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Jul 14, 2023
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Android 6.0 and up

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How to install Crossout Mobile MOD APK v1.21.0.68005 (Speed Map) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Crossout Mobile MOD APK v1.21.0.68005 (Speed Map) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Crossout Mobile MOD APK v1.21.0.68005 (Speed Map) Game for Android


I’ve had great experiences with this game over the past few years. Having fun at the chat and building your own vehicle using a diverse selection of parts is not only gratifying, but also very fun. It is constantly updated and is objectively one of the best mobile games. However, it’s slightly disappointed with how it’s monetized, with packs and currency ridiculously expensive and OP wallet warriors rampant. Aftermarket parts etc are getting better, but there is still a ways to go.
(Edited to show new information) The game has an issue with broken textures. He left a one star review and told why. The developers turned around and fixed the problem. Download the game again to make sure they fix the problem. They did. Nice work developers. A fun game if you like breaking and building things. You can get by pretty well with free to play, but sometimes an arena player just stomps you. That’s the fun part. With plenty of parts, you can build whatever you want.
The market is VERY difficult to use. When I buy things like a cabin it doesn’t show up in the inventory. I need a new cabin because the old cabins barely give you energy so I basically can’t play the game. Please simplify the market, but overall it’s a great game
I’ve brought the season pass from this game a few times as well as party packs which aren’t as good on the starter parts as the console and PC versions but the overall value of the parts you get makes up for the high and sometimes obvious prices, the only downside is the performance jumps every season they are unpredictable and you will never know which parts transfer well, for anyone buying, choose your period wisely. The ones I’ve bought so far will carry me through the most basic periods, but will be destroyed by the weirder builds.
I’ve been playing for too long now, 3 years plus, I’ve seen it all or so I thought the devs were balancing things after it came out, not before!. it’s a great game with a great concept once you also use the Devs weapon destruction with so called balance changes can be fun especially in cw. I have 8 relic sets and every single one has been dmg reduced or nerfed in some way since release. Other than that, it’s a very diverse and good game
The game is very cool and realistic, but it’s hard to buy things and make them because the items and resources are so expensive, can you please make it cheaper for us so we can afford a little more, I’m giving this a 4 star rating because of the market value and the radioactive tokens it’s hard to get and the fact that the game only gives you a small amount of resources and it’s hard to grind please change that…
I was hooked right away. Customization is amazing and quite challenging. You won’t be able to just stick parts somewhere and expect to win. You have to think about balance beyond what you see because parts and weapons will snap off. If your vehicle isn’t balanced with this in mind, a few great hits can leave you helpless even at full health. This is especially true for Mechs. Not what I expected from a phone game. I invested a dollar and literally spent the whole day building.
It progresses extremely slowly unless you pay money. Play square cars and do one of the big free energy challenges where you will play a different game for rewards, easier and safer on the wallet. Although deva seems to be putting more effort into being more player friendly than the non-mobile version
I love the game and all the other stuff so much. But I want an insane amount of items for it like crafting Icarus 4, scaled down so we don’t have to grind so much. And can you add drops like in minecraft that collects them for you please? And can you buy game passes as well as event tickets with these golds please?
This game is all I need in a game lol. However, since the new major update, it has become buggy. My trucks in the 2 new hangars are not loading and loading correctly. And now that I’ve saved it to my blueprints, the game says I’m missing parts and shows that I don’t have any at all. Frustrating and disappointing.


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