Dig This MOD APK v1.2.3 (Unlimited Hints)

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How to install Dig This MOD APK v1.2.3 (Unlimited Hints) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Dig This MOD APK v1.2.3 (Unlimited Hints) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


Dig This! is a game for mobile phones with beautiful 3D graphics simple controls and numerous levels created by Raketspel. The main objective is to force the green ball through a one-color pocket. It doesn’t matter the method you use to do this, however, you will need to dig in the ground to clear obstacles and also create your own game plan. Do you wish for your ball bounce into the pocket? Dig the ground underneath the stone, then drop it onto the catapult, and then send the ball towards the desired location. If you prefer games with a simple theme with no plot, you can get Dice Dreams and Paper.io 3D.


50 million downloads and more than 500 thousand reviews that are positive can speak about their own. Let’s discover the primary benefits of this program.

The degree of variation and the methods of getting through

Each level of Dig This! is a tank that’s full of sand. If you look at the top of the tank, you will find a small green ball you must take into the pockets. All things are important, and the laws of physics impact the game. Thus, gravity force can cause the ball to roll, and then slide down. The catapults suspended from the ceiling, suspended blocks, or platforms that do not permit the ball to sink are able to help in the event that the task demands it. The biggest obstacles on your path are the stone bags which can hinder you from having the chance to make it towards your final goal.


There is no limit to what you can do.

The developers are aware of the fact that some games can make it difficult for players to understand. Particularly for this reason they have added a level skipping mechanics and a hint system to Dig This!. It is possible to skip the tough level by watching an advertisement, and it doesn’t require much time. The hint icon is located in the lower right part of the display. Its use is only limited. It is possible to purchase these tips with cash, but you can still do the exercise by yourself. The the lives number, also known as endurance scale is not a limit on the number of attempts.

Physics is the only thing we have.

Dig This! utilizes a realistic simulation of the physics behind objects’ behaviour, meaning that a massive green ball is unable to soar into the sky by itself. The simple and easy controls enable you to become familiar with the game in a short time. Furthermore, this game can be a great activity for kids who are still learning to think critically.

Graphics and Sound

Dig This! employs simple 3D graphics and the smallest amount of details. This helps reduce the requirements of the project and also reduces image quality. The user interface is simple for any user, particularly for novices. A well-designed menu with carefully arranged tabs and extensive functionality won’t let players to lose their way. Also there’s no music within the game. The designers tried to provide players with everything needed to focus on the game.


Mod Description

In the above paragraph, if you are unable to complete the challenge there is always the option of using the hint. In this case, you will need to see an advertisement. However, you need to utilize a number of techniques at the same time because of the difficulty of the later levels. In order to complete a stage, you will need to take in several commercials at the same time and isn’t a good idea for a calm walking through. We suggest downloading a mods to Dig This! which allows you to make use of hints without watching the annoying advertisements. So, you’ll be able to cut down the time to play and finish every level significantly faster.

Mod Testing

Our team has tried our No Ads mod and can confirm the existence of indefinite hints at your request. The feature is available following the initial start of game. We also examined the installation file for malware and viruses. The antivirus scan results revealed that there were no issues. Install the game as per the guidelines below to get the full benefit of our mod.

Dig This! It is in many ways akin in many ways to Sand Balls and Where’s My Water. But, the first one is very serious and challenging in many ways, while the latter game is focused on children’s play. The latter, however, Dig This! is fun, easy and demands you to use your brain in a controlled manner. This is the reason this game is so beneficial. In addition it features 3D graphics that are very impressive, well-constructed models. However, the main reason to be proud for this game is the physics because it’s the most realistic game you can get.


Furthermore, you can stay relaxed when it comes to controls as there aren’t any issues with Dig This!. The game’s rules require players to not only bring the ball into the pocket and then avoid obstacles. For instance, if the ball is thrown into the stones bag you need to go through the entire stage again because you can’t dig in the rocks. You can slide your finger across the floor to get it out. The layer is brown and the stone is gray. Avoid other tricky locations, but the solution to the problem that follows isn’t always clear. Utilize your imagination for an enjoyable walkthrough.

Our Summary

Dig This! is an addictive and addictive application that falls under the genre of puzzle. It allows you to escape the real world and travel to an alternate universe in which you have to complete the most difficult challenges. If you are able to think logically and effectively the game ideal for you. The primary benefit of the game is the absence of an established template for determining the path of the player to reach their the task. The decision-making freedom is available to all players. It doesn’t matter what you do to accomplish your goal but the most important factor is to achieve it at all cost.

How to Install Dig This! Mod?

We designed everything to facilitate the downloading for all visitors of our site. If you decide to download a modified or hacked apps from third-party sources the first time, this guide on how to do it can be helpful to you:

  1. Click Download APK to begin the downloading process.
  2. After its completion, open your file manager and select the necessary application file dig-this-technifiser.com.apk.
  3. In the event of installing APK file first time, your device could ask you to grant permissions. To enable the installation to proceed, go to the device settings and click on the “Allow from this source” tab.
  4. After the game installation is completed the game is now game-playable!

Do not forget to delete Dig This! from your computer before installing our modified version. Dig This! before installing our updated version to avoid any errors that may occur during the installation.

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