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Jul 29, 2023
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Android 5.0 and up

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How to install Chicken Gun MOD APK v3.4.0 (Gold Coin) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Chicken Gun MOD APK v3.4.0 (Gold Coin) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Chicken Gun MOD APK v3.4.0 (Gold Coin) Game for Android


I love the game but it was only 4 stars because 1. when I start playing on any map it randomly starts lagging and never stops lagging just like the screen freezes. 2. When I launch the rpg or lazer rpg it goes to the left side when I launch it upside down and my opponent kills me if I risk it this happens many times when I launch it upside down. These 2 reasons upset me the most while playing. Please fix this or I won’t be able to play on the server anymore.
10/10 I recommend getting this. This game is so much fun. But there is one thing I want to see. I would like to see another minigun, but this is no ordinary minigun. When it starts to heat up, it does more damage. I would also like to see another rifle. It’s like a minigun, but in the shape of a rifle. Minigun Magazine: 55 Rifle Magazine: 40
Yeah. This is really fun to play and that’s how cg youtubers were here. This game is really fun to play like I said and you can make friends with it! And you can try some new stuff / hats / new weapons / and whatever! You can even make anything creative, which is my favorite part. So when I heard about this game I downloaded it. But when I got the game I got stuck on level 5 so I tried to fix it but I lost my account. But now I can level up, so it’s all good. I’m not forcing people who haven’t downloaded it
Excellent game! It’s especially interesting to watch how the players behave, from those who would shoot anything that moves to those who stop shooting to greet you. Just like in real life, you can find almost any possible behavior. The selection of available weapons is large and even the most expensive weapons are not too hard to come by if you play regularly. Actually my son was the one who discovered this game and he is quite good at it :).
Well, I have so many ideas about these game modes, so my first idea is a new “Next Bot” mode, you can make a maze, whoever finds the exit, he/she is the winner 2. add cars that can turn into a robot and can fly like plane and can shoot a laser gun or maybe a laser machine gun, 3. add superpowers like walking speed up to 10% can add speed to chicken about 5 to 10 seconds AND laser eyes same as walking speed you can use takes 5 to 10 seconds and the cooldown is up to 50 seconds.
add an airliner (boeing or airbus), realistic gun loading, gunshot sound and other helicopters with some cars and parachute animation so we don’t have to use a parachute helicopter. and also get eating animation because old food is boring. add jogging because walking is too slow. add aiming animation to make it look realistic. This game is unlike call of duty so I’m giving you 4 stars because the game didn’t get a single update 2 months ago.
If a kid wants to play a gun game but doesn’t like pubs and free fire etc… This game is the obvious choice. There are many fun modes and the characters are cute like super cute There are even popular youtubers with chicken guns like dragon dude, Funchik etc… Even the updates are very interesting even if they take a while to come YOU SHOULD PLAY THIS GAME SHE SHOULD HAVE DESERVED 5 STARS! !!!!
I like the game it’s really fun I’ve been playing for a few years and I have one problem that really annoys me please remove the yellow and green bombs you can spawn in it keeps killing my team and I can’t enjoy the game anymore
I think it’s the best hmhm…..sorry one of the best online interactive games in playstore and I’m really satisfied with it but there are also some glitches on the servers so I hope you can remove them please OK Back TO TOPIC, and now the games also have new mods like tankstf and racing and you can get money from them too…… Bye😉 and one more thing, there is a lot of heckling in that game.
This game is perfect even if you buy the ad-free option, I just want to say that this game needs more maps. I recommend that you make a map that is like a backstage or something. I don’t like that there are hackers everywhere. You should install an Anti-Hack system and there should also be an option to report because most people do inappropriate things, even swear. Overall this game is good.
This review is more to express my opinion and give tips. It’s a great game. It has its problems, so… name one game that doesn’t. Glitches like the propeller flying glitch allow players to explore the map more freely without vehicle restrictions. I support the point of view where bugs that don’t have a negative impact on the game shouldn’t be fixed unless a lot of people want to fix them. There is one feature that needs tweaking. The digging function is seriously flawed. Getting the most players
I actually like this game but there is one problem that players attack their team with landmines so if you update next time also set auto mode to defend your team and attack enemies please put it or everyone will kill their team and will be friends with enemies
Good game. I give this game ☆☆☆☆☆. Hello, I am one of the oldest players and I think this game is very good, but could you please add a button to add friends to keep in touch with players across Chicken Gun. Thank you, Chalo Apps.
oh wow! I love this app because it has no abs! Any lag or freeze! And it’s so much fun to play! .. we are also bored and then we found this app in play store and we downloaded it and we are playing it and we have so much fun!!. I’m already saying who makes this game that person is the best and smart!…😍❤️and it’s my old game that I’ve been playing for 2 years 🙂
It is a very fun game for all players. There are many friends to enjoy with. The graphics are very good. The game is survival, play fight with friends. I like to fly with the jetpack and with it the enemies. But the rocket launcher has 1- 2 bombs but one laser gun has many coins like 1950 but laser gun damage is 103 fix the damage. I give this game 5 stars. I get bored playing this game anytime. Update it quickly.


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