Cover Fire Mod Apk (Money/VIP/Enemy)


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Aug 2, 2023
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Android 8.0 and up

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How to install Cover Fire Mod Apk v1.24.06 (Money/VIP/Enemy) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Cover Fire Mod Apk v1.24.06 (Money/VIP/Enemy) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Cover Fire Mod Apk v1.24.06 (Money/VIP/Enemy) Game for Android


This game is great. The graphics are fine and the gameplay is different but still fun. My problem is the characters; there are only two sniper characters, neither of which I like, and two heavy characters, which aren’t bad, but could still use more of them. There are five hacker characters and then there are a thousand offensive characters. Most of my favorite characters are assault and I’d like to be able to switch character classes so I can have a T-Rex dude and a man on the same team.
Best mobile game in small size. Also the missions and rewards are amazing. You can increase your rewards by watching ads etc. Skirmish is a never ending battle in this epic game. The only thing I don’t like is that when you upgrade your skill level it takes a huge amount of time around 10-12 hours. There are also some things you can do to improve and fix this game – • The event should open immediately or after a few hours. • The option to refill in campaign missions should not be there.
This is simply one of the best mobile shooters ever! With plenty of shooting styles to play in story mode, it’s always exciting. There have been some issues like a special mission refusing to let me play after only playing 1 round. And of course some glitches in pvp mode when it’s time to claim your reward. However, the problem was solved. Kudos to the developers! 5 stars and I highly recommend playing this great game!
This is the best shooter I’ve seen this year, but my complaint about this game is that we should be able to switch cover at any time, not just when the game says so, it’s a shame the game is annoying at times. the rewards we get are too bad to keep up with the upgrade, try to fix them. But 👍👍 you did a great job developers.
The game is fun and the graphics are good, but I would have appreciated the addition of a control to be able to manually move from cover to cover to avoid grenades. And I don’t understand why we need energy to repeat failed missions. And the duration of the mission is too short. You can also add something like a flying drone or any other object that is rarely found in missions, and if we manage to shoot it down, it will lose loot or a bonus. So far the game is enjoyable 👍. Keep it up
I’ve only been playing for a few days but I love this game. Aside from the fact that I will probably NEVER spend real money on upgrades, this game is pretty fair to let you continue missions. Aiming and shooting is smooth and slightly realistic. For example, when shooting an RPG from a helicopter, you must aim in front of moving vehicles or you will miss.
If I could give this game 6 out of 5 stars I would. where to start Great graphics, amazing story that moves at breakneck speed, perfect cliche characters, controls are completely up to your preference, ads are spaced far enough apart from each other and far from annoying, and finally you can enjoy success without having to dip into your retirement fund. Amazing work for the development team. Any chance of a sequel?” P.S. Thanks for going back to the old 5 star reward system. Thank you.
Exciting shooting game, available offline nowadays…. I enjoyed it a lot! But I can’t move after chapter 13 ends even though it shows more chapters “coming soon”. Please explain the reason. Apart from this problem, it is a perfect shooting game and also an adventure game for those who love to play such game without using Wi-Fi or internet.
Fun and easy to pick up. Good for short bursts of action (each level lasts about 3 minutes) and you can progress without spending too much or watching ads. If you feel like it, you can spend to get better weapons and bonuses. However, the base weapon they give you is generally good enough to get you through each level.
I love this game so much that I downloaded it to my new phone which I have never done before and started from scratch!!! The only thing I would change is the ability to move the aim and fire buttons, both to one side and to the other. I only have one hand so moving my finger around the screen while holding the phone in place is difficult. I don’t know if you even read this, but if you did, I would greatly appreciate it, because then I could play on harder levels.
This game is one of the best shooting games I have played so far!! It’s not that easy to play and at the same time it’s not that hard… The battle rating and the zombie underground part are so good. Cover. It’s only usable when I upgrade my cover skill level in the skill area… But overall it’s well done!!
Amazing game. Sometimes the screen crashes at the end or during boss fights. As you level up and increase your skills, there are a variety of characters. The resolution could be a little clearer, but overall it’s well designed.
Great…a spectacular look at how premium front line soldiers go through the art of basic military enforcement with live support and no aim to make the simulation more of an airborne task. Best game I played on Android 13, upgrade from previous version 11.
The game is great, good graphics and good aiming. However, it is difficult to control when completing missions with drones, the loading of missiles is a bit slow. Other than that, the game is the best.


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