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Jul 13, 2023
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How to install Critical Battle Strike MOD APK v3.35 (Money) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Critical Battle Strike MOD APK v3.35 (Money) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Critical Battle Strike MOD APK v3.35 (Money) Game for Android


Great game. Not bad. But they had to cut the ads as soon as possible because it takes a lot of time and our interest is decreasing. So please try to reduce ads in this super dooper game ok Hazmob.
the game is great, very good, but if you don’t add some much needed upgrades, you’ll lose it very quickly. no one will play. you can add special weapons and colors that people have to pay for to get money if you need it but you have to add 1. multiplayer instead of pure 4v4. 2. different game modes (capture the flag, death match, battle royal, etc.) 3. more maps (and bigger ones) 4. in-game chat (a must!!) 5 tournaments would be nice. 🙂 I also don’t think adding a mini map will be good 🙂
The best online offline and multiplayer game to play with friends But also add a jump and crouch button and add a full map for 100 players and also add cars and other options to use weapons like ff or pubg. The game is very good Add these things otherwise the game is the best
It was a very good game, but after a few days I didn’t play the individual levels, preferring only the battle. So when I went into battle and chose a location, then it said join room, just as the single level was approaching, it was a blank screen with only options. I request you and your team to resolve this issue. Other than that, it’s a very good game
What an amazing game!! I really like it, the graphics are very good and there is a problem. The problem is the jumping in single player mode. We can’t go through monster weapons. And without that, the game is perfect. And another problem. This is aiming in all weapons. In real life we ​​can aim any weapon please fix this problem and there should be more weapons than this
It’s actually pretty darn fun! Players from all over the world play together. There is no hate (yet). I just wish they could have the Manuel button somewhere else to make aiming and shooting a little easier. But I thoroughly enjoy online matches either way. The story is also exciting. I forgot to mention the fact that you can leave the battle at any time. So if we’re at work, you want to fight a little, you can!
He became very objectionable. I used to rate it 3 stars but I think it’s 4 stars now compared to other games. It still requires more places to battle and a special occasional tournament game with additional prizes and giveaways would be appreciated. Well done to 2 people who have made it this far. Constantly improving. Needs tweaks to fix bugs but overall enjoy the game.
I’ve only been playing for a while, but it’s pretty fun so far. I’ve done some story line and I really like the multiplayer. I’ve tried so many shooters and most of them are so unfair to European servers that they’re basically crap. You shouldn’t have to shoot the player before he dies and they hit you with one bullet and your dead. So unfair.
I think it was fun. It was pretty good for an online shooter on mobile, I could play at a decent frame rate. However, the game still has some bugs and complaints. The main ones are that some of the maps are too big, only have one main way to get to the enemy side, and also that there is no option to press to shoot, but it’s really good fps on mobile and I hope that will continue to improve.
Hi, this game seems to be slightly above other mobile shooters, if you could leave me your thoughts on how to improve it, I would appreciate it. 1) TTK (time to kill) in multiplayer matches is too fast, I feel it needs to be slower to make the game more fun 2) the single player aspect is nice but I feel it would be nice if you could play PVP matches against bots or otherwise. 3) this is not an upgrade but something you did well, I like how there are different enemies not just your typical terrorist enemy.
Super fun game to play FPS on mobile. A well done shooting assist that makes it all possible and pretty smooth. The controls are easy to learn. Sometimes the motion stick will move a bit when moving for a long time, but it’s not terrible, let go and continue, it will fix it. It’s great that they implemented a way to incentivize ads to upgrade and borrow weapons.
Amazing game. 1st android fps game I’ve played that has no loading time for respawn, just tap to resume or auto resume after 5 seconds. You can rent/try out the desired weapon for 2 games/battles just by viewing the ads. WOW, AWESOME. Once you enter battles, once they are over, they will restart based on the battle result, so there is no need to start over in the lobby. It saves a lot of time to rush the level. If you want to go to the lobby, just tap the pause in the upper left corner of the screen and then tap Exit.
he is really great! I honestly love it ❤ but something needs to be fixed.. 1) When I try to upgrade my weapon and armor it won’t let me and ends up taking all my hard earned money. 2) when I finish killing an enemy, it sometimes continues shooting. 3) no problem but you should make a button to switch teams. 4) maybe add bombs? 5) increase aim assist.
It’s a good game. But there should be a map on the screen to find enemies. If you add it in the next version, that will be great. please add bombs and rate of fire and magazine upgrade. also add a feature to rejoin a match. A zombie can attack us from behind the wall, you should remove it.
It’s very funny. I like this. here is an idea that seems like a very good idea! actually 4 things! 1. have a game mode that is like War from CoD, which is simply doing a series of different objectives on the map. 2: Why don’t we take idea 1 a step further and make our own war map with objectives! 3: Custom weapons for these maps. (Balanced of course.) 4: Scorestreaks/Custom Scorestreaks because those are always fun. now I only have 500 words max, so u as an idea leme know and ill e-mail you more details


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