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Jun 26, 2023
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How to install Dragon City MOD APK v23.7.0 (Unlimited Money) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Dragon City MOD APK v23.7.0 (Unlimited Money) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Dragon City MOD APK v23.7.0 (Unlimited Money) Game for Android


All seems first-class to me. The simplest component that annoys me is that the commercials that you could use to hurry up matters, I can not even use the video velocity u.S.A.To the matters I want to hurry up. Instead the add button itself simply seem on random things on the game, like buildings on habitats that I don’t want to spend my every day accelerate on.

Overall the sport is best. But there’s one difficulty that always irritates me. There is an event mini-sport in dragon city known as the runner island. Everytime i play the sport lagged and i all at once collapsed to the rock which irritates me so much. I idea it changed into lagging due to my cellular cellphone but the insects is in the sport itself and desires to be constant. I’m playing dragon town for so long but it hasn’t been constant yet. Thank you.

The game is ideal and very an awful lot F2P. HOWEVER, the primary trouble with this sport is the social/pals. For the beyond few years the social machine has been the identical ever on account that. I consider it needs a exchange. First is that it uses Facebook to even add human beings to your friend list. Secondly clans even though do provide accurate blessings wishes fixing in terms of the way u socialise. Overall this game needs to change their UI with there being too much clutter to even the textual content button being small.

Really love the game, a lot a laugh, I’ve played for years, but I’m just frustrated with the leagues, it is alleged to be skill primarily based, not clearly on level, so when I visit a brand new league, it’s like a league that if this turned into real, might be 10 tiers ahead

I am addicted to this sport. Love it, but my wife receives to play different video games to get emeralds however all I get are surveys for much less than a 1k of food for my dragons. She’s degree 35 and I’m degree 29 bout to be 30 so there’s no difference but I simply don’t see how it is gotta be like that. Can you restore my account to wherein I can play video games to earn emeralds. Thank you.

I cherished this game, and I nonetheless do, but there is one component that brings down my rating. The Heroic Races. The concept is great, and the execution is extraordinary, but there is one assignment in them that makes getting to lap five not possible. The meals one. Last race I spent a internet overall of 57 Gems durring the race, for that task alone. When you accumulate the meals it once in a while counts towards it, it now and again doesn’t. The exceptional thought I could make is that the food wishes to be a 3+ Hours to develop for it to remember.

I have no issues with the app in any way, it is a top notch app.Well sincerely what made me down load it once more which become the truth that it said I may want to “make’ my very own dragons, and so I download it again and the whole thing is simply the way it become earlier than. That become definitely unlucky due to the fact this became a recreation I truly favored playing this recreation, and still do. I would like the creators to look this and communicate to me approximately it.

I sincerely like the sport. Its a a laugh grinding enjoy for those who like point and click on pvp however i desire there was an alternative that said skip the tutorial or play the educational. Ive needed to switch phones multiple instances and needed to reatart a couple of instances and had to undergo this lifelong academic. Still an amazing game though.

I love the dragons and I’ve been hooked ever on account that I first attempted it!!! No intrusive commercials (commercials* are to be had to attain in game rewards like in dragon TV) I like that every regularly imparting two hundred gemstones for £1.79 is loopy!!! I’ve purchased that a few instances although it rates “An insane deal that might not be around for long” The arenas have improved. I’ve took away 1 megastar because of the brand new dragon TV. It’s worrying and distracting in battles I could admire if there wasn’t any occasion 24/7

Been playing for nearly a decade now and I never left a review. Anyways, I enjoy the sport plenty. One concept though: more decorations on save and permit us to love, I dont understand… Rotate our decorations left and right? That might be quite cool. It’s kinda lame seeing how the decorations are fixed in a single path.

I like how it’s easy to start off, get ranked up, and conflict. My aspect is the time that it takes to hatch R and VR eggs. The gem device not like most video games is quite clean to get, it is now not all just cash money money, there is thing you may do to simply get a decent amount of gems. Over all it’s pretty properly the artwork design is high-quality too! Just timing flawed but it makes up for that inside the lots of other matters you can do within the game.

it’s miles a high-quality Imagination game this is if you like the world of dragons, zombies , and and many others just been in a shape that does not do not anything but sorrow via the Sky like you’re inside the clouds is the best enjoy ever. Also, the graphics and manner you play the game is the finest of all time

I deliver it four stars as it has too many adds. In the achievements, there is “Watch a dragon tv video”. Sometimes there’s no video upload. So I cannot get that fulfillment or any prizes. It’s very amusing however turns into dull after a while while u don’t hv gems or meals. In my opinion, it’s miles a awesome recreation. But try to make getting gem stones a little easier. Thank u.

I do desire there has been a cheat sheet for what the tokens do. I’ve were given a ton of them but I don’t have any clue what they are for. Gameplay is pleasing. You develop dragons and struggle with them. There are areas that you may get into that puzzle your way thru. It’s amusing. Just wish I knew what the tokens were for.

It’s got lots of a laugh great dragons additionally as masses of various habitats so that greater exclusive type and no longer just the simple ones. That the towers they could you receives faster. Also that you could region out a set on a islands that in case you 100 or a hundred and twenty orbs for a Dragon you two choices if you have the dragon then get it a celebrity one out of five with the orbs or in case you need the dragon to summon or if you do no longer have enough orbs you could rescue the dragon on the proper stage. Have a laugh 🙂


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