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Mar 13, 2023
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How to install Cut It: Brain Puzzles MOD APK v1.3.34 (Hint/Skip) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Cut It: Brain Puzzles MOD APK v1.3.34 (Hint/Skip) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Cut It: Brain Puzzles MOD APK v1.3.34 (Hint/Skip) Game for Android


The recreation is fun and all, I could provide 5 if it wasn’t for the malicious program that made it not possible to move past the level, consisting of one hundred fifteen and 148. It turned into supposed to be both horizontal or vertical, however it had the glitch in which it might flip when I entered the extent however average a terrific game, unluckily needed to skip them (the use of suggestions didn’t help either)

I really like the sport, but it has a major problem. Left and proper arrow blocks turn upwards on the start of the level making the answer almost impossible to attain. This takes place if the block is attached to at least one anchor factor, however occurs to two-anchor- factor blocks as soon as they’re indifferent from one of the points.

A right, simple little good judgment puzzle. Once you remove the commercials, it is fun, however a few stages are without a doubt not possible to beat due to the fact something simply does not line up. Even with the tips telling you precisely where to reduce, a few tiers can not ever be crushed. Which is annoying.

It’s a terrific sport, it has the proper balance of trouble though it does have a large number of advertisements. Even whilst you buy the game! That being stated it’s really worth a buy and play. One element I am slightly pissed off about is there are a few degrees which seem damaged and you are unable to finish.

This sport is fun, however Level 139 has a hassle. The rocket block maintains going up although it’s alleged to move left! And I watched an advert to get a hint, and it said to cut it wherein if it were still at the ground! Also, do not inform me to bypass due to the fact I need the points. Please fix this or put an invisible block over it to make it forestall.

Its amusing for a while, and time to time whenever I get a bit bored. But there may be so many stages that, just don’t provide anything new. Sure you add in a few new mechanics here and there, but sooner or later it’s just too smooth and repetitive. I’d play tough mode, however gambling this game on WiFi is despicable, each unmarried degree failed, you get an advert, for this reason why I play without internet. Playing on Hard Mode forces you to apply WiFi, which simply makes the experience way too annoying.

This is a truly fun for. Just difficult sufficient however no longer so difficult it is disturbing. My grievance is that some levels are literally not possible to conquer. They begin with a bit in motion that does some thing so rapid it prevents you from making any cuts which will skip the extent. So rapid which you do not have time to make any cuts. And emerge as havi5to skip the extent.

Some exact puzzles, along side some fluff. The actual challenges come late, starting round Sky degree. I became able to get max points (the usage of no recommendations) on all however one level: #560. I had solved with some greater strokes. When I eventually looked at the trace, I located that the given approach could not succeed, simply as it had not labored when I’d notion of it on my own. Also, on MANY puzzles, you aren’t properly rewarded for financial system of strokes. I did now not try the puzzles that require statistics carrier – (no commercials).

I love that there’s no track and the sounds are so easy, I also love how speedy the extent transition is after finishing one. Most video games with this format have a without a doubt long “star get” series when all you wanna do is begin the subsequent stage asap and simply keep playing. The controls are responsive, the colors selected for every % are sincerely pleasant (currently on pink, it is so tender and soothing, I find it irresistible). Honestly, this sport is a laugh, with first-class puzzles that make you think but aren’t too hard, it’s ideal for relaxing, or playing some time earlier than bed.

It’s an usual high-quality time killing sport, with fine, easy visuals. I need to adore it, I without a doubt do. But a few of the puzzles are simply so poorly made, you could manage to bypass a stage with less cuts than required. Three stars for a stage without problems done in a second or two, in about in ninety% of the ranges, makes me sad to suppose it’s a game for youngsters, for who I strongly advise this recreation.

This is a amusing sport. The puzzles are notable and unique, and are very smart. The simplest hassle I even have with this game is the amount of ads. I’m not the sort of man or woman to say too many advertisements, but there’s almost an advert in among every degree. Even worst, there are occasionally commercials whilst you restart a degree whilst you mess up. Other than that, eight/10 would play again once in a while…

I’m on Level 139, and there isn’t always a block wherein it should be. I watched an ad for a hint on how to resolve it (earlier than seeing a previous review citing the equal difficulty with this level), and the hint line isn’t always anywhere near the only block on the screen. That being said, on degrees where that takes place, it’s possibly safe to assume it is a non-operating level and just to pass that one! Aside from that, it is a quite fun recreation!

Great game. Has a huge quantity of stage and is a brilliant manner to pass time. However I even have two problems. One is the degrees are very clean. Each degree can usually be solved in some moments until you need crazy precision. Two is on every occasion they toy with a new idea like fanatics or springboards they upload a cool change for about 3 tiers then are rarely seen once more. Using those could make it more exciting. However I haven’t completed each level yet so I may simply not be a ways enough. Still an normal tremendous game.

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