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In 1985, the USSR collapsed before an unknown enemy. Within days, the entire country became a radioactive wasteland – violence, hunger and disease reign here now. You are one of the few survivors. Now you need to find your family in the vast territory of the post-apocalyptic USSR of the 1980s. Of course, if they are still alive.
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Jun 28, 2022
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[Free Download] Day R Premium Mod APK v1.717 (Unlimited Money) Game for Android

Hello, I’m a lover of games that simulate survival ( I’ve been playing since the beginning of last season) and the latest update improves the experience better…more exciting loots and missions in every village , however there’s a problem… I’m not sure if it is a glitch, but I’m not able to play the boat as if it’s damaged when it is showing a 100 percent durability…thank youu…I am hoping it will be a fix…I would like to keep playing

Edit: When the system of levels was introduced some time in the past, I had gained blacksmithing recently and put in the resources however, my progress was reversed and I was unable to make anything more without having to double my current level. It was a big disappointment and I’m still unhappy about it. However, it’s still an enjoyable game and getting better often. Perhaps you can find alternative ways to generate exp other than fighting and doing daily missions. It’s not consistent enough.

Edit This is the first time I’ve played the game in a long time. This update is fantastic! 1. Cars are highlighted green when you haven’t yet checked 2. There are new options available when the cut-scene reaches 3. Instead of displaying a picture, all the time you can zoom in and you’ll be able to see characters pop-up 4. Other bugs were also fixed that caused sudden crashes too and there’s a lot to go into. Continue to improve! !

This is the second time I’ve tried playing the game. It was the first time I downloaded it as I had an old cellphone a long time back. It’s still a great choice as a game that offers an enjoyable experience in post-apocalyptic survival games that aren’t an actual turn-based game or a first-person shooter. I just finished buying the premium edition, and isn’t a huge gamer who spends a lot of money on. I’d rather go to a restaurant have a meal. However, sometimes more thorough imagination is superior to the absence of imagination when playing the game.

Let me begin by saying that the combat is fantastic as is the game’s map, which I believe to be huge. The ads are minimal and if i do not want to see them , i don’t need to. I do wish there was a little additional to this game. Perhaps a base system, instead that of the camping system or a system for weather/seasons or something similar, but it isn’t easy as it is to put into place. If they can keep at it, this game has incredible potential

The best offline game I’ve ever played. There were some glitches in which my items would disappear from the game. Haven’t played since a while. It’s time to update and I’m hoping that it’s better than the the last time that I was playing. It’s a great time killer and very enjoyable to play. A bit challenging, but it depends on the choice you make. Thanks dev. Keep up the great work. Edit: I’d prefer”teleport” back and back to an Safehouse.

The atmosphere of the game as well as the gameplay mechanics for survival are complicated, yet easy to grasp. However, once I arrive at in the village of fishing, difficulty ramps up so high that even on normal it is extremely frustrating. Perhaps I’m just a beginner (never played any survival RPG games) therefore I’ll attempt it again simple. I’m having fun playing, however I would love it for me to have two different saves. I’d spend a premium to have that feature.

The idea behind the game is good. I wish the tricks would stop. There’s always a notification on the screen that tell me when I’m done. Then someone appears to explain the obvious which I would like to shut off. But there are directions for the things I’ve done many times. It would be more enjoyable If this game didn’t grab your hand as tightly.

It’s much simple than earlier versions. I can remember playing the game in 2016 or 2017. The gameplay was straightforward but it was tough at the time. The gameplay has was much better. I used to go to Leningrad by bicycle but now , you can request for help from a boatman to help you travel , and there are cities to trade with! I am pleased that the game has developed such a large amount.

It’s a fun game that is time-consuming but it is a blast and extremely engaging . I think the start is great for beginners and also for working. I managed to save the puppy from the mutant rats, and I’m satisfied. I really enjoy the game , even though the centipede aspect was a little easy as the centipede killed it self. Overall, it’s a great game, and definitely worth buying.

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✔️ Some bugs fixed



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