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Aug 25, 2023
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How to install CapCut Pro MOD APK v9.0.0 (Unlocked Premium) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded CapCut Pro MOD APK v9.0.0 (Unlocked Premium) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] CapCut Pro MOD APK v9.0.0 (Unlocked Premium) App for Android


CapCut is hands down the best experience for the editors. What not it can offer in such a free application. That’s why I’m writing here to tell the developers to improve some shortcomings like, writing animation effects “with sounds”, it’s a hassle to adjust sound effects separately. Can’t adjust the color grading freely after adding key frames, apply to all should have selection option like which clips I want to apply the adjustments. Hope they’ll have a look at it. thanks.
I am using cupcut app during 2020. and it is so cool. it is easy for use. the function of this app is wonderful. but, since last few month it’s fall me in trouble. when I start to edit a video there is no problem but after sometime has passed is become Laggy.the play video stopped and I can’t watch the edit. that’s why I can’t edit a video properly. actually I love cap cut. and suggest to use this app but first it have to be proper. otherwise it will be the wrost app. please make a solution.
Love it . Just one thing is missing. Please can you add an option to stabilize all files at the same time . it is so anoing to do the same thing all over and all over. as an example, I’m going for a day out , im recording bunch video files, then im selecting videos I like and then I need to stabilize. one by one, takes so much time . if I had the option to apply, stabilize to all video this would save time and make the experience of creating video more pleasant. thanks 🍻
I mean, actually this is a good editing app! But I also have a problem. When I play the video at the start it gets fast a bit and goes back to normal, which makes the audio a little bit late. I’ve told this to my people and they were experiencing it too, and it’s not about the WiFi or anything, and I don’t even know if some other people are experiencing it too. Please fix that, and that’s all. Great app though!
Capcut is an amazing app great for editing videos or a group of photos. I am obsessed with the template mode where you can create edits by picking which video you like the edit style to, and you can recreate it with your own photos and videos. The only thing is, on half of the templates I try to use, it is stuck loading. But overall, 100% recommend this app
Overall solid app for editing videos and pictures. Very simple to use, too. Although, most effects and animations are pro. (Extra money). There’s also a glitch. On my phone, when you turn it on, there’s an option to take a picture without unlocking my phone. It’s very convenient. Whenever I export a video I made using a picture I took with this feature, it says that it has been deleted or moved. I don’t know if there’s any way to fix this, If there is, please inform me.
CapCut impresses with its user-friendly interface and comprehensive video editing tools, providing both beginners and experienced creators the means to craft polished content. Its diverse features, including transitions, effects, and music integration, make it a versatile choice. Nonetheless, occasional performance glitches might hinder the editing process for some users.
This app is a good editing app… But sometimes I lag and need to restart or make a new project. It’s the only thing I hate or maybe is it just my phone? It’s kinda laggy, late, and when I use a new effects or smth it gets crusty and when I put too much overlays, and played it at the start of the video.. I have to wait for 2 minutes to play and when it already plays it’s going fast to slow and fast to slow again. Idk if it’s just me or also the others.
Amazing editing app in my opinion, always gets amazing updates aswell. It’s very underrated, even though I feel like it is js as amazing as apps like alight motion and vivacut. As an editor, I think this app is really easy to use and doesn’t get ads. However, it does lag alot when putting a few effects or some clips. It always makes me end up needing to export. Also, CapCut Pro makes it harder for editors w/o it to find good effects/animations πŸ˜… That’s all I want to say! 🫢🏻
This app has been a game changer for me as an artist. It’s (mostly) super simple to use. My only complaint is that I wish there were more wide-frame templates. I tried to use their templates, but it cut off half of my pictures. It’s fine for portrait pics but not for art pictures.
Easy to use, gratifying results, great templates, good tools, and literally the simplest way to edit videos or just to make video edits of shows you’re passionate about etc. Friendly interface. Would recommend moderation but eh, it’s ok, most people commenting on templates are really nice and wholesome. 5/5 and easily deserved. πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ I will be using it for sure if I ever make a YouTube channel. My only problem is that the effects break my phone and made the audio lag which is a problem so-πŸ€¦β€β™€πŸ€·
Cap Cut has been easy to get used to. But it does have its limitations. Videos that you edit with CapCut cannot be added to another project, they cause CapCut to run painfully slow. The stickers and overlays are great, but they lack an interactive search function, and more to choose from. And it would be really great if you could export only a selected clip in the timeline as a new video resource. (The clip could be trimmed or have additional effects on them)


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