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Jul 17, 2023
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How to install Dragon Raja APK v1.0.298 Full Version + Data APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Dragon Raja APK v1.0.298 Full Version + Data APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Dragon Raja APK v1.0.298 Full Version + Data Game for Android


It’s my personal opinion that this game is very underrated! Rating 3.9 from this review and I think 4.4-4.5 would be much more realistic. As someone who plays mobile games for 5-6 hours a day, take it from me, this game has it all. Aside from the slightly confusing user interface and the sheer amount of things to do and learn, it’s fantastic. Huge maps. Beautiful graphics. Crazy customization. Cutscenes with good English dubbing. Highly optimized. What else could you wish for
The game has a great concept and really detailed graphics. The community is friendly and the game is fun. Yes, you can pay money for dlc clothes, but you can get great ones for free. However, time will need to be invested. Also for all the P.O.C l these game dice have darker skin tones be careful because you have to pay to change again lol
The game is decent, but more than 20 GB of memory used on the device is a lot, even with this capacity, there is no voice of the character, nor any type of emotion on the faces of the characters, except for repetitive hand gestures and a high-pay-to-win environment.
Totally hacked game, but there must be something to do for solo lvl up. Like if I want to play all day I should level up all day. I just don’t like having to go train for 2 hours in a dungeon that doesn’t really give experience points. In other words, play, run out of stuff, get stuck in an auto-battle dungeon for the rest of the time to level up.
There’s a lot going on on screen. There are so many buttons and places to click and most of them cannot be disabled. Additionally, unlocking items takes so long for the casual player that it wasn’t worth it (plus it was mostly hard to figure out how to actually unlock them). It also gets boring after a while because leveling is so slow. It’s only worth playing if you’re not a solo player, otherwise the story isn’t interesting (you’re doing quests while NPCs dress up and have fun)
I’ve been playing raja for over a year and I’ve seen a lot of people leave the game because this game is money hungry with no money you can’t even survive or rank and it doesn’t give much opportunity for f2p players overall the p2w system why the hell do you have to make all the clothes that don’t require the use of real money they are ugly lmao and again it’s new and tasteless and tasteless one
This game is absolutely amazing! Cutscenes, controls, events and character customization! But the reason I only have 4 stars is because of the amount of space it takes up. Even after deleting most of the other apps on my phone, it still wasn’t enough! I miss playing this game so much and I might play it on PC
I have been playing this game for a while. The story, graphics and battles are an amazing experience. I like how you can interact with other players, change your play style and even do quests with others. The only problem is I CAN’T DOWNLOAD IT AGAIN🥲. But overall, good job by the developers! 👏👏👏
This game is really good, the graphics are really nice, the gameplay is (usually) smooth, the story is pretty good. Grammar needs some work, but we all make mistakes. But I’d like to suggest you tone down the leveling to continue the main quest, it’s getting too noticeable and you won’t get much EXP out of it, and the clothes are really cute and the unlockables are fun. But if you’re a loli, does every character address you as male? I’m just wondering.
A year later and a lot of idle play and I think I get most of the game. The graphics are beautiful and run well on my Note 20. However, the UI is extremely cluttered to the point where I only use Auto to navigate without accidentally pressing a button. I also think it’s unnecessary to have so many companions that also fill the screen. The English translation is really sketchy; but the story is generally watchable and actually quite interesting if you can piece together what’s going on.


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