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October 9, 2021
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How to install Crash of Cars Mod APK 1.6.22 (Unlimited money) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Crash of Cars Mod APK 1.6.22 (Unlimited money) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


Crash of Cars MOD APK (Unlimited Coins/Gems) is a multiplayer vehicle fight game for iOS and Android. The game was launched by Not Doppler, publisher of the game Earn to Die 2, which we revealed to you in the previous post. This game features the same concept as IO games like and, where you engage in an arena with many other players and aim to become the final survivor.

Introduce about Crash of Cars
Cars clash
That correct. Not a snake or a warrior, what you manage in Crash of Automobiles is cars — the means we move every day. What an extraordinary unique game. For a man who loves automobiles like me, the game made me feel tremendously enthusiastic.

How to play Crash of Cars
Currently, Crash of Cars only includes a multiplayer mode. You join a match by hitting the green PLAY button on the screen. Then the app will recruit new participants and hurl everyone into a chaotic vehicle warfare game on mobile. The automobiles automatically go ahead, hold the right side of the screen to turn right, hold the left side of the screen to turn left. When you grasp both sides, the automobile brake and turn its head.

Like other IO games, the key is that you need to gather as much as the stuff the game demands, in here are the crowns. When the time is finished, the player with the most crowns will win. Of course, other players are not simple for you to fulfill your aims. They will try to stop you by … damaging your automobile and throw you out from the game.

When the game starts, you only have one standard automobile. Upgrade it by collecting mystery boxes and choosing up weapons in it. There are quite a number of weaponry like laser guns, rocket fire guns, grenade launchers, saws, flamethrowers, … If you defeat your opponent, you can pick up the total amount of crowns of that player. So you may consider concentrate on scooping up the crown or focusing on assaulting other players.

My methods
When playing a game like this, people like to assemble around the middle region. In my view, we should start the struggle in suburban regions to be able to loot weaponry and reinforce it securely. After that, you can travel to the middle area to clear the combat. The surviving players have gone through constant conflicts, they have gotten weaker and you may easily defeat them. However, this technique is not ideal for many players. If you prefer to encounter chaotic combat, start from the middle and join the party.

Upgrade and develop
Crash of Cars offers several fascinating aspects for gamers to discover. Very vast vehicle system with slightly 70 distinct vehicles, from automobiles to trucks, fire trucks, ambulances … The vehicle system is separated into popular, uncommon, epic and legendary categories.

After the game is completed, a part of crowns that you gather is transformed into money, needed to unlock the automobile and enhance various equipment. Upgrading assistance extends the time to employ power-ups and weaponry on the battlefield, for example, missile cannons can fire 5 missiles instead of 4. You may also alter various colors, skins of your automobiles.

Play with friends
In a game like Crash of Cars, there’s nothing more exciting than playing with your pals. This is an online game, you may invite your close friends into a match and destroy them. Surely everyone will have pleasant times.

Crash of Cars contains 3D graphics with high visual quality. Not too gorgeous yet the graphical quality of the game is enough to be addicting and make players feel stimulated. There are many intriguing sites to explore with numerous gorgeous scenery, vibrant colors. Currently, the game contains 8 distinct maps. You can pick your preferred map before starting a match.

MOD APK version of Crash of Cars \sMOD features \sUnlimited Coins/Gems: Our Crash of Cars MOD APK version provides you infinite coins and diamonds. You may buy a car, unlock and upgrade equipment at any moment. Download the MOD version from the link below this post and enjoy!

Download Crash of Cars MOD APK for Android
Overall, Crash of Cars is a fast-paced online arena game with numerous intriguing elements. Skill is not enough, you need to have suitable tactics for each occurrence in the combat if you want to be the final survivor. This might be a terrific game for holidays and weekends.


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