I’m glad my gallery is safe but I don’t understand what is free trial and payment..we can’t use apps always free.why we paid rupees easypasia
Okay, I wasn’t sure anything would work. I needed to restore some videos for work (about 30gb) and was freaking out. I just got a new phone that doesn’t have an SD card. I deleted them from Google Photos as I never had a problem with it before. It seems with the Oneplus 7 if you do this it will be deleted from your phone. Enter panic mode. I found a YouTube video of the design of this app and thank the gods I found it. Everything was restored. Super easy to use!
I only needed it to restore one file that I thought was on my laptop so I can’t confirm all of the apps functionality. However, it was surprisingly easy to recover said file. The user interface looks nice and is easy to navigate. It was showing files deleted up to three years ago, which was probably when I got the SD card. It seems that no video or image is ever actually deleted, which can be good or bad.
Some reviewers just don’t understand how such an app works. In short, you shouldn’t think it will absolutely recover all your deleted files… It WILL TRY, just don’t expect magic. If there are no duplicate images, you’re just out of luck. HOWEVER, there is a good chance they ARE, and if they are, this app will find them. It’s also a privacy tool because it shows all the pictures that are still on your phone from Twitter, the web, apps, etc. I just wish I could turn off the container.
It beats the competition by restoring multiple file types and a large time range set by the user. It doesn’t take up much space, but it can expand. Annoying UI due to device OS bug: recoverable, deleted files are sorted in chronological batches, but my phone deletes larger numbers >20, in smaller meaningless batches. It’s not asking too much when it comes to privacy, TOS, and permissions, but Facebook is in the ad loop. It takes longer to restore multiple folders/batches of files because you have to do them individually.
Gentlemen!! What a life saver! I tried literally every possible way to recover several deleted pictures and nothing! I connected my phone to various computers, downloaded tons of software, etc. Nothing worked UNTIL I looked for image recovery apps as a last resort. I downloaded this one and it WORKS! I didn’t have my phone synced but now it is. I am so thankful that I am definitely paying for it for at least one month (I used the free trial).
Having used this app for about 2 years, it allowed me to set the amount of time that “deleted” photos will be kept until they are deleted, and they can be easily reviewed and restored if necessary. After a recent update my phone started to slow down and freeze and then restarted constantly. After a few days I found that the Dumpster app was taking up 826MB of RAM. After I uninstalled it, no more problems, not sure why it worked fine until this update, it’s on the LG G5.
The app service listed a free route for 7 days, but immediately charged for a full subscription. When I tried to cancel it already shows cancellee but I never did. It is a scam app. I’m going to file a lawsuit on this with a transaction ID and a free photo. Thank you for a quick response. After a detailed explanation I got my money back.
This app was useful on my lg phone – G2. It worked as described. That was like 2017-2018… But after I switched to a new phone in 2019, it doesn’t work at all. Because my new phone has its own deleted folder. So whenever I delete a picture/video it goes directly to the phone’s deleted folder instead of going to the dumpster. So yeah. Hopefully something can be done. I can’t wait for the patch update to fix this issue. .
It impressively recovered the photos that were deleted long ago and all the videos that were missing. But it didn’t recover all the photos that were lost recently. But I am not very satisfied with their price. It offers a premium version subscription for $99/year. When you cancel your subscription later, does it offer you a one-time lifetime purchase for $9.99? That doesn’t feel right to me. I might have bought it if the first option was $9.99. Only 4 stars because I couldn’t recover all the files I was looking for.
The photos are all restored, but the quality is questionable. Some photos are just blurry and unclear. Overall good, but I expect higher quality restored photos. Thx Edit: oh i guess those were my mistakes. I did this for 100 photos/set to recovered but when I tried 10-20 photos/set none of them were blurry. Maybe that’s how it goes. I also tried to restore some videos and it worked great. Five stars!


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