Disney Sorcerer’s Arena MOD APK (Unlimited Gems)


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Jul 28, 2023
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Android 5.0 and up

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How to install Disney Sorcerer’s Arena MOD APK v26.1 (Unlimited Gems) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Disney Sorcerer’s Arena MOD APK v26.1 (Unlimited Gems) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Disney Sorcerer’s Arena MOD APK v26.1 (Unlimited Gems) Game for Android


It’s a great game… I play it every day… I would give 5 stars if you give us more time in Sorcerer’s Tournament! More often than not, I COULD win the battle with no problem, but I almost ALWAYS run out of time! 5 stars are yours for giving us more time to complete the battles.
The richest game is this very interesting, it has a lot of great characters. I think it will be interesting to find out what fast characters I want and what I don’t want
The premise is good and so are the visuals. But it’s so sequential that you can’t even press the settings or home button because it forces you to do the next step it wants. Serious mistake. I just want to turn off the music and sounds. It means you can’t play without switching the media to silent mode, which isn’t useful if you’re listening to music or a podcast.
I felt the need to give 4 stars because I enjoy the game a lot, but it can also be very frustrating because I freeze and restart daily. Sometimes in the middle of battles or right after a win (and when the game restarts my win may count… or may not). However, with that being said, the game is highly addictive, new and fun characters keep coming, and I intend to keep playing…
Everything seems to be fixed for me now! Previous Review: I’ve been struggling to get into the game since the last update. 4 out of 5 cases stuck on loading screen. Sometimes you need to restart your phone to make it work, sometimes you need to reinstall the game (and clear all cached data). Quite frustrating as the year worked perfectly and he enjoyed the game besides. I’m not sure how long I’ll be motivated to play if this isn’t fixed.
This is a great game if you like Disney and fighting. But there’s too much to process, too many things to earn (I mean pay hahaha) and I don’t know if I’m the stupid one but it’s not clear how you actually progress in the game, how you get tokens properly and stuff. . Some voice acting and a storyline to follow would really improve the game. It’s just random fights in random areas. Other than that, it’s fun and the graphics are really amazing. (note that I am a Disney addict and in isolation)
Great game but a few things should really be tweaked so more people play and less people get bored, 1. You HAVE to spend money for the season pass, it should be changed so we can buy with gems too. 2. Character tokens should have a higher drop rate or at least get 2 tokens instead of 1, it takes me forever to get a new character. 3. Microtransactions are really steep at almost £50 for 1 character pack. Other than that, it’s a great Disney game. Thank you.
I really enjoy the game. I love seeing some of my favorite Disney characters fishing side by side/against each other. The only problem I’m having lately is that every time I go to claim my big campaign rewards, the app closes itself and I have to open it again. I don’t know if anyone else has this problem, but my game does. While it’s not extremely horrible that this is happening, it is annoying.
Great graphics and an interesting and unique selection of characters including characters from Disney’s The Black Cauldron. Standard mobile RPG controls, so nothing crazy new. The color selection is phenomenal. However, the problems with connecting online are abysmal. Half the time when I’m in a competitive match I can’t choose what I want to do and it automatically sets up attacks which is annoying especially when you lose when it was an easy W. The game timeouts every 5 seconds but if they fix it I’ll 4-5 ratings instead.
I like the game, but it needs some work. The club system sucks, I got mad and created my own. Be prepared for a lot of pop-ups and a lot of in-app purchase ads every time you do something. Graphics are good, most quests/battles are ok. A lot of things need to be improved. Doesn’t need to hold the game, not much to hold my attention at the moment and a few annoyances.
It’s a great concept. The game is fun if you get into it, but the optional autoplay can make the game repetitive if it gets used a lot. The list is great and has almost everything from Disney. It’s nice to play the campaign against the bad guys as well. The only criticism, as with most games like this, is that it can take a very long time to get really cool characters, which is made easier by spending money, which seems to be the norm for these games now. Overall a good game.
Just another of the same bunch of games that offer nothing new. I’ll give them one thing, they fixed the idiocy of having more of the same characters and introduced the costumes. The graphics could be better, but it has nice details. UI is up to the task. Not being able to skip the damn tutorial is worse than an in-game ad. As usual, easy at first, pay later to win. Premium currency boldly overpriced, but no surprise. You play one, you’ve played them all. Overall playable but pick one.
Pros: Pretty generous with rewards. Easy to start and progressively more difficult the higher you go. Once you reach the PVP level, the game play will be essentially non-stop. Very playable as FTP. It has clubs (or groups) that can help you progress. More strategy is required than just leveling up. Cons: Problems with not loading ads or not accepting rewards. The application restarted several times. The pay wall is very real and expect to pay a lot to get what you want.
Excellent game! I’m really enjoying it so far. The only thing that keeps me from giving it a 5 star rating is since the last update the game keeps disconnecting from the server. The wizard tournament is also buggy, it won’t let me choose which ability I want to use and my turns keep skipping (no, it’s not on auto and none of my characters were stunned or anything.)
An addictive game that I find fun enough to play repeatedly. Navigation can be a bit complicated. No game exit feature. The game repeatedly crashed when trying to track/open ad reward chests until the phone was restarted. When the “home screen” button exits the game (it only means), my wallpaper is often distorted and I have to restart to fix it. The sticker prices at the store…uh, yeah, no…expectations are a little high $$$$$. The rating will increase with some adjustments.


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