Dragon Hills MOD APK (Money/Unlocked Stage)


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Sep 19, 2023
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How to install Dragon Hills MOD APK v1.4.9 (Money/Unlocked Stage) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Dragon Hills MOD APK v1.4.9 (Money/Unlocked Stage) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Dragon Hills MOD APK v1.4.9 (Money/Unlocked Stage) Game for Android


He didn’t expect it to be this good. Simple to play, but you better watch out or you’ll get skewered. Dive to avoid damage, then RISE LIKE A PHOENIX TO EAT THE FAITHLESS. The only thing I would ask for would be to have different princesses to buy and choose from, even if it’s just cosmetic. I’m vain what to say.
The game is good and very chaotic which makes it fun, but after a while you just keep getting the same 2 riders, 1 fire knight and 1 viking boss over and over again, it would be nice to have a randomizer that adds more random bosses. the more levels you do
This game is actually really fun. Despite what other reviews say, I haven’t experienced any issues with the game. I really enjoy the goal of each level. However, the levels look very similar every time. I would recommend adding some more gameplay, eg survival (which the game already is), multiplayer (where you race against other players on the same level) and creative (where you create levels and then submit them). I think you should be allowed to customize your character.
This is a fun game. However, I feel like there should be more. For example, you can only get coins by completing the same course and defeating the boss. I suggest changing the odds and adding another way to get coins. Overall, it’s a very good game with very few additions.
A great game to help you pass some time when you don’t have internet access. However, when playing with wifi, you could see that there is an option to revive if you watch an ad. Well, it gave me an ad to watch, but I didn’t revive. I tried many times but never revived. Other than that, it’s a simple and good game.
If you’ve ever seen the phrase “about the app” – “Easy to learn, difficult to master”, then this game is the only true heir to that title. You have seriously knocked the casual game out of the park and in my opinion you have set the bar too high for these average casual games to even dream of surpassing. Amazing work! Keep them coming!
This is a really great game. The controls only require 1 finger, the gameplay is casual, the graphics are 2D but good, and the gameplay is great. Overall a pretty good game. Although, the logo is a bit confusing; it’s just a unity logo now
I like this game very much. I completed 1000 levels. And now the boredom began. So please add some more interesting missions, quests and new shop items and new dragons etc. Thanks!
It’s a good game to pass the time. You get a warning when an ad is about to appear and it’s a good game overall. Maybe a few more upgrades or skins would make it more fun. Still, I would recommend
This game is quite fun if you don’t have much time to play it. It’s not like it bothers you to come back to it every five minutes. However, it is disappointing to say that this is a paid game and you still get ads! You don’t need ads because they are paid and you make money anyway.
I love the overall gameplay! It’s fun, great to pass the time, and easy to understand. However, I would like to make a few recommendations. First, I think you should allow that when you eat sheep, you get a heart for how many sheep you ate. Let’s say you ate 20 sheep, which equals 1 heart back, or so on. Second, I experienced some kind of glitch when I’m in the “beach world”. It seems to be swarming with pirates and I lose almost all my hearts within the first minute because I can’t hold my breath for long.
I’ve been playing it since I was little and I still enjoy it. It’s a great but also a simple game to pass the time. (Also, it’s not like one of those bad mobile games that advertises that only 1% can beat this)

How can you not enjoy this game? I mean it’s so exciting and exciting and all you have to do is press a button and go down, you know, press the screen and go down and then you go back up, you can press a button you go down you go back up it goes on forever it’s pretty much the same thing over and over but you got it you gotta love that little girl trying to get her stuff back i mean guys mean they got the other one out i tried them a little different
The playback controls are a bit off. I ran into a few barricades/obstacles that I felt were blind/didn’t give enough reaction time. The entire game is displayed in the profile. Still, it was fun.


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