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Jun 7, 2022
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How to install Chess · Play & Learn v4.4.14 Apk + Mod (Premium) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Chess · Play & Learn v4.4.14 Apk + Mod (Premium) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Chess · Play & Learn v4.4.14 Apk + Mod (Premium) Game for Android

The app is still glitchy. It doesn’t display the same information you see in the browser, and has some blank screens (e.g. leagues) as well as an unresponsive experience. In addition, it’s fantastic for studying and playing it is also a great place to find instructional videos and puzzles, and there are lots of players to ensure that it is possible to (almost) always will be playing against someone who is on the same skill

You really missed the mark in the post game analysis. I had already paid for a subscription, which for any application or service is not a common thing for me in like it was before. In the future, I will not buy the subscription. The analysis of move by move that you gave amateur chess players believe that it was possible to learn chess and eventually become experts was achievable.

A very good user experience. Lessons are informative, puzzles are well-designed and the design is simple and sleek. What I’m not understanding is the reason this app consumes your battery as if it were milkshakes. It’s evident after a couple of games. As the phone starts to heat up and the app starts to lose frames, and you’ll lose up to three percent over a few minutes. It’s not a major issue but it is a bit of a blunder to an app that looks like it doesn’t need to strain the hardware.

I’m not a fan of the idea of only having one lesson per week with the free plan however the rest of it is fair. I’ve had both the free plan as well as paid for a time and would highly recommend both. For puzzles that are derived from real games it would be great to be able to view the whole game using rewinding similar to a the lingoss. It’s also annoying that you aren’t able to view the game’s opening variant and game’s explorer when playing on your mobile as it is on PC. PC.

This app allowed me to play chess again, however, it’s full of bugs without a method of reporting it, seriously do you expect us to create video to inform you of the issue? What do you mean by that? The puzzles in survival mode are timed out even though there’s no time. And numerous times my opponents quit, but the game did not stop or reveal results, just the timers stopped, so I needed to restart the application.

I really enjoyed the application. I would have been 5 stars, but I was trying to challenge my friend online but for some reason, it kept telling me that he was not online, even though we were messaging via the same app…that’s my only complaint I had…hope the developers fix that. otherwise…great game experience that is very entertaining …the diamond membership includes unlimited games and lessons. Thank you for an amazing game

A reliable interface that has multiple ways of establishing games. Ability to modify the experience, interact with players and take lessons from previous games. The free version is completely operational and is completely free of any limitations to play. The community is vast, and it is not uncommon for players to boost their own ratings when playing longer games using computer aid (external). App doesn’t have a cheat-buster features like Dasher or ICC. Tournaments are enjoyable. A great fun for the whole family.

There were times that when I am in a match with another player and the game abruptly stopped and suddenly the application stopped working. Overall, it’s an excellent application. I’d certainly rate it 5 stars should this be addressed with the coming update.

The 6th of June I received many notifications regarding invitations to play chess one of my friends. The invitations weren’t sent. My friend also got the notification. I didn’t even send the message. There are a few glitches in the application. Similar to sending notifications to play chess in a group often doesn’t work.

Excellent for playing and learning. I prefer to play against botsand they’re full of personality. The lessons are excellent and easily digestible. I’d like to see an additional piece of customisation, and I feel that the price of the subscription are a bit steep. Overall, it’s a fantastic application.

Update: Developers have been extremely helpful. The time to login has was reduced from 90 seconds to 7 seconds, which isn’t too bad. Login problems solved The app is great and enjoyable. Incomplete or long-running sign-ins after the 5/25 update.

The best of the best, but it’s expensive. They changed it to receive one lesson per week instead of just one day in the past and you have to pay. The payment is acceptable. It shows appreciation and can help to pay for services. It seems, however it’s like they’re trying to squeeze every bit of value they can out of it, which is quite disappointing.

There are numerous chess apps available on the internet, but this is the most effective it has all the options you would expect from the chess application. Highly recommended if you’re just starting out or experienced player. It is the ideal application for any chess player. It is only a request to raise the capacity of lessons for non-premium users to go from one lesson per week up to two lessons per week.

Avoid playing any games lasting shorter than 5 minutes. The timer in the mobile app will expire faster than you’re aware of no matter if you’re connecting via wifi or mobile data. The customer support is very helpful and will reinstate your rating if you give a valid reason, but the only thing in the app that’s not worth the cost is the blitz and bullet games until the download and upload speed for these formats are fixed. Everything else is fantastic.

I love the app and have played on it for many years, however somewhere in the update chain, the computer stopped functioning and has recently been experiencing server problems (mainly in playing games from the past, no problems playing online, however) I’m not sure if the issue is with my phone or something else, but it’s preventing me from giving 5 stars

It’s not easy to navigate initially, however, after a while, you’ll get used to it. There are ads, but they’re not as annoying or “in your face” as other games apps (Yahtzee with your friends learn an education).

Removal of a star due to poor programming. Offers free trials on a regular basis even although I’m not eligible for an unrestricted trial. It’s an easy fix, and a major problem to let through. It’s a total nuisance. It’s an amazing app that is perfect for learning and playing the game of chess. Highest player count.

This game offers everything. It gives you every day challenges to help you develop your chess skills and it challenges players with a variety of problems. You can play with any of your friends from across the globe. Additionally, it provides lessons that can be extremely beneficial

It’s a great application to learn and play the game of chess. The free version gives you the opportunity to play a few games a day, one lesson per week, and a few other features however according to what I’ve seen, you can play for as long or as little as you like. Lessons are very good however I wish I could revisit them without breaking the 1 lesson per week free limit. You can join tournaments or leagues If you’re interested in that. One issue is when you play with friends, as your rating could be inflated, and when you play a random opponent, you are matched with one who is a lot better than you.

What's new

Hey, chess-lovers! This new version updates a popular feature, adds new ways to train, and brings more fun to your Profile and Game Chat.
- Make a good habit of the new Daily Puzzle!
- Learn to finish your games (and your opponents) with the Endgames trainer!
- Watch major tournaments in Events!
- Work on key skills, relive classic games, or play custom positions with the new Practice feature!
- Enjoy a better showcase for your Awards.
- Archive your Bot games.
Thank you - and enjoy your chess!



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