Candy Crush Friends Saga MOD APK (Live/Moves)


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Apr 24, 2023
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Android 5.0 and up

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How to install Candy Crush Friends Saga MOD APK v3.1.5 (Live/Moves) APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Candy Crush Friends Saga MOD APK v3.1.5 (Live/Moves) APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.


[Free Download] Candy Crush Friends Saga MOD APK v3.1.5 (Live/Moves) Game for Android


I’ve been playing the game for quite a while now and am obviously hooked. As of the 4/6/23: Over the past few months, 20 new levels would be released every Wednesday. At level 4/6, it’s not on a Wednesday, there was 6280 it was available. To move to a new level, I need to shut down the app and restart. What’s going on? It’s very annoying.

It’s a great game. The game is very easy. However, it could be more difficult. 9-21-22. The challenge was tough, but it keeps repeating the same obstacles. 1-9-23. Still playing. To level 3000. 2-24-23. I’m way ahead of a few people, but there are certain people that I admire. 4-7-23. The game becomes more difficult as time goes on.

Pure escapism, and challenging challenges. I love it! A few more options in the kind of level would make an excellent improvement. Certain levels seem a little repetitive with a growing number of classic levels the more you progress.

I’m shocked that of the three games I’ve not played or seen this one before. I adore the gameplay as well as the characters, candy, and everything else. Its 3D-generated graphics look stunning and incredible. Thank you to King for the Candy Crush game, King.

Fun!! I am in love with all of the adorable buddies! Some levels are tough but still enjoyable I am still having fun! I’m having fun! I really enjoy seeing an advertisement to learn more moves. It has improved the game. The game has blacked out my screen, and the brightness of my screen is constantly decreasing. Why?

Much better to watch just a few ads to get additional life. The ads are definitely worth watching. Advertisements have gone away without notice, so they are very swift and around $3 per gold bar to play a game is quite expensive. It is nice to receive an extra discount for depending on how much you spend.

I’m still enjoying the improvements However, when it comes to winning various levels, it can be difficult getting significant rewards/blasters! It’s entertaining. I’m still trying to gain a better understanding of how to earn rewards ….

Relax and release tension by playing. It allows you to relive and improve your brain. It will also allow you to appreciate how it works. This is the most adorable game I’ve ever played, it will make you smile. You are addicted to it every single day however, due to the fact that I don’t have an account with a bank, I don’t have a Google payment or UPI accounts. This is all I can review the game. It can also help you remain calm when playing the game. I am just enjoying all the time. The best way to enjoy time is to spare the time to play this game.

I hate getting stuck in a game, especially in jams. I really like the improvements you made. I was annoyed when a video became stuck and I had to wait for ages to return to the game. Thank you for this, I am having an easier time thanks to the have more options when you are rejected by a reel .

Super cute and fun characters, as well as many rewards are offered to players. Always playing! Events and contests of different kinds keep the game interesting and difficult. I’m discovering that the more I play, the more I enjoy the game. I also love the absence of advertisements.

The game is both challenging and entertaining. It could be a much better by offering more prizes each time a board was cleared. A lot more people would be playing when rewards were more generous and the items weren’t too much. There are also more chances to earn gold bars.

My favorite thing about animations. It’s wonderful that they offer you assistance, and often they’re exactly where you need to be. I’m now increasing my “rate”, every time I win a game and strike next, I must to stop the game and begin again. What’s the deal?

As I’ve stated previously in my reviews of all of the Candy games There are a lot of things I’m not satisfied with, but since they’re marketing the problems of people I am not sure that I’ll ever see them solved! Ever!! Not ever!! The same thing – rules for marketing. I would like to know what is the purpose of all these costumes? Please? Why are there so many characters?

It was the most enjoyable experience I’ve ever had! The graphics and the adorable characters that help you on every level are simply amazing! It’s the best thing about it is that that you are able to play cooperatively with family and friends. Crushing candy has never tasted so delicious!! The game is addictive, Sweet Gameplay and non-stop sugar-coated fun. Candy Crush Friends will make you feel as awe-inspiring sweet tooth just like me.


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