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Dec 23, 2022
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How to install Car Simulator 2 MOD APK v1.45.3 (Unlimited money) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Car Simulator 2 MOD APK v1.45.3 (Unlimited money) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Car Simulator 2 MOD APK v1.45.3 (Unlimited money) Game for Android


fantastic game with only a few issues. First, when you drive and you pass the police and all those vehicles don’t drive correctly and cause me to be pursued. Also, once I was driving when it stopped and I couldn’t quit the game, or do anything else. Overall, the graphics are excellent. The headlights, turn signals as well as the radio are simply amazing. It would be nice if there weren’t some streetlights that were not working at all times. were. This is why it’s a 4 star rating. I hope you will take this into review. Keep up the great work!

I love this game. I’ve played this game way back in the year the year 2019. Do you have these details. 1. Please make the car’s sound more real. 2. Make sure you have more customizations for your car. 3. Create other worlds such as city 2 highway, desert, and snow. This is what I’d like to add or change. Yet, I give it as perfect five stars .

Amazingly expensive the cost of the cars are quite more than you’d like, plus why don’t you just make it so that the lambogini isn’t costing you anything, you could estimate it at 2-6 million, then they’d need to be able to work for it. Overall, a fantastic game, great details however the reward for taxis are too small. The rewards for the taxi is around 4.500 to 6.800 pounds. However, the issue is that often I do not know which races are taking place, and therefore I am unable to play the lambogini Venera race because it’s an event that is a circuit, but it’s is a great game!

It’s a nice game however there are some issues to be addressed, such as the mirrors inside the car, and also add more features to upgrade the vehicle like tires, suspension drop, and weather features like snow, rain, storm and a brand new map or combine the maps into a single city , and add with more missions, making the game more challenging and long to complete.

The game is excellent however, everything in the new updates is premium. I get it, but provide us with something that is more enjoyable for instance a home (not expensive) it doesn’t need to be the most beautiful but it must be in the free zone, similar car, it will help a lot, in addition to game playtime

great game, however your trailer’s parking mission was a bit sloppy. I properly put the car in the garage and the trailer, but the line of parking didn’t change to greenuntil time was up, it did not even turn red until you mispark your car. Edit: I have a ideas for this game. 1.) Add things like interaction such as sitting and jumping , as well as swimming since i purchased the most expensive home in the game, it’s 2m in size and has a swimming pool, but i was unable to swim, so it’s useless.

The reason it’s five stars lower than the others is that occasionally the game will crash without warning, which causes me to restart the game. It’s a minor issue , but very annoying. I’ve played this game intermittently for about a year and each update improves the game and makes it more enjoyable.

It’s a great game. My only issue is that the discrepancy says the speed limit is a requirement if you’re speeding. to pay a fine, but that’s not the case in any way. I’ve driven across the city without a single incident occur. I would like it if they created a police system , aside from the mission. They introduced a police system. I am happy

If you’re looking for an excellent car game application to enjoy, this app is option for you.Car simulator 2 offers a variety of kinds of vehicles, both classic and new, with different engine sounds.Here is where you can the play store, you can purchase cars from dealers and keep them for your apartment. You can open doors to get into and out of cars, you can also open windows.Cars have engines that start as real.May I will have BMW X6 in next update.please guys, correct tax mission and show the location to select customers from last update.

I really like this game much.I am impressed by the features like new cars, a mansion, a google wheel and even the way that police catching us. In this game you are able to purchase new cars, however to do this, we must accomplish certain missions.But in order to get new missions, you must finish the first mission in the category.When you finish the mission which unlocks your car, you offer some game currency, blueprints or an exclusive currency.You are able to purchase garages within the game to keep your cars.You are able to earn currency by doing missions, or daily rewards.

The game is fantastic however I don’t use it as much like I used to, because police always pound your car if they spot you speeding. In your next version, to add an Enable police watching mode as well as the option to disable police watching.

Fun game that is fun to play It is a lot of fun, however I’d like to enhance real-life experience by adding things like drinking, food, and sleep, as well as the possibility that the character will appear in the car, and including the possibility of being able to go to different locations in the city. In the end, it’ll be the most realistic and most realistic game to date.

I truly enjoy the game, and I have been playing it ever since it was first released. The game is fantastic in every aspect of the game except for one issue. The houses that are being built are planned to be purchased with real money, not just in the game. I was hoping you could provide an option to pay with real money so we’ll be able to pay money in the game. Also, could you provide the same option for vehicles. Thank you


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