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Sep 8, 2023
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Android 5.0 and up

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How to install Dashero MOD APK v0.9.6 (Diamonds) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Dashero MOD APK v0.9.6 (Diamonds) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Dashero MOD APK v0.9.6 (Diamonds) Game for Android


This is currently my favorite mobile game. Control is great. It’s fun to slowly learn all the “narratives” from certain creatures and bosses, even if you have to start over to finally beat them. The additions aren’t too crazy, but you’ll be watching them to get that sweet, sweet synergy you’re looking for. Cons: Some bosses and creatures are buggy. Sometimes you also get “Ads not ready” like too many. Not sure what the problem is.
Great game, I’ve been playing it daily for a few months now. Fun customization and ads are optional for add-ons. Addictive fun. However, the April 27th “minor big fix” update did nothing for me other than add bugs. Unhittable enemies, stuck doors, ad buttons/adwheels not working, muting glitch if ad works, and some buttons not responding. If it were up to me I would revert the update and rewrite your bug fix in a different way, the last version was completely stable. Still 5 stars
I’m giving 5 stars for the simple fact that this is the only mobile roguelike that has such a smooth walking mechanic that I can walk and dodge with no problem. After the first 3 maps, the game is quite fair and balanced. I’ll update if I find anything different. However, this does a better job than Archero and the industry should take note.
This game is incredible. I spent a decent amount of time playing the “first” game – Archero. Very fun, addictive gameplay and progression. But after so long I stopped playing. But the new additions are amazing and feel fresh and new. My only criticism would be that sometimes it’s frustrating that my character will focus on enemies that are far away/don’t pose any threat, rather than enemies that are close and attacking. That could be fixed. Besides, it’s almost perfect for free!
I love the game. Much nicer graphically than archero and I like the ability to use both melee and ranged attacks. But there is a terrible problem with movement. If you move immediately after the attack, there’s a high chance you’ll teleport somewhere you shouldn’t be, or go off stage and have to reset. And this killed me several times and wasted energy. If this bug can be fixed, the game will be pretty good! That and tweaking the scrolls drop rate.
I don’t play mobile games often, but I’m obsessed with this one. the one finger control is really comfortable and plays quite well on a small screen. The difficulty level of the upgrades and the enemies are varied and exciting and we will be grading. It keeps things fresh. The ad system is my favorite: watch ads only if you want some extra benefit. They are not mandatory. Great game. It’s worth spending a little money if you wish.
This game is fun. It has interesting mechanics, but in the last stage of chapter 4, I get a warning to modify the game, which I did not do. If this is fixed I will definitely be playing more! EDIT: The bug was indeed fixed and pretty quickly too! Have a lot of fun and also really like that the battlepass is permanent. I’d rather have smaller rewards and permanent bp than big rewards and being forced to cash out $5 every other week! Upgrade from 3 to 4 stars
The game has very good graphics and great effects. I really like that you can get up close. Overall, the game is pretty fun, albeit rough. The music could use some variety as it repeats quickly. Also when you receive gems from a mission the sound just stacks up and is really loud. In the dark area I think instead of just giving enemies bs stats you should make them behave differently. Sometimes I encounter an enemy with ridiculous healing, which is just unfair.
This game is quite nice and addictive. I really like the ideas behind it and will definitely keep playing it. I would like to see maybe a feature (in-app purchase) where you don’t have to see the ads would save me a lot of time to be honest. I’d also like to see another feature for deathrun where you can turn off message staring with those -5 sec/hit which is quite annoying after a while if possible 😉
Edit: the white screen issue is fixed, if the game polishes the camera a bit more (even with the new options you still can’t see much behind you) and the aiming could use a check to see if the enemy is out of reach, it should switch to the next one, then I’ll rate it five stars Pretty good starter, hope it grows. A performance issue has occurred where a white screen may appear when entering a new level


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